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RPG No Laughing Matter...(Sign up)


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[I]Just another peaceful day in Texuta...On this planet, many ppl lived hapily, until one day...An evil wizerd by the name of...Uh...Well, we don't know his name, but anyway, he summoned "Gigglox", the laughing summon, and cast its spell on the whole world! Now that everyone is laughing so much they can't even stand up, who will protect all the banks and stuff like that?


Thats right. YOU are going to help save Texuta. You see, when he cast the spell, you were already laughing, so it didn't affect you, which is the same case for many others! (Yes I know its a lame idea, but com'on! WORK WITH ME PPL!)

Now you and some friends must go and put a stop to this evil wizard, but the problem is: He has now filled the world with millions of monsters! You must train up your magic and finally face him: AND WIN.[/I]


Name: Suzuku
Age: 15
Type: White Mage
[B]Guide to types:

[COLOR=darkblue]Warrior:[/COLOR] Good with Weapons (but can still cast spells) - Start with a sword

[COLOR=silver]White Mage:[/COLOR] Can heal themselves and party members. - Start with the "Heal" ability.

Black Mage: Have destructive magic - Start with either "Blizzard", "Fire", or "Thunder".

[COLOR=red]Red Mage:[/COLOR] Have a bit of both, but can't cast as good spells. - Start with "Heal" but it only heals half the health a White Mage could heal. Also you start with one of the Black Mage abilities, but like before, they only do half the damage.

[COLOR=chocolate]Theif[/COLOR] - Can SOMETIMES dodge attacks and also steal items. (But don't go overboard ie getting an item every time you fight an enemy! Sometimes you have to fail in stealing an item!)[/B]

Personality: Quiet. VERY quiet. And shy too. Very rare for him to laugh...I guess it was his lucky day today! :D
Bio: (bios suck. you dont have to do one if you dont want to.)
Appearance: See attachment.


RPG HAHA will HAHA start HAHA tomorrow. Have HAHA a HAHA nice HAHA day! BWHAHAHAHAHAHA! :laugh:
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Type:Black Mage
Appearence:Long flowing almost black hair thats actually purple. Has a purple hue to it and the shine is purple. Purple, thin eyes. Resembles Rei Hino except prettier and without the 9 inch eyes. Pretty much Anex is Rei Hino except she keeps to ehrself until she gets angry and then she unleashes all her pwoers without moderation.[/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1]Name: Thentra
Sex: Male
Type: Red Mage
Personality: He hates anything to do with injustice, and loves the peace. Tries to keep everyone happy with a cheery personality, but when he's in a bad mood, he get's angry with anyone very easily.
Bio: Just a small town guy, but this town was full of different mages. He grew up with his mother, a White Mage and was taught also by his best friend who was a Black Mage. Thus, he became a Red Mage... simple really.[/SIZE]
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Sure! why not? I'll join.

Type: Warrior
aperrence: Think of a samaurai with Cloud's head on top.(black
hair, less spikey)
Specialty: katana and sword techniques.

Also don't laugh you scare me when laughing like that
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