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Guest Morph
[font=tahoma][i] In the year 2030, a mad scientist named Dr. Yomo discovered something so incredible, it changed the future as we know it. This discovery was something called "Gene-Splicing." Gene Splicling combines robotic parts and fuses with its host. This was a GIANT scienctific break-through, but Dr. Yomo's goal was different then using it for science. He wanted it for power... While he was experimenting and exploring the power of Gene Splicing, he discovered that whoever was spliced became totally obidient to Dr. Yomo, he tried this on ___ (This will be filled in after we get the players in the rpg) people, the experiment worked, they were sucessfully spliced, but there was one flaw, they didn't obey him, they didn't like the ambitions of Dr. Yomo, so the only thing that they could think of was... [u]Rebelion.[/u] They rebelled againist Dr. Yomo but there were mass numbers already under Dr. Yomo's control, soon entire armada's wanted this power, because this greatly inhanced their regular human abilities to abnormal power(Speed, Intelligence, Power, Agility). The rebels were overwhelmed by all of them. So they had to hide, for 4 long years, regrouping, training, stealing equipment preparing for the New Rebellion. Soon, they over-heard some of Dr. Yomo's assistants talking while the rebels were getting reconaissense, They now called the virus "Chimera..." The rebels have no real group name, you just know who is the enemy and who isn't.

Currently, it is approxametely(sp?) the year of 2035.[/font][/i]

[font=tahoma] Here's what you need:

Code Name:
My stuff.....

Code Name: Blaze
Age: 5 years since the splice
Height: '5'8"
Weight: 134 LBS.

History: Blaze was the first of the group to be spliced, he came up with the idea of rebellion... He showed impressive neutrality between the change in power. Before his splicing, he was a College Student. He came from a very wealthy family He was smart, and he was a lacrosse captain. He had perfect scores on most of his tests, he gave into a great liking into Guns, Karate, and Military things. Soon he got a knatch for some forms of Karate including: Kung Fu, Jujitzu, and Capoiera. He also went to 4 years of Military Academy, he got the best training money could buy. He graduated first in Class 10-00.... He also got his "Ranger" tab. He was a member of the Rangers elite class and USMC "United States Marine Corporation." After all of this training and displine, he moved away, and led a normal life, until one of his friends invited him to the first Chimera splicing showing, he was so interested in it. So the next showing, he was a patient, and then he chose a robot..... And the rest you know.

[b]Not all of the people that sign up for this rpg will make it, it will depending on your reputation of rpging and how well and detailed your application is....[/b][/font]
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