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RPG FF VII: Children Of Mako ((PLAY))


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I stepped off the tram, into the Gold Saucer entrance hall. I fingered my whip expectantly. I had heard the even the Gold Saucer was no longer immune to the infestations of thieves and pickpockets. I sat down on a bench and counted my gil. I had 500. The tram ride was no longer free either. I had to pay 1000 gil. to get here. Shaking my head I stood up, shoved what little money I had left into my blue leather bag, and walked toward the registration window.
"Next!" A rough voice said. I waked up and was handed a form. "Fill it out and bring it back to me" I sat down again and started filling it out. Another person sat next to me.
"You signin up too?"
"Yup." I said, trying to concentrate on the form.
"You must think your pretty good to sign up for the Resistence."
"Yup." He stood up.
"Well I ought to go. I'm done with my form." He gave me a little wave. I grabbed my whip and lashed it at him. It wraped around his neck. I yanked and he flew backward landing back in the seat.
"How about you give me my money back? Hmmm..." I said slowly.
"I don't got ya money! I swear!" I tightened the whip on his neck, he started gaging, and reached inside his pocket. I procured my blue pouch. I waved it in front of his face and took the whip off. He started running. I pushed the button on the handle of it and razor sharp spines poped through the rope part of the whip. I lashed at him again and hit his back. He doubled over on the ground bleeding ferouciously from his back. I walked back to the registration desk and handed the man my form. He looked it over and slid it through a machine.
"Ryan Schezar, you are now a member of the resistance. These are your formal cloths," he handed me a pair of blue dress pants and a button up blue shirt, "and your sector assignment is Speed Square, Batallion Blue Alpha. The rest will be explained to you when you get there. Good luck." I gave him a smile and walked over to the Square Tubes. I jumped down the Speed Square tube. I'm finally here, I though to myself.
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[font=gothic][color=crimson][I]The normally impassive, emotionless Vukodlak was in a very bad mood. And it showed. Even as he gracefully flowed through the dirty, jostling crowd, touching no one, people who saw his face instinctively cleared a path for him. But bureaucracy of any kind tended to do that to him. He'd just signed up for the resistance, and the first thing they had done was hand him a uniform. Vukodlak sighed as remembered the damage done their. He'd reached out and grabbed the man's collar, pulling him closer and whispering to him in a dreadfully quiet voice 'I don't wear uniforms". The shaking man's immediate reply had been "Well, you aren't in the resistance then.", a sentiment that had quickly changed when Vukodlak had looked into his eyes for a long moment. Vukodlak's eyes tended to intimidate people. After a small mako accident, his eyes were left couldy, like the broken relflections of the moon on dark water (OOC: Think my banner people). When he got angry, the only visible sign was that his eyes started to shimmer. So it was that when Vukodlak got to Speed Square wearing a black outfit, he received nothing but open stares.[/I]

Vukodlak: Was there something? No? Wise decision.

[I]Someone across the other side of the square mutters "Hey, someone's a pyscho" at his tone. Vukodlak looks over at him, and finds the kind of person he immediately despises. Leping high into the air, Vukodlak flips and lands in front of the seated antagonist, his scimitars snaking out even as he landed to trace a light silvery X down the man's throat. [/I]

Vukodlak: You have some comment to make?

Man: N...No.

[I]Vukodlak sheathes his swords, and strides off into the darkest corner in the room, observing the buzzing reactions of the other people, disgusted at their optimism.[/I][/font][/color]
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I appeared at the entrance to the long dead rollercoaster that gave so many people so much glee so long ago. I shook my head and walked over to a big burly man with the Resistances symbol on his shirt.
"Excuse me. My name is Ryan Schezar. I'm a new recruit. Where do I get my quarters?"
"Quarters? New recruits don't get quarters untill they have made 5th class. You wanna sign up for a mission right away? I got a scout mission to Cosmo Canyon to see if they are still alive. You might make 5th class if you do well enough. Should I sign you up?"
"Yeah, go ahead. But where should I sleep?" I looked around and for the first time. There were people sleeping on the floor in sleeping bags. There were a few on air matresses. One man was even sleeping on the tracks themselfs.
"Take your pick. We have plenty of spots on the floor over there. You can go sit by that guy in black. He looks friendly!" The burly man walked off sounding gales of laughter into the air. I looked over towards the direction the man had pointed. There was a man dressed all in black. Everyone else was wearing their blue formal uniforms. I started walking over. Maybe he was friendlier then he looked.
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[b]Stanton:[/b] Gather around men! GATHER AROUND!

[i] Several men in resistence uniforms ceased what they where doing and grouped themselves together around Stanton.[/i]

[b]Stanton:[/b] This one aint gonna be pretty. Yep, thats right. We have a new mission. It seems Commander Shuartz lost a recon team over by Mount Corel. Thats just about 3 clicks North of here. His recon team never reported in and they can not get a hold of them. These guys could possible still be alive. So this is a RESCUE mission. NOT a search and recover.

