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RPG Robobo 2!!!


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Here's the story of the old Robobo RPG;

In the year 2015, there is a new craze called Robobo (or RBB for short) that is all about cute little robots in the shape of different objects or animals. There are tons of weapons and armor parts in the world of RBBs. You take on the role of someone who has a RBB. Your job is to make through the ranks to become...The Ultimate Robobo CHAMPION!!!!

Anyways, there will be rogue challengers, shops, tournaments, and cities that I will toss your way. You can challenge other RBBs or rogue RBBs. The battle system is turn-based. On your turn you did things in this order:
1.Choose weapon to use in round
2.Use potion (optional)
3.Choose opponent's limb you're aiming for
4.Attack with weapon or go to defense mode

well, that's that. you start out with 200 dollars and a simple gun (10 Damage each shot) for your Robobo. You get prize money for winning battles. These are the stats you'll need, and put them in your sig.

Here's the old and new stats;

Name of owner:
Name of Robobo:
Robobo's appearance (in the shape of objects or animals):

Split 40 points between these stats;
Depending on how you split your points will reflect how you act in battle. The higher your accuracy, the better are your chances of hitting your opponent. The higher your agility the better are your chances of not getting hit. The higher your defense the better are your chances of not getting damaged. The higher your offense the higher you have a chance of getting a critical hit to your opponent. If your RBB gets hit in a certain limb one of the stats might go down. You can increase your stats by buying armor. I'll butt in between rounds to say the outcome of the round.

Let the metal fly!
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Ok the new and improved robobo!!!!!!!

(re-posting stats for the benift of all )

Name of owner; Abob Teff
name of robobo; Sydney
robobos appearence; Like a dog, golden in color

Current weapons ; regular gun(10 damage), laser gun(30 damage)
current other items; armor(both types)and red sheild!
current $50

Robobo's stats

defence100(try and hurt me now!)
agility 10
accuracy 10
offence 30
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Just like you said it'd be. this may just be why you wanted me to put the agility and junk in the game, but as I said before, i can't leave them out anyways. Anyways, here's my stats...

and am I ever going to finish battling Cloud strife? He hasn't shown.

Name of owner: Ryu
Name of Robobo: Rodraco
RBB stats-

HP: 50
Power: 10
Accuracy: 10
Agility: 10
Defense: 10
Armor: Regular
Weapon: Sword
Items: Potion x2
Money: $100
Wins: 0 Losses: 0
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Guest QuickSilver
i hope we can use the same robobos
Name of owner: seifer
Name of Robobo: razor
Robobo's appearance: lion with wings

hp: 60
weapon: blade (30), regular gun(10)
defence: 20(becoz my defence is already at 20 does that mean i have 30 left to share around
agility: 20
offence: 10
accuracy: 10

wins 2 loses 0
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#1 I have decided to graciously DECLINE super gokus battle offer on the account of my robobs inferiority, sorry!
Also , super goku you must have forgotten, we only have 50 hp, not 60...(i made the same mistake earlier..)

#2 Since i am low on cash, would you like to battle me "Jake W"??

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------#3 psycho , could you do all of us a favor and re-post the shop stuff? I would really appriciate it!
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Komitiake City
Known for its Robobo manufactuaring.
Rogue Robobos:None
Crime rate:5%
Shops: 1

The Shop Stop
Laser (30 Damage):$200
Body Armor Plate(Defense up 20):$100
Potion (recover 10 HP):$50

The crime rate shows the chances of you being attacked by a Rogue RBB.
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------Jadokame City
Known for huge criminal rate
Rogue Robobos: None
Crime rate:95%

The Shop Stop
Blade (30 damage*): $100
right and left arm armor plates (defense up 30 total): $60
Mega potion (recover 20 HP): $70
HP increase (up 10): $100

*after the damage has been done, the opponent takes 10 more damage on the next turn and then the effect expires.

P.S. There's a HELL lot of Rogue RBBs in this town. Be on your toes. Thankfully they carry a lot of money.

P.S. You start out in Komitiake City. You can go to a different city if you want. And you can only battle someone in the city you're in.
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Right! Let's do this!

Rodraco is relieved with a new Blade and prepares for assault.

< This little arrow is my special tool. Whatever choice it is on in the battle commands, i used in that round.

1. Weapon Choice
2. Item
3. Aim
4. Attack/Defend <

Rodraco does 30 damage to Strider!

Rodraco waits for Strider to make his move.
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Thank you for shopping at the shop stop, please come again!

Dragon Warrior the 4 battle commands aren't choices. They're all used in the round (Item is optional). Sorry, but you'll have to start the battle over. Oh, and [U]I'll[/U] announce the damages and misses and stuff between rounds.
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