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This story takes place after the End of FF8.

Squall never got together with Rinoa, thery went their seperate ways...

Irvine eventually got married to Selphie.

Quistis became president of Balamb garden and Zell took a job as leading fighting instructor in Balamb Garden.

(This story is based around 9 months after the FF8 story)

Squall receives word that Edea has died suddenly in her home, and whilst Rinoa was seen going to Edea's house, she was never seen coming out. Nobody could find her when they searched the house and in the area.

All communication has been lost with Esthar city and the surrounding area, their last communication was about a large object on radar heading towards Tear's point.... Could it be the Lunatic Pandora??? Has Ultemecia returned???????

Right... Now who wants to be who??
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