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- Some of you may of heard of these wars. They happened about 30 years before Phantom Menece. Plo Koon, who I will be playing as, is a major played in these wars. Qui-Gon jinn is also a big factor here

But i couldnt find that much info on the hyperspace wars so some stuf i had to make up
- The is no Jedi Councel, all the members from episodeI are warriors in the war. It is between the Republicans, the good guys and jedis, versus the Septretists, thats it no sith or anything like that, there can be bounty hunters but you must choose a side...

sign up:





Side and reason why

*remember I am playing as Plo Koon, but i need people to play as Qui- gon, Mace Windu, Ki-Adi Mundi, and maybe even yoda..

I think im going to pick who can play in this game, i think im starting to know how good of rpers the people here are*
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I'll play, but,... give me some more info on the wars....
I'm gonna be the same person as my other ones...

name: Kei
Bio: accepted as jedi @ age 8, parents were jedi, but destoyed by a sith,... very good @ michanics, weaponery- especially lightsaber... not too good wit the force, -_-'
description- wears same thing as what padme wore near the end of ep. II still has the lil robe- thingy, very determined..... spy for jedi, by pretending to be a sith.- yellow lightsaber
side and why- huh? I thought I already answered that..... and I don't get the why.
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i definatly need more info-

bio: there is no such thing as sith at this point, u need to be alot more descriptive

description: also no such thing as sith then...

side: u have to be on the republican or seprtists, and the reason u are on that side
ex: how ur parents brought u up or someone helped u or somehting like that
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bio- well, some sort of dark force... could it be palpatine?
description- ok... take out the spy thingy..
side- uh.... republican i guess.. born a republican?
dis is confusing. why do u need more info?
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OOC: Oh goodie! I was wondering when someone was gonna do something like this!

Name: Mara Heartlock


Description: Mara is about 5'4 and is very pale and light. She wears robes of silky gauze, which are an off-white. Underneath, a elaborate silver dress flows, giving the impression of swirling water. She has dark red hair, which flows down to the small of her back. She has dark jade green eyes. Wears a thin gold anklet above her light silver sandels.

Bio: A good-hearted and rash politician's daughter, Mara is very stubborn. She has delusions about the glory of war and has envied many Jedi she has encountered. Although ignorant, she wants to become a help to her planet. A bit haughty and proud at moments, Mara doesn't make friends easily and has more enemies then she can handel.

Backround: Born to a well-respected family, Mara only knows of the world of splendor. Sheltered and proper, Mara has never experienced the horrors of poverty, hunger, and such.
Mara had always been very close with her older brother, who was three years older than her, but when he was sixteen, he was killed by a seperatist (on accident). This dramatic event changed Mara's life, for she joined the Jedi and Republican's

Side: Good

Reason: Listed already.

OOC: Is that good?
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Guest Padme Amidala
OOC: Don't give up or forget about my SW story!!
Name: Qui Gon Jinn
Age: 17
Description: Tall, about 6"1, lean and strong, short hair, with the Padawan symbol...(the braid) He has brown hair and it sticks straight up. He wears the traditional Jedi robes, dark brown and the belt that carries his lightsaber and other needed things. I mean, you get the picture...everyone knows what Qui Gon looks like...think of Liam Neelson!
Bio: Young and impatient, Qui Gon Jinn's master, Count Dooku trains him well. Qui Gon is very strong and is good with the force and is a strong fighter. He isn't very arrogant and can be kind of forceful sometimes.
Background: Born on Alderran and raised on Coruscant, his father was once a Jedi but he was killed in a accident that Qui Gon never shares with anyone. His mother lives on Alderran again and got re-married. Qui Gon dosen't like the man his mother married, but he puts up with him. His family has always been pretty well off, espically since his mother is a politician...he dosen't trust his own mother sometimes. He has no sibilings and has lived a pretty good life so far. He strives to become a great jedi master someday to make his master proud and his family.
Side: Good/Jedi
Reason: He's A Jedi!
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Well if Mist and Padme are here...

[B]Name[/B]: Abob Ttef

[B]Age[/B]: 34

[B]Species (Race)[/B]: Human

[B]Location/Homeworld[/B]: Abob was born on Concord Dawn, but now lives aboard his ship, the [I]Idiots Array[/I].

[B]Weapons[/B]: Abob wears a suit of black and orange Mandalorian body armor that is ingrained with cortosis ore and Ysalamiri hairs. He also carries a sniper rifle.

Ysalamiri hairs- The Ysalamiri is a salamander like species that has a unique ability to push back the force. The hairs engrained in Abob's armor produce the same effect.

Cortosis Ore- One of the few substances in the known galaxy that can stop a lightsaber blade. It causes the lightsaber to deactivate on contact.

