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Poetry *Smiles*

White Digivise

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I like this one:

I admit to being a cow-parasite,
blood burden
on the cow nation.

I confess: None of my best friends are cows.
No cow
has gossiped about anyone I know.
I haven't seen one in a handicapped

I know that all cows feel.
And in the night, dream science
one day help them to write very bad poems.

And yet... Those spearpoints
dropped by our ancestors
were never chipped from stone
to pierce
struggling bell-peppers,
or beat back crazed wheatfields,
who'd found
out what bread was.

Besides, I was a tomato in a past life
and died
horribly, in an ancient Greek Salad.
It's my experience as a vegetable

that makes me want revenge.
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I am actually a writer and trying to be a poet... even though most people say I'm too young (13)

this is one my friends seem to like... I'm not sure if it's too good though...

[FONT=century gothic]Strangest Creatures on the Earth

From the shadows,
Up they run
Strangest beasts on all the earth
None is like another one.
No life to live
Only themselves to love.
No Gift to give,
Only to take.
No time to sleep
Nor time to wake.
Can?t say if where they come from
Light or Darkness? No one can
Not of demons nor of angels
But the creature?s name is ?Man?
Strangest Creatures on the [/FONT]

ehe.... please tell me what ya think
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I'm a poet, but I don't even know it! I've made some poetry, jus can't find it... Of course, I'm also a writer, I jus have a problem with putting it down on paper.
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Wow! Crazy White Boy, your name goes with your poetry. Soul Keeper that was awesome. I love the twist ending. I tryed writing one today and I like it. That is the most important thing. That you like your work. My art teacher once told me that you are your worst cridict and when one may hate it another may like it.

I think of You

As Darkness engulfs the planet,
I see you.
The look in your eyes,
Tells me something is wrong.
Fear has overtaken the lives of others.
As life comes to an end,
During these darkest of hours,
I think of you.
-White Digivise
August 24,2001

I think that it doesn't matter if poetry rymthes or not. I think it's how it makes you feel inside. *Smiles*
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I have alot of work that was lost, I still like to write poems
here's a short one

Skies Forever

as the silent night
falls upon the sun that shown so bright
the worlds appearance fades
stars so bright that heavens appear
worlds forgotten
but skies remembered
galactic experiences fade the memory of your world
eyes in a daze
words of silence spread across the sky
only these skies
are skies forever

yoni 2001©
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