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Gaming FF4 FMV's


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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by xphoenix24 [/i]
[B]does anybody know if there are any more FMV's in the re-release of FF4 for the PS? I'm halfway through the game and i've only seen the one at the begginning. :( [/B][/QUOTE]

[COLOR=deeppink]I've seen some in the instruction booklet. It's probably an ending sequence, though.

Speaking of FFIV, I think I'll just use this thread for a little help, if that's okay with everyone.

[size=4]SPOILER! (I think)[/size]

I'm stuck on the Colcobrinas thing (the doll you fight in the dwarves castle). I can beat the doll, but I can't get past Goldbez and his little dragon. Any strategy?[/COLOR]
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[QUOTE][b]FFIV? Isn't that VI in UK and everywhere else? Oh, well if it is, it should have some more FMV's in it, and not just the ones at the start and finish.[/b][/QUOTE]

Nah, FF4 is FF2 in most places, I think... But anyway, I don't know much about the topic, so I'll leave now. :)
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[SIZE=1]Why the hell did they do that... it's so confusing o_O
There was a re-release of Final Fantasy VI here in the UK, and it came with a free demo of FFX, which was cool. I do belive that Flash said it came out in NZ too..?[/SIZE]
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[color=indigo]FFII was the SNES version of FFIV. FFII is easier than the Japanese FFIV, also.
FFIV on the PSX has a new translation, but I'm not sure if they made it easier like they did with FFII on the SNES.

But anyway, on to the help:
Your main goal in this fight is to stay alive... Use lots of healing items/magic to make sure you stay alive, and only attack when your party is in good shape.

[size=4][b]Possible Spoiler[/b][/size]

If you survive long enough, Rydia will show up and kill Golbez's dragon with a called mist dragon. She'll then join your party, and you'll fight Golbez.
Keep using lots of healing items/magic, and pummel Golbez with Rydia's Call ability. If you're not using healing magic with Cecil, he can also do a fair bit of damage using Fight.

What happens next will most likely make you mad, or at least annoy you... It made me mad... I was yelling "Just run up and skewer it with your stinking sword, you idiot!" at the screen...[/color]
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