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RPG DragonBall: Saiyan Games [It returns] Sign-ups


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Long ago, a good 500 years before Frieza was even born, the Elite Saiyan Warriors often grew bored when they weren't over-seeing plantary conquest. Spending endless hours feeling their asses grow, they grew tired.

So they decided to host a Tournament.

Making an incredibly huge rink which expanded over 300 meters, they blocked it off from the rest of the Saiyan world, making perfection.

Serveral hours ago, the Elite Warriors opened the sign-ups to all on Planet Vegeta.

The Elite Warriors seem over-confident, giving their strength. But the lower-class Saiyans seem to have a slight advantage. While the so-called "Elite" Warriors were giving orders, the lower-class Saiyans were constantly fighting.. Letting them get even stronger than some of the Generals.

But the ranks are very realistic. The Third Class Warriors are strong, but not as strong as the Second Class.. Power Level maxes as follows...

Third Class: 12,000

Second Class: 13,500

Benifets also differ with ranks.. Listed as follows..

Third Class: Weakest armor, rather poor living conditions, treated as the bottom of socity.

Second Class: Fair armor, kept in decent living-conditions, prime for fighting, considered the 'norm' of Saiyan life.

Please note that the Armors, Living Conditions, and rank in classes will affect how you recive rations, medical attention, etc.

And now...... It's YOUR turn..

'Ere's what cha need...






Level(Second Class, Third Class):

Power Level:
-- -- -- --
Name: Blank

Age: 17

Height: 6' 5"

Race: Saiyan

Appearance: Looks exactly like Brolli......I'll post a pic later.....

Level: Second Class

Power Level: 13,000

Ok, all that needed be done is for you to hit that post-o button and uhhhhh.....post....O.o;;;;

Edit: Whoops! Forgot to add this. No SSJ at the start........and not on the end of page one either....

Note: As you can see, you cannot be an Elite this time. Because in the original idea of this RPG, all Elites were gonna be killed due to an up-rising of Third Class warriors...Can't have that, now can we? :p
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Name: Bishop

Age: 35

Height: 6'7"

Race: Saiyajin

Appearance: Has a helm similar to that of a Bishops hat, except made of Silver and more curvelinear, and futuristic looking. Wears a long white robe, tattered at the ends. Beneath he wears standard Elite Saiyajin armour, White with Gold rimming. He is of course a Saiyajin priest, of an ancient Saiyajin religion that was lost once Freiza came into power.

Level: 2nd Class Elite

Power Level: 13,500
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[color=teal]Name: Li

Age: 16

Race: Sayain

Appearance: Looks like 15 year old Mirai Trunks with jet black hair and black saiya-jin armor like vegeta in the saiya-jin saga

Level: Elite

Power Level: 10,000[/color]
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Are you bling or just retarded? Neil clearly said NO ELITES. That means that you cannot be an Elite class saiyan. God, how ignorant can you be.....
Name: Craig

Age: 18

Height: 6'6"

Race: Saiyan

Appearance: Looks just like Vegetto, with brown hair, hazel eyes, and saiyan armour like Bardock's.

Level: Second Class

Power Level: 13,500
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Dark_Apocalyps [/i]
[B]Power Level: 13500 (he has an higher pl normaly, but it was drained until after the tournament. hell get it back then.)[/B][/QUOTE]

Actually, you won't......Because, you see, this whole RPG IS a tournament....

[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Dark_Apocalyps [/i]
[B](a little bio):He was once an higher rank, but because he did an to dangerous mission he had to be an 2e class warrior. He wanted to Destroy the 1st thread of the cold family. Refraige! He allmost did it but an thraitor of his team blasted him into space.
Now that traithor is on his rank. And Refraige has some planets more.... He has never forgetten it. Not after sleeping not in the afternoon not in the night. He has it in his head for itternity.[/B][/QUOTE]

Um......What? If you're implying that your character was once of a greater rank, then you a very wrong... You are born into ranks, and you don't ascend/descend into other classes.... I thought I already went over this...


Neil: ........Shut up...
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