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Anime Help plz!


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This is very important everyone who wants anime needs to go to this site. It is the Cheapest! I got all, i reapeat all of Cowboy Bebop, all 26 eps. for only $37.00!!!! You must go to this site! I received my dvds so they will send it to you!. Ok here is the url: [url=http://www.animeniacs.net]Animeniacs.net[/url]. Your Welcome!

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I find that subbed is a little worse than dubbed. But that's just my opinion... :D

[url=www.animenation.com]Anime Nation[/url] They have a big range.
[url=www.orderanime.com]Order Anime Website[/url] They're alright...
[url=www.animeshack.com/store/index.shtml]Anime Shack[/url] Nice range, alot of anime on VHS or DVD.
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