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Adam impersonator


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This be a convo I had with him.

Adamatotaku [8:25 PM]: hey
Adamatotaku [8:25 PM]: its adam
JTCN6469 [8:25 PM]: hey
Adamatotaku [8:25 PM]: i have a job to ask of you
JTCN6469 [8:25 PM]: sure
Adamatotaku [8:25 PM]: could you help me find some stuff on the new zelda?
JTCN6469 [8:26 PM]: sure

(At this poit I asked a trusted high ranking friend if this was the real Adam. Becasue I found it funy that 1. Why of all people he would ask me to help him. and 2. Ask me for help for finding things on Zelda.)

Adamatotaku [8:30 PM]: thanks a lot man this is going to help me out a lot
JTCN6469 [8:30 PM]: no prob

(At this time my friend IMed him and told me that "Adam" thought he was James. Which he isn't.)

Adamatotaku [8:36 PM]: just e mail me when your done
JTCN6469 [8:36 PM]: k
Adamatotaku [8:36 PM]: you know my address right?
Adamatotaku [8:36 PM]: [email]Adam@o3online.com[/email]
JTCN6469 [8:36 PM]: ok
Adamatotaku [8:36 PM]: thanks again
Adamatotaku [8:36 PM]: its wierd
Adamatotaku [8:36 PM]: james is acting funny
JTCN6469 [8:37 PM]: lol
JTCN6469 [8:37 PM]: what's he doing?
Adamatotaku [8:38 PM]: he was just asking me if i should take james off as an admin
Adamatotaku [8:38 PM]: but it was james
Adamatotaku [8:38 PM]: talking to me
JTCN6469 [8:38 PM]: that's weird
Adamatotaku [8:38 PM]: yeah
JTCN6469 [8:39 PM]: what's his S/N?
Adamatotaku [8:39 PM]: (S/N Not listed to protect the innocent)
JTCN6469 [8:39 PM]: really
Adamatotaku [8:40 PM]: brb
Adamatotaku [8:40 PM]: gotta restart
JTCN6469 [8:40 PM]: k
Adamatotaku [8:45 PM]: okay
JTCN6469 [8:48 PM]: brb
Adamatotaku [8:48 PM]: okay
Auto response from JTCN6469 [8:48 PM]: Om-pa-pa!,Om-pa-pa! that's how it goes!
JTCN6469 [8:59 PM]: brb
Adamatotaku [8:59 PM]: okay
JTCN6469 [9:02 PM]: back
Adamatotaku [9:02 PM]: okay

I would just like to inform the Otaku Public of this imposter. (but knowing me you all alredy know about him and I was the only one that diden't.) Ok I'm done now.


Adamatotaku [9:22 PM]: how far done are ya?
JTCN6469 [9:22 PM]: I'm almost done
Adamatotaku [9:22 PM]: thank you so much
JTCN6469 [9:25 PM]: but should I send info to someone who isn't the real Adam?
JTCN6469 [9:26 PM]: I think he would know James's real s/n
JTCN6469 [9:26 PM]: and know that (S/N Not listed to protect the innocent) is not it
Adamatotaku [9:26 PM]: ahah
Adamatotaku [9:26 PM]: good show
JTCN6469 [9:26 PM]: []
JTCN6469 [9:27 PM]: i've known since 8:30 (my time)
Adamatotaku [9:27 PM]: thats cool
JTCN6469 [9:28 PM]: which is for about an hour
Adamatotaku [9:28 PM]: doesnt much matter anyways
JTCN6469 [9:28 PM]: so who are you anyway?
Adamatotaku [9:28 PM]: im gaygeta the master spammer and hacker
Adamatotaku [9:28 PM]: i just felt like flooding adams mailbox with tons of **** he wouldnt want
JTCN6469 [9:28 PM]: i think I remember you
Adamatotaku [9:28 PM]: like info on the new zelda
JTCN6469 [9:28 PM]: i see
Adamatotaku [9:29 PM]: i have other people what you were suppose to do as we speak
JTCN6469 [9:29 PM]: well I never really had anything prepared
JTCN6469 [9:29 PM]: like who
Adamatotaku [9:29 PM]: like im going to tell you
JTCN6469 [9:30 PM]: why would it matter?
Adamatotaku [9:30 PM]: why should i,so you will tell them and ruin my fun
JTCN6469 [9:30 PM]: who says I'de do that?
Adamatotaku [9:30 PM]: i do
Adamatotaku [9:30 PM]: and im not going to risk it
JTCN6469 [9:31 PM]: i see
JTCN6469 [9:36 PM]: then again who needs to tell them directly. That's what a message board is for
Adamatotaku [9:36 PM]: yep
Adamatotaku [9:36 PM]: i saw that
Adamatotaku [9:36 PM]: its cool
JTCN6469 [9:36 PM]: yeah
Adamatotaku [9:36 PM]: i dont mind
JTCN6469 [9:37 PM]: well who's to say I cared if you minded?
JTCN6469 [9:37 PM]: []
Adamatotaku [9:37 PM]: who says if i care if you roll over and eat my *** hole[][][]
JTCN6469 [9:39 PM]: who's to say you got one?
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Guest Shift

[size=1][COLOR=red]Its about someone impersonating Adam. And there is no need for you to 'get him' as you said in your other post which I deleted. Tone down your language.

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I'm happy to say I never met him. Heard of him though. If he comes here, I'll kill him.

Daisuke: Heero style!*giggles evily* (or as evil as Dai-chan can giggle)

Daisuke, no more ice cream and Gundam Wing at the same time! Remeber?

Daisuke: Awww!:p
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Altron Gundam [/i]
[B]Two words. Lifeless loser.... [/B][/QUOTE]

I'll say what BG would say .... Alliteration :p

Anyway.... yeah that name has been said before... I know both of Adams s/ns... and both of James... and both of everyones... lol... if they have more than one...
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Guest Hikaru Ichijyo
I know all of Adam's sn's and that one is defintely not one of them on top of that Adam does not speak as much as this imposter does on aim. I speak to Adam on a daily basis so I can defintely conclude that the person who IM you was nothing more then a lifeless loser wannabe!
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Transtic Nerve [/i]

I'll say what BG would say .... Alliteration :p

[color=deeppink]Damn right :p. My computer is acting up, and it's pissing me off...so I think I'll try to close this topic...no gauruntees that it will work though.

So yeah, this dude was a fake...just ignore it.[/color]
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