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I?ve never really sat back and watched shows with comedians before but I thought it might make an interesting topic to see who you guys liked.

I watched some Billy Connaly a while back and I thought he was quite good. I especailly love the line ?she violated me!? though I can?t remember which video it was on.

My b/f Ian introduced me to Eddy Izzard this week and after watching 2 video?s all I can say is I LOVE THE GUY! HE RULES! For those of you that don?t know he?s a transvestite but he?s soooo kool, love his make up and his lovely little PVC trousers. My fave gag at the moment would have to be the bee?s one and Noah (played by Sean Connery) wanting everyone with long hair and ears on one side of the (speed-boat style) arch heehee. ?I?m covered in bees!? heehee love that line :D

Aparently he?s thinking of introducing me to Harry Hill :confused: we?ll soon see what all that?s about.

Anyway let me know what you?re into :)
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Chris Tucker all the way. If you here him on DefJams, you better be laying in the floor, cause you will fall over laughing. I also like Stephen Lynch. IF you dont know who he is, go downlaod some of his music. Thats the only place you can find it.
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