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My short story.

ZF SSA Goten

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One day, Vegeta and Goku were taking a little stroll in the woods with Goten and Trunks. Goten and Trunks were running in and out from behing tree's a fighting eachother. While Goku and Vegeta were discussing the difficulties of father-hood. All of a sudden, Goten runs into someone and knocks him down. "Who, you ok?" Goten asked the stranger.

"Of Course not you f*cking idiot! You just plowed into me! Grrrr...." said the stranger.

"Wow wow wow....calm down. It's not like I took off your head or anything. Here, give me your hand." Goten says and extends his hand.

"Thanx. You wouldn't happen to train Pokémon would u?" He asked.

"What's a Poimon?" Goten asked.

"no, a Pokémon. They are creautres that u battle with one another." he said.

"Really? I wanna fight one! How many u got?" Goten said jumping up and down. Trunks came running over.

"Who's the runt Goten?" Trunks asked.

"I'm not a runt! My name is Ash! Ash Ketchem.!" Ash yelled.

"More like As$ Ketchup." Trunks said snickering.

"Ok, now u gonna get it. PIKACHU! I CHOOSE YOU!" Ash yells. And before he could even throw the pokeball, there is the 'Go Go Go' voice in the background. All of a sudded Goten, Trunks, and Ash all look at this cilender flying over head. IT explodes blinding them all.

"What the-" Is all Trunks had time to say. The Counter-Terrorist/Cartoon team moved in and shoot them all with Styer Augs. They were gone as quickly as they had arrived.

A little while later, Goku and Vegeta arived at the scene.

"AGG!!! You May take our kids lives, but you will never take OUR FREEEEEDOM!!!!!! :eek: " GOku screamed.

to be continued.....

if u want to see more, post positive comments.
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[COLOR=coral]Me Like! But, Hold Up!!!....Why didn't Goten or Trunks scortch Ash and Pickachu's a$$es?.....(the fact that lil part wasn't included slightly disapointed me....)[/COLOR] :( :devil: [COLOR=coral]heh heh, BTW...Goku doesn't get his head chopped off after he declares his freedom does he?[/COLOR] :eek:
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