Kneepad Rocket/Dart launchers- On each of Abob's knees he wears armored kneepads (part of his Mandalorian armor) there is an orange rocket/dart launcher. Abob currently had them loaded with deadly poisonous darts

Mitrinomon Z-6 Jet pack- An orange jetpack that has a homing, high explosive rocket attached.

Kelvarek Consolidated Arms MM9 Rocket system- On each of Abobs wrists he wears an orange rocket launcher. The rockets on his right wrist are Locris Syndicates 12A explosive rockets. The rockets on his left wrist contain FGA-583, a nerve agent that will knock its victim unconscious in seconds.

Mer-Son weapons sniper rifle- This rifle is highly accurate and can shoot from extremely long distances. A zoom scope and a night vision scope are mounted on the top of the rifle.

[B]Alliance[/B]: Republican

[B]Reason why[/B]: He despises rebellions, they create civil unrest, which is bad for business.

[B]Vehicle/Ship[/B]: The [I]Idiots Array[/I] Sienar Fleet Systems GAT-12j Skipray Blastboat (for space travel) and a Aratech 74-Z Military Speeder Bike (for on planet travel)

[B]Vehicle Descriptions[/B]:

The [I]Idiots Array[I/] is a normal, unmodified Skipray Blastboat. It is painted black, with its weapon systems painted orange. It is armed with eighteen concussion missiles, twelve proton torpedoes, three capital ship class medium ion cannons and two laser cannons. The ship is twenty five meters long and is heavily armored; normal star fighter lasers cannot penetrate its thick armor. It can travel over 1,200 kilometers per hour in atmosphere. A Blastboat usually carries a crew of five, but can be piloted by one person if needed.

Abob's speeder is painted black, with its weapon painted orange. It has armor plating (not enough to stop a blaster bolt) and a single laser cannon. It can travel slightly faster than five hundred kilometers per hour.

[B]Force capabilities[/B]: None

[B]Background/Bio[/B]: Abob Ttef was born on the farming planet of Concord Dawn during a civil war. His family was indiscriminately slaughtered by one of the warring factions shortly before his twelfth birthday, and he was sent to live with relatives on Coruscant. His relatives didn?t want to have a young boy to take care of, so they dropped him off one day in the deepest depths of Coruscant, figuring he wouldn?t last long. Abob survived, and even thrived. He learned to be street smart, how to convincingly lie, when to run and when to fight. At age fifteen he stowed away on a smuggling vessel bound for Nar Shadda. There he worked for Shug Nix as a mechanic until he was twenty. Then he bought the [I]Idiots Array[/I] directly from the shipyard, and went into the bounty hunting profession.

He has since become an extremely respectable bounty hunter and has his own set of codes and morals he lives by. He usually takes imperial bounties and refuses to hunt Jedi; he considers them too dangerous to mess with.

[B]Description[/B]: Abob never takes off his armor in public so nobody knows what he looks like underneath. His armor is standard Mandalorian combat armor; it is midnight black, with the weapons highlighted in a glossy orange. His T shaped visor on his helmet is indistinguishable from the rest of his helmet.

[B]Personality[/B]: Abob is a very businesslike person and is direct and to the point. He says what he means in as few words as he can and hates small talk. He is extremely hard working and is always trying to make machines run more efficiently.
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What?!?! Oh no... I deleted that one.......grrrrr. I will send it to you tommorow, okay.

*Hits self on head for deleting the PM*

EDIT- I wrote this today, here is the [I]true[/I] story of the [B]Stark Hyperspace War[/B]!

The Stark Hyperspace War?

The events of this conflict take place thirty years before the battle of Yavin.

It was a time of great unrest between the worlds of the outer rim and the rest of the Republic. Resources were taken from the rim to the Core Worlds and returned as goods at vastly inflated prices. Iaco Stark was a smuggler and a pirate who maintained a fleet of ships. He sold what he stole at a profit, but at a smaller price than the Trade Federation demanded.

Stark was able to forge a coalition between smugglers, pirates, mercenaries, bounty hunters, assassins working in the Outer Rim. Nothing had ever been conceived of on this scale, let alone created. They called themselves the Stark Commercial Combine and became a force large enough to challenge the Trade Federation.

Then disaster fell on the galaxy. A key processing plant for Alzahi bacterium on the planet Thyferra exploded. Alzahi is a key ingredient in the production of bacta and is principally found only on Thyferra.

Bacta output was suddenly cut by two thirds. Suddenly, the most commonly used medical drug in the galaxy was in short supply.

Prices skyrocketed as the Core Worlds hoarded their precious supplies of Bacta. Many systems in the Outer Rim could no longer afford bacta at any price.

When the Stark Combine began targeting bacta ships and supplies, they were hailed as heroes by the Outer Rim Planets, but the conflict threatened to plunge the galaxy into civil war.

Nute Gunray of the Trade Federation petitioned the Senate to be allowed to increase their droid armies. At this time Ranulph Tarkin (Grand Moff Tarkins Father), who was an advocate for a Republic Military, called for a Republic Navy to defend the Trade Federation from the Stark Combine. Another senator, Finis Valorum (He will become supreme Chancellor by the time of Epsoide I) calls for a Jedi mediation team to meet with Stark and try to resolve the problem.

The Jedi are not convinced by the conveniently timed bacta shortage that will give the Trade Federation and the Bacta clans on Thyferra enormous profits. The Jedi Master Tyvokka, his apprentice Plo Koon, Jedi knight Qui-Gon-Jin and his apprentice Obi-Wan Kenobi were all dispatched to meet with Stark. Another team of Jedi, consisting of Jedi knight Tholme and his apprentice Quinlan Vos was sent to Thyferra to investigate the bacta shortage.

Meanwhile, Ranulph Tarkin secretly created a Republic Navy and Army, which he intended to use to crush Stark, which he hoped would bring him political power. He convinced Nute Gunray to carry a homing device to the negotiations with Stark so that Tarkin could send his fleet there to destroy Stark's Combine.

When the Jedi mediation team and Nute Gunray arrived in orbit around Troiken, to meet with Stark, they were surprised when he confronted them with the information his spies had collected about the "Republic Fleet", which was on its way to destroy him. Then he told them that his agents had planted a nav computer virus that, when the fleet jumped to hyperspace, would send most of the fleet into navigational hazards, such as a black hole, a sun, or a planet. He said that a small portion of the fleet would arrive at Troiken, to find themselves outnumbered and outgunned. Then Stark ordered his men to kill the mediation team.

A battle erupted in the negotiation chamber. In the furious battle, Tyvokka was killed by friendly fire from Nute Gunray's Battle droids. The Jedi then manage to kill all of their attackers, although Stark escapes to another ship.

Soon after that the remnants of the "Republic Fleet" arrive. All the ships except Tarkin's flagship are destroyed. Tarkin orders the crew to fight to the last man, then takes a hundred of the "Republic Army" troopers and escapes to the planet.

The mediation team crash lands their ship on Troiken and meets up with Tarkin and his troopers. They decide to take refuge in a huge abandoned mine. For days they desperately hold off Starks men, who outnumber them 100 to 1. They then find out from a friendly native, that there are "Challat Eaters" which live deep inside the mine. These beings are as close as you can get to flying piranhas. The Jedi manage to seal off the lower sections of the abandoned mine so that they are safe from the beasts.

Meanwhile, on Thyferra Tholme finds out that the bacta shortage has indeed been staged and he reports this to the council. Then he goes to Troiken to assist the others.

On Troiken, Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan take the remaining negotiators (Nute Gunray, a few minor aides, and Finis Valorum) and leave the mine. They sneak through the enemy lines and hijack Starks personal vessel. The Jedi tell them to go to Coruscant for help.

In the mines, things are looking bad for the Republic. The troops are nearly out of ammo, and are out of all medical supplies.

The Negotiators who escaped from Troiken arrive on Coruscant and inform the Jedi council of the situation. They also give them a "patch" that Qui-Gon and Tholme managed to steal from Starks flagship. It will counteract the nav computer virus that Stark's agents planted in the Republic's nav computers. A fleet is hastily assembled and sent to aid the Troops on Troiken.

When the fleet arrives at Troiken it destroys Starks ships and Stark surrenders to the Republic. Then the fleet lands on Troiken to pick up the survivors. When everyone is on the transports Plo Koon, who has been leading the Jedi during the battle, goes back into the mine to find Tarkin, who is missing. Plo notices that the remainder of Starks forces are searching the mine for the Jedi, who they believe are still their. Plo finds Tarkin, who is just about to set off an explosive charge that will let the Challat eaters back into the mine, where they will devour all of Starks forces. Plo tries to stop Tarkin but he commits suicide and blows open the barrier that had been keeping the Challat eaters back. Plo is forced to flee the mine and Starks forces are eaten alive.

The war is over, Tarkin is dead, the Trade Federation is in disgrace, and Plo Koon is given his former Master Tyvokka's seat on the Jedi high council.

That is the story of the Stark Hyperspace War. I got this information from a Comic book series published by Dark Horse comics. This is the only detailed reference to The Stark Hyperspace War.
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ok, this is gonna be hard to do, but we can pull it off. Does anyone wana change there character's sign up sheet? if anyone doesnt ill post who gets into the game. Can everyone maybe play as two chacters, I think ill play as plo koon and tyvokka.
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