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Sign Up Medabots:The Quest For the Cup

9mm Avenger

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My first attempt at a Medabots RPG, so bear with me. Now, before I post the general story and sign up requirements, I have a few rules.

1.If you can't spell, don't join this RPG. I want this to be a good, sucessfull RPG, and I don't want any of the following:

Bad grammer, and no punctuation:
"kay i ams ready, lets ro battle, lol, i am waitng for use guyz, les go"

Or, the ever-popular 'godmodding':

"I ams the most powerfullll fighter in all of da town, face me and die, OMG, u guyz suck, why am I here?"

2.As mentioned above, no godmodding. Everybody is equal, until I say so, but robattles shoulden't last forever.

3.No super-awsome weapons. Is it realy feasable for a simple Medabot to have a "thermo-neuclear smart missle"?

All right, here's the story.

[color=dark-blue]The Medafighters are bored, restless. the World Meda Championships have lost it's pizazz, the fighters say. They want something new, and exciting.

This was the perfect opportunity for the Rubber-Robos to strike, under the giuse of MedaInternational, a dummy corperation. In this guise, the Robos set up a Japan-wide contest for the MedaCup, which is actually not a cup, but a new product, a Metal Maker, where a fighter can design a new metal, but keep in it the peronalities and traits of the old metal, keeping the best qualities while enhancing it's abilities.

For the fighters, this is to much to pass up. After paying Mr. Referee a hefty pay check to govern all the fights, the Quest for the Cup begins.

Will you be among the few who get to have a shot at the Cup? [/color]

Whew! This is what you'll need to sign up....

Your character:



[b]Description and Personality:[/b]

Your Medabot:


[b]Type of Medabot:[/b]


[b]Name of Metal:[/b]

[b]Decription and personality:[/b]

Here's my sign up...

My character:



[b]Description and Personality:[/b]Marth is one of the "cool" kids at his high school. A skateboarder, he loves to rebel againts authority, and make his own rules. Marth gets very annoyed when someone acts stupid around him