[b]Kulwalsky:[/b] C'mon Captain, we all know thats a bunch of BS. You really think they are a live? No team with out communications would last out there, not even ours.

[i]Stanton, seemingly pissed, grabbed Kulwalsky by his color and pulled him right up to his face.[/i]

[b]Stanton:[/b]Kulwalsky, If I ever here you say a thing like that, I will personally disembowol you with my grub knife and feed you to those mako freaks.

[i]He released Kulwalsky, and he fell to the ground. He quickly jumped up and brushed of his uniform and got back in place.[/i]

[b]Stanton:[/b] That goes for all of you! Now we have a rescue mission to carry out. Get you gear, say your good byes and be at the tramway at 0700hrs. If your late, I'll kick your *****.

[i]The men saluted and walked off in different directions to gather their things and tell their families. Whenever they where givin the chance to say good bye, they did. With the world like it was now, anytime you leeve Gold Saucer, you may not come back. Stanton knew this. Even though he was very strict on his soldiers, he allowed them this, as for he had to say good bye to his familly as well.[/i]

[i]Stanton entered his quarters. He looked around a moment. He focused in on the pictures on his desk. Mainly his fathers. Among the other pictures where pictures of his wife and kids. He thought about this to himself alot. Resistence teams were dropping like flies out their. Everyday they were loosing almost half of the teams that left. nd it was getting worse. He knew this was serious and that he may never get to look into his wifes eyes again. He knew he may never be able to pick his son up high into the air and spin him around. He knew everything, everything, could end with this mission. He had already told his wife about his new mission earlier. She was still in the bathroom crying over it. He walked up to the door and listened. He could hear here sobbing. He started to enter, but he stopped. He was over comed by emotion. He tried to hold it back but couldn't he stumbled over to the bed and broke down into a soft sob. [/i]
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-Kabuki:Here is my form....
-Man at the Desk: Here is ur uniform...put it on and then head down the square tube...
-Kabuki:Why do they make us wear these they are so messed up... he said as he walked away before tossing them in the trash....
-Man at the Desk: (im not saying a word...i all ready got enough sh!t today from the freak that registered earlier...)
:Kabuki walks up to the tube...slowly looks around the room and then slides down it.... when he arrives at the bottom he scimmed the room... he seen a man with the resistance symbol on his shirt...kabuki walked up to him and said...where can i sign up for a mission?
-Man: Right here...there is a mission to Cosmo Canyon...
-Kabuki: Ok....sign me up...he said as he walked into a corner to get some sleep...he sat next to a guy wearin all black....(Man...he looks weird...hahaha)
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[font=gothic][color=crimson][I]Vukodlak looked for a long moment at the naive kid who had sat next to him.[/I]

Kabuki: Hey, I'm Kabuki.

Vukodlak: Was there something?

Kabuki: What do you mean?

Vukodlak: Are you sitting there for a reason, or are you just entertaining the notion of incipient mortality?

Kabuki: What?

Vukodlak: It matters not.

[I]Vukodlak gets up and walks swiftly off, leaving the other person behind. Climbing the outer dome, he comes to stand on a windswept, exposed beam, part of the defences currently being constructed. This was his preferred environment. Alone, in typical melancholy situation. He thrived on the solitude.[/I]

Vukodlak: Cosmo Canyon. Been a while. But there's nothing left there. Nothing. There's nothing left anywhere.

Kabuki: Do you typically talk to yourself? And are you typically so morose?

Vukodlak: Yes to both. Why did you follow me?

Kabuki: Someone wanted to know where "that pyscho" was. That by any chance you?

Vukodlak: Yes. Who?

Kabuki: Not sure. They're back there.

[I]Vukodlak turns to leave, easily navigating the thin, swaying beam. As he walks past, Kabuki calls out to him.[/I]

Kabuki: Why they call you a psycho?

Vukodlak: Because I threaten to leave people evicerated with a cheese grater, slowing swinging back and forth as their entrails unwind, after being hung up by the shoulder blades for a week or two.

[I]Vukodlak walks off, ignoring the slightly surprised sound coming from Kabuki.[/I][/font][/color]
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*pheobe was watching all of the events with a slight shake of her head. She had kept her eye on Ryan before walking toward him. She had her arms behind her back so that her buster wasn't showing... she basically looked completely human.*

Pheobe: So your going to Cosmo Canyon? I'm Pheobe, I'm the squad leader for the CC mission.

Ryan: Names Ryan... You're squad leader?! But you're just a girl!

