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RPG Tenchi's Universe:Sasami Style!(Sign up and play!)


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Ooc: :love2: Tenchi Universe:Sasami Style! RPG, few rules? Get it, got it, great! If no one joins, I'll give up on this, but I'll RP Sasami, and, here are the rules, please abide by them, and, of course, NO SPAMMING!

1:First guy who claims Tenchi, gets it.
2: Only girl who gets Tenchi, is who the Tenchi decides, and if he can't, he gets Ryoko. (:p Cause she's the coolest! Okay, I'll shut up now. Seriously, I will!)
3:No Godmanning. (Meaning no one can be totally immortal and all mighty powerful.)
4:Not too many cabbits. (We all know how that can get. :rolleyes: )
5:No one is the leader. (Not even me! We're all a unit!)
6:Obey rules.
Sasami Profile: Does she really need one?
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Well, well, well . . . look who's back!!!!

And since you're my friend (I hope(I'll stick a spork up your nose, I swear I will!!)) I'm gonna post as my own chara!

Name: Selyn -----

Selyn is Ryoko's sister, and (thank goodness) isn't the type of gal to latch on to Tenchi!


I can't think right now(cause I'm at school of course), so I think I'll edit this when I get home (I hope)

And if Bryan is Tenchi . . . wouldn't Amber be Ryoko?
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:love2: Yay! So many people joining! . . . Well, okay. Maybe not that many. . . . Even if we don't have many people, I'll start..

[I]Sasami stood in the kitchen by the sink, humming happily to herself as she washed the vegetables for dinner, when all of the sudden the door bell rang.[/I]

"Will someone get that please?!"

[I]Her voice echoed through the near empty house, she sighed.[/I]
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Sasami :whos there?

??:my neme is steven I am here becase my sister is staying here her name is washu.

Sasami :oh come inand have a seet she is not here right now but she will be back soon.

The door opend and a man about 5 ft with black hair came in.

Steven:tanks buy the way what is your name?

Sasami :oh my name is Sasami nice to meat you
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"Would you like some tea while you wait?"[I]She asked from her spot by the sink, she turned the sink off and put the vegetables in a tray with a whole frozen chicken.[/I] "I still have to cook dinner, but I can still chat. Washu should be here by dinner.. Oh, that reminds me!"[I]She turned around and walked into the living room and over to him.[/I] "Would you like to stay for dinner?"
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"Sasami! Is Dinner ready yet?"
"No Why?"
"Um I am looking for my pink rabbit adn I..."
"It's in the den next to... Who are you?"
"Steven I am washu's brother."
"Ohh well nice to meet you Sasami send Selyn to get me for dinner I am sleeping!"
"OK goodnight!"
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Guest Nightshadow
ok, I think I'm starting to get the hang on this thingy..heh ^_^'
I hate being a nOOb >< I'm always used to being th best v.v'
:ball: Ooo..pokéball..o.o..umm..wheres the pokémon? hey lookie!!!:angel: its me! :babble: cute, I wish Msn had this stuff..Welpers, I'mma gonna go back to my own lil world where I'm not a nOOb..^.^ so like um...cya?
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I'll make my own character too!
her name will be dorobo (theif in latin :D ) and in the past she conducted a couple of robberies with Ryoko.
[i]Dorobo or "ro" as she likes to be called, drifted through space grogyly that day...[/i]

Ro:*yawn* nowhere to go untill that bounty is lifted *yawn*.

[i] Ro looked out ahead of her nearly drifting of to sleep when a signal was received in her ship[/i]

Ro: wha?

[i] she tossed her short blue hair out of her jade eyes[/i]

Ro: what's going on?

Martue (the cabbot ship): Me-Meoooowww!

Ro: What? Ryoko's signal on a nearby planet? but why is she all the way out here? maybe she's hiding to! then I finaly have a place to crash and hang low!!! Martue full speed to planet earth!

Martue: Meow!!!

[i] and far off on earth Ryoko sneezed (Japanese beleif is that you sneeze when you are being talked about) [/i]
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Guest Nightshadow
Hiyas..I'm still trying to fig sum shyt out so umm...dun mind me ^_^'[IMG]http://communities.msn.com/LandoftheAnimeMasters/fanartdrawinsectect.msnw?action=ShowPhoto&PhotoID=1168[/IMG]
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*looks up and down* YES NO ONE TOOK HER


washu walks in to the house to see steven

washu:.......:eek: what are you doing here steven?

sasami: oh great washu your back...... look its steven hes here to se you

washu: i can see that.......but why*shoots a sharp look at steven*......
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Guest Nightshadow
I have no idea...um..how do u join the rpg? O.o'..^_^'' I told ya I'm a nOOb -.-''...hey umm...how do u add pics on ur thingy mabobber? ^_^'
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you just do what everyone else does............ say who your cherecter is and what your stats are ( it all depends on the RPG)
just read the first post that the person puts up and they will tell you HOW TO SIGN UP

if you need any more info dont post it up on threads just PM me by hitting the PM button on the bottm of my post and ask me what ever you need to know i am a meber and know a lot ( not as much as a mod or james........)

so please stop posting your questions here and pm me or anyone with a lot of posts casue most people with high post counts ( even newbies) know a lot


washu: steven did you come here to get my secret exprememnts or is this the FIRST friendly viset i am going to see?.....

sasami: it look like you two dnt get along to much now do you

washu: oh we get along but........ its been a while and HE thinks he smarter then ME * acts all smart and hot headed * and hes not hes jsut a bit less smart as me
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"What's all the commotion I am trying to sleep."
"Steven and Washu are arguing over whos smarter."
"Well I think that neither ne of you is smart. I am the smartest"
Everyone does anime sweat drop big time
"Kione you are the...."
"Now Now Washu don't be mean Kione was just stating her opion."
"So it's not right."
"Well I think she has a good point."
"I am a star :excited:"
Eveeyone does anothor sweat drop.
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[i] suddenly a huge crash came from out side, knocking everyone to the floor. In a mater of seconds everyone in the house rushed outside to see what happened. what they saw was a young woman with short blue hair, standing next to a crator with a fuzzy black cabbot with green eyes sitting on her shoulder.[/i]

Ro: Uh, does a ryoko live here?
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Steven:locks like your life is never dull.
sasami: yah but it is a lot of fun
Washu: befor anything eles happens will you tell me why you came here.
Steven: ok have you ever heard of the planet dragon 4?
sasami: yes it is a verry exculsove resort planet only relly important people are invided.
washu: so why do you mention it?
Steven:becase I am one of the few luck people that have bean invited there and I came to ask you if you wanted to comeand all your freands are also invited so what do you say?
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[I]Clasps her hands together and stars fill her pink eyes.[/I] :love: "Oh! Washu, Washu, say yes, say yes!" [I]She jumped up and down excitedly and Ryo-Ohki looked dizzy as she hung on tight to one of Sasami's pigtails, holding on for her life.[/I]
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"Hey what about me I want to go too!"
"OK fine you can go to!"
"Yeah:excited: what should I pack?"
"Nothig they will have stuff there for our use"
"Ohh I'd better get dressed when do we leave?"
"5 minutes."
"OK be back"
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