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How many/what dbz things do you own?


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I have...:)
- 8 Dbz videos
- 7 Beckett Collector DragonBall Z magizens
- Pojos [SIZE=1]Unofficial[/SIZE] Total DragonBall Z book
- 3 Dbz cards
- About 5 or 6 Dbz stickers
- 1 Dbz handheld game
- 2 mini skateboards(Goten&Trunks kamehameha,and Goku Ssj)
- 2 Dbz figures(Ssjin Gohan w/cape,Chibi Trunks)
- All [SIZE=1]real small[/SIZE] Dbz figures
- Dbz fact book
- And some taped Dbz eps

And although it doesn't really count...
[COLOR=red]On Computer:[/COLOR]
- 486 Db/Z/Gt Images
- Around 200 Dbz animated gifs
[COLOR=royalblue]Um,I think I got to specific... Oh well.[/COLOR]
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Guest Voodookanaka
I got two necklaces, a choker, some cards, couple o vids.
just stuff that I seem to have aquired over time, I dont really go out buying everything I see, my m8s got some really cool squishy dolls, I think he pulled picollos head off.....that guy scares me.
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[COLOR=coral]I have absolutely [b]nothing[/b] db, dbz, or dbgt.....Surprising?!? As a matter of fact....I've [b]never[/b] seen any type of Dragonball merchandise for sale any where!! However, I actually saw a kid at school who had a DBZ shirt on:eek: :rolleyes:....but besides that...[/COLOR] :confused:
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