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New Kirby Game Unveiled


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Nintendo has revealed a new game which will utilize the GBA/GCN linkup capabilities.

The new game is a multi-platform version of the GBC sleeper hit, Kuro Kuro Kirby (Kirby's Tilt 'n' Tumble).

From what I understand so far, players put the cartridge into their GBA, which is plugged into their GCN.

When you tilt your GBA around, rather than Kirby moving around on the GBA screen, he will move around in full 3D on your television.

It is not known whether the Kirby game is entirely new or what...I'll need to wait for more details direct from the show floor.

Keep watching this space. :)
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Taken from Gamespot News: [i]"As part of his presentation at Space World 2001, legendary designer Shigeru Miyamoto revealed a new Kirby game for the Game Boy Advance called Flippin' Kirby. Miyamoto used the game to demonstrate the interconnectivity features of the Game Boy Advance and the GameCube. The game plays similarly to Kirby Tilt 'N Tumble for the Game Boy Color, but with several new gameplay elements, the most surprising of which is its ability to be played through a GameCube.
Miyamoto demonstrated this by plugging a Game Boy Advance into a GameCube and using the handheld as the console's controller. The game, that is, Kirby specifically, moves back and forth from the screen of the GameCube to that of the Game Boy Advance. So depending on what area of any given level you're in, you'll need to look at either your TV or your handheld's screen. During his demonstration, Miyamoto caused Kirby to fall off a ledge from the large TV screen onto his Game Boy Advance, and then he promptly jumped him back up onto the TV. Miyamoto also stated that you'll be able to write "programs" onto the game cartridge itself, but wouldn't elaborate.

Flippin' Kirby will be available for the Game Boy Advance in Japan sometime in May 2002."[/i]
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It sounds like the only thing you need is the GC disc, but I'm not positive. Out of all the new games this one interests me most. Watching the vid where Kirby just switches between the TV and the GBA screen is just amazing, and it's so smooth. Seems like a very cool way to show this connection thing off.
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