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[COLOR=deeppink]Am I correct in saying this....


Ryolo DIES in Tenchi Universe?! I missed the episode after the one where she died, so I dunno if she really did, but, ummm... She DIED?! I mean what the....

I love Ryoko! She's the best! She can't die! Somebody get your postirior over here and tell me she didn't die, or else I will be VERY sad! [/COLOR]
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[COLOR=darkblue]No, Ryoko did not die.[/COLOR] ;) [COLOR=darkblue]Don't worry.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=darkblue]...be happy.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=darkblue]Don't worry, be happy now, woo woo woo woo woo woo woo...[/COLOR]
[COLOR=darkblue]Yea, I'll shut up now.[/COLOR] :)
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i've only seen two eppis were ryoko almost died the one were I forgot his darn name well any way after ryoko almost and probably did loose an arm tenchi used his armor for the first time

NOTE: I forgot who that guy was

the second time it turned out to be the bounty hunter that almost looks like her got killed

i think
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