*She smiled and shook her head slightly and crossed her arms as the buster cannon became visible.*

Pheobe: Do you always judge by outward appearances or is that a first time deal?
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[font=gothic][color=crimson][I]Vukodlak returned to Speed Square, looking impatiently around for whoever actually knew that he existed. Looking around, he catches the eye of a women with the insignia of Squad Leader. Returning his gaze, she beckons him over.[/I]

Pheobe: I'm Pheobe, your Squad Leader.

Vukodlak: And?

Pheobe: You are going on the CC mission right?

Vukodlak: Yes. What of it.

Pheobe: Then you should show more respect for your Squad Leader.

[I]Vukodlak takes a deep breath, before turning and starting to walk off. When restrained however, he spins, drawing one of scimitars from about half way up the blade, his gauntlets protecting him from slicing his hand open should a thrust prove neccessary. The grip hides the blade from view.[/I]

Pheobe: I wouldn't recommend that.

Vukodlak: God damn bureaucrats. You're all the same.

Pheobe: Too bad. If you want to go, you'd better fix your attitude.

Vukodlak: I don't have an attitude, people are just annoying.

[I]At this, the other man sniggers.[/I]

Vukodlak: Ryan, I believe? Good. Now, do you have a problem you'd like to share?

Ryan: You really think you're good don't you?

[I]Vukodlak's eyes narrow dangerously, and the reflections in them start to shimmer, drawing attention away from his sword hand. Which has the point of the scimitar at Ryan's throat in a blink. After a long moment, Vukodlak returns the sword to its scabbard, before again leaving, this time unimpeded. A he walks off, he calls back over his shoulder without turning around, or even slowing his brisk place.[/I]

Vukodlak: If you actally had anything important to say, say it fast.[/font][/color]
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*She merely shook her head and ratted her fingers on her buster making a metalic tinking sound.*

Pheobe: You're not going far with an attitude like that. I'm honestly suprised you've survived this far.

*Pheobe frowns then turns her attention back to Ryan awaiting an answer to her first question.*
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He stepped around Phoebe, giving her a smile that said "be patient", and looked toward Vukodlak.
Ryan-"Look. I can see your obviously skilled. I don't like to pick fights with my team members, but if you step out of line like that during the mission I will personally incapasatate you for the remainder of it. I am here to save the planet from those Mako freaks. You look like you would rather be anywhere but here. I can't figure where you fit into the equation. What [i]are[/i] you planning on accomplishing here?"
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[font=gothic][color=crimson][I]Vukodlak looks into Ryan's eyes for along moment, gauging the possible understand this man might have.[/I]

Vukodlak: You think you would understand? Good, because I'm not going to repeat myself. I have a twisted sense of honour, coupling with a rather insane curiousity. Life means nothing to me, it is a burden, yet suicide goes against my nature. So I throw myself into dangerous situations hoping to find something that can kill me. After 5 years, I'm still here. The other thing is that mutation of any type interests me. I've done a bit of work as a scholar, and what I set out to do was compile a bestiary. I'm interested in the existence of monsters and the like. Now, if you have some other problem, like your desire to incapacitate me, then take it elsewhere, because I don't want to hear it, and I don't particularly want to have you eaten alive by rats right now. This mission is not the same to me as it is to you. I find it a research mission, you find it a Rescue mission. You're rules and regulations mean nothing to me. I haven't followed a rule if it inconvenienced me in my life. However, considering the knowledge I've accumulated about mutation on monsters and possible adverse reaction to chemicals, elements etc, I may very well be indispensable to this thing. So don't annoy me, after all, I'm an assasin.

[I]After this rant, Vukodlak returns to where they were standing, saying nothing, gazing off into the distance.[/I][/font][/color]
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--;) nice reply--

I shook my head and turned back around toward Phoebie.
"What was it you wanted commander? Oh yes, I remember. I really don't know why I said that. It must have been the surprise of seeing such a beautiful person. I really am not that shallow. It must have been a slip of my mind or something." I gave her a smile. "I'm quite sorry if I have offended you."
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I shook my head. Everyones attention was turned to the large burly man. He stood on tp of a table and was houting.
Man- "All Cosmo Canyon Mission members please report to the Battle Square! Once again, all Cosmo Canyon Mission members please report to the Battle Square! You will be briefed and given equipment there! Please hurry! Time is limited."
Ryan- "See you at Cosmo." I gave Phoebie and smile and a wave and started walking toward the Battle Square.
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[i]I walked off the Gold Saucer tram, checking to see if I still had my katana and my 6,000 Gil. I did. I was here for the same reason every one else was, to join the Resistence. I filled out the form and handed it in. The man looked as if he had had a hard time...[/i]

[b]???:[/b]Cheer up. Even in hard times we gotta stand tall....

