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OOC: If you signed up then you are at the right place. If you didn't sign up and you want to be in here, go to the sign ups, see how to sign up but dont post it up, pm me it. I won't be checking the sign ups so pming is a sure way I will get it.

The sky was dark. The only source of light was of the luminous rays of 4 orbiting moons. A slight wind rustled the trees and bushes of the planet Zarith Deathstrike stood on.

Zarith: So, this is where the Covenant was planning to send their men first?

[i]Zarith stood behind a tree, just for cover incase a Covenant Soldier passed by and glanced at his shimmering silver armor.[/i]

Zarith: Chief, are you there?

[i] There was a slight static noise coming from the walkie-talkie Zarith held onto, but soon enough there was a clear reply.[/i]

Chief: According to our radar, that planet is, well I guess you could say infested with Covenant Soldiers. Be careful. The ship won't return for 30 days.

Zarith: Fine.

Chief: All of your partners are somewhere around you. You just got to find them.

Zarith: Thanx for making an easy mission even easier Chief.

Chief: We didn't want to take the risk of you grouped together and being found and killed. Then we wouldn't have any men. Find them and be careful.

Zarith: I will..

[i]Zarith turned off his walkie-talkie and hooked it onto his armor.[/i]

Zarith: Now, where could they be?

Zarith started towards a group of mountains. Their peaks covered with snow as white and the 4 moons.[/i][/size]
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[I]...Warlock kept low, a Covenant Scout Ship passing a few metres away... He was contemplating shooting the driver, when he heard the sound of light footsteps down in a small valley down to his side... Readying his P-90, he crept to the edge, looking down into the valley...[/I]

Warlock: Zarith!

Zarith: *Looks around* Raynor?

Warlock: Above you! And what have I told you about not calling me by my nickname...
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Abob lifts his machine gun and aims it a a covanent scout patrol heading his way. he hopes they wont see him and crouches low behind a large tree. It was too late. laser fire schorched the tree
:cussing: :cussing: :cussing: he muttered as he bolted across their line of fire, shooting all the way . once he got to cover he pulled out a plasma grenade and tossed it at the covanent patrol. then he spoke into his walkie-talkie " mayday , mayday im under attack can anybody help me? "this is siren we are on our way hold on!" as Abob turned off his walkie-talkie he saw to his horror that a covent member had sunck up on him and , although wounded was about to shot him he stod up and waited for the envitable...................
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We'll we always could set up a diversion from one side , draw most of their troops out of the base then the rest of us sneek in set plasma grenades on delayed charges. then when the explosion goes off the people who pull off the diversion canescape in the chaos.......:devil: :devil: :devil: :devil:
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Abob walks off toward the hillside. "i will set up the diversion , you destroy that base."

Abob dug into a rocky hillside. he had found a cave with one entrance, nearly blocked th entrance with stone . It was a perfect defensive position. then he lobbed three plasma grenades toward the road.
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ooc: a message with plus signs on either side +like this+ means a character is unsing the comm net....at least the what it means to me.

Akira and his ragtag bacnd of Marines crouched low on the open meadow, hoping not to be seen.

Akira:+alright, Ragnar, take the left. Sven the right. I'll go forward with the rest.+

As acknoladgements filled the comm, Akira heard a low whine coming in. Turning his head and aiming his machine gun, he sent a clip roaring through a Banshee aircraft. As the machine's metal hull rippes and twisted under the fire, the Covenant pilot managed to eject, while the doomed aircraft smashed into the Covenant posistion. Scattered and confused, Akira force started firing on the Covenent, cutting them down.

Akira:+call in heavy artilery. Wipe these guys out....Someone else send for a pick up...we've done our job.+
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The explosion of a covanent aircraft into the front of the base had added a new factor to the plan. The grenades had blown the side of a covanent building and hundreds of soilders were puoring out. The masses had to stop and go single file thru the wreckage of the Banshee. Siren and Abob moved them down but the covanent soilders walked unemotionally over the bodies of their dead and kept coming. they had to find a new way to stop them form approaching their postion before their already dwindling supply of ammo ran out....
:demon: :demon: :demon:
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As Akira and his squad were boarding the Dropship, he noticed a outnumbered group of Marines holding off the Covenant. Yelling ordes, he hopped out of the ship, landing on the hill above the belaguarded Marines.

Akira:Need any help?


Akira opens fire as a Warthog from the dropship drives up and unlaods it's mounted gun into the Covenant. The Covenant were losing ground, but a low whine was coming in...More Banshees.
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Zarith: I got one!

[i]Sure enough there was a puddle of blood and a slightly visable body laying down.[/i]

Siren: I thought you were with the others.

Zarith: We heard you guys so they sent me. They are trying to go through the opposite direction.[/size][/color]
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Hurling a frag grenade, Akira slams another clip into his machine gun, and mows down a couple Jackles.

Akira:****! we have a whole bunch up here! We could really use some support! What happened to the Warthog?

Siren:Blown up! Some Hunters got to it, and punched right through!

Zarith:Don't worry! We have Scorpions(tanks) coming in! They will help!

Akira:I hope thier in time!*blows a Hunter's head apart*
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Zarith: Get behind that ledge now!

[i]Everyone runs behind the ledge. Zarith hurls a plasma grenade at the oncoming Jackles. A huge explosion is heard and 11 dead bodies lay, but still more come.[/i]

Siren: How did they hear us?

Akira: Beats me!

Abob: Look there is a warthog about 100 meters away, I am going to get it and bring it over here and then rus over some of them.

AKira: Fine, just don't get killed!

[i]Abob sprints towards the northeast towards a warthog, while everyone else fight for their lives.[/i]

Zarith: Behind the ledge again!

[i]Everyone goes back behind and all three members hurl 10 plasma grenades.[/i]

AKira: We killed them all, but more are coming, I can feel it.

Siren: Lets take advantage of our resting time while we have it.

Zarith: Where is Abob, he should be getting back.[/size][/color]
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As the three marines rest under the ledge, Akira thinks he sees something crawl along the cliff. Whipping his head around, seeing nothing there, he thinks he must be going crazy from battle.

Akira(thinking):Aw man...My nerves are frayed.*slim drips down ov er his visor and onto his chest*WHAT THE HELL! FLOOD! GUYS WAKE UP! FLOOD!

Akira bolts up and pumps hot lead into the alien life form

Zarith:flood. Shoulda known......Their to dumb to stay away from fights.

Siren:Comon, Abob, hurry your *** up.
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[i]Abob pulls up in the warthog.[/i]

Zarith: Yes!

[i]Abob drives, AKira and Siren are in the back seats shooting, and Zarith is in the very back shooting the machien gun.[/i]

Siren: Now this is great!

Akira: Just make sure you don't get hit.

Zarith: WOAH HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!![/size][/color]
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Abob pans the maching gun back and fortha , slowly but surely driving back the mass of covanent troops . then disaster struck. A missile from one of the circling banshees slammed into the wharthog. Akira and siren are thrown off in the explosion are bruised but unharmed, abob is not so lucky. His legs are both full of shrapnel. he cant walk at all. ignoring the pain he drags himself to his gun and begins to fire, blood streaming out of his legs then he blacked out...
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Akira:*wipes visor*Oh man!!! Siren! You okay?


Akira:Comon! We have to find the others!*hefts Siren up*

Abob:+over....FZZP!+ ere!

Akira:His comm-unit's weak! He must have taken a bad hit!

Siren:I have a lock on him, but I can't find Zarith!

Akira:This just gets better and better!
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