[i]He said nothing and handed me my uniform. God, may be this was why he had a hard time... Any way, I put it on and kept my cothes, I had heard that once up get some-what high in rank, you could wear what you wanted... When I sat down, I saw a guy dressed all in black and thought, "You know WHO'S gonna get himself killed..."[/i]
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Resitance Leader- "Ok troops. This has probably been told to you before but this is not a rescue mission yet. If we get there and everyone is almost dead then it becomes a rescue mission. Right now it is a Observational mission. This is how it is going to work. Troop one, Pheobe Aquas, Ryan Schezar. Troop two is Kabuki... No last name... And Vukodlak Stavis. Stavis is leader. Troop one will be coming up the front entrance. This next bit is important. All of you know of the Cosmo Candle, right? It has burned for a very long time, keeping the canyon safe. Troop one leader," He suffled through pages, "Phoebe Aquas will glance above the cliff side and check if the candle is still burning. If it is not, you will know that everyone is dead and you will use a fire spell, or emergency flare, and send it into the sky. This will be the signal for the second team to go in. The second teams leader... " You will be going in the back way, through the cave of the Gi. Second team should be warned of Stingers. They are spiderlike monsters that are very strong and cannot be killed easily. Troop one will search the first level and move upward, checking each place, untill they get to the cave door. When Troop two knocks on the door team one will open it and search the remainder of the Canyon. Should you make contact with any of the Mako Monsters, you have permission to use deadly force. Be advised however that these things are living materia. Spells will not work on them. They have the reflect magic fused with their body. Our scientists are currently very close to making a new weapon against them... But for the time being you will be given three gernades to use. Good luck and come back alive."
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[font=gothic][color=crimson][I]Vukdolak stands stock still a moment before moving out, casting a contemptuous glance at Kabuki, who had followed him out.[/I]

Vukodlak: Who's damn fool idea was that? Squad leader! Me? And if I get called Stavis again...

Kabuki: I'll take it. What's wrong with your last name?

Vukodlak: I didn't say I was going to give it up. As much as I dislike being in positions of authority, I dislike having other people order me around more. And as for my name, propriety.

Kabuki: At least you believe being in charge is a responsibility, not a right.

Vukodlak: If I thought that, I would have had someone kill me a long time ago. Damn bureaucrats.

Kabuki: What have you got against bureaucrats?

Vukodlak: I forget right now. But they annoy me. So, when do we leave?[/font][/color]
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*Pheobe had stood there for many long moments taking in the information and processing it into her memory banks which seemed to store a limitless amount of information. Upon finishing the briefing she looked at Ryan and they both nodded glancing over at team to.*

Pheobe: I'll meet you there, don't dilly dally to long.

*She turns and leaves the area with Ryan following close behind.*
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[i]I found out I was too late for the mission that was about to take place...[/i]

[b]???:[/b]"Ahhh... Now I can't have any fun... Oh well, I guess this mission will have to go without the 'Great Darken'!"

[i]Darken isn't my real name, as any one can tell, but I went to a place where I didn't want my name known. So I told them my name was Darken, and the name stuck. As I hear it, I'm famous for my skill with my katana...[/i]

[i]I thought if I bugged some one going on the mission enough, I could go, so I found the nearest one and started talking to them.[/i]

OOC:Remember, he really wants to go on this mission.
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[font=gpthic][color=crimson][I]Seeing Pheobe and Ryan leave, Vukodlak decides to follow, generally anyway, until departure.[/I]

Kabuki: Are they providing transport?

Vukodlak: They'd better. I'm not walking to Cosmo Canyon.

Kabuki: And if they don't give you a choice?

Vukodlak: We'll see. I doubt we're going to learn anything else here. Let's go. The sooner we get to Cosmo Canyon, the sooner we can get out.

Kabuki: Well, Team One would have to be in position first you know.

Vukodlak: So? If we're there early, we'd be better prepared to deal with eventualities.

[I]Vukodlak walks off, in search of someone he can get a mode of transport out of.[/I][[/font][/color]
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[font=gothic][color=crimson][I]Vukodlak gets to the Ropeway station unimpeded, and decides that that is a good enough sign to leave. The fact that he is a member of the CC mission team, and his steady glare, convinces the officer there that Kabuki and Vukodlak don't really need to pay. Vukodlak is about to board the tram when there is a small disturbance at the other end of the station. Ryan comes running over.[/I]

Ryan: What are you doing?

Vukodlak: Did they tell us to leave?

Ryan: No. So why are you-

Vukodlak: -Did they tell us to stay?

Ryan: No. But that doesn't change the fact that you -

Vukodlak: -Exactly. I'm not going anywhere, really. I'm just leaving here.

Ryan: What?

Vukodlak: Just think about it long enough for me to leave. Was there anything else?[/font][/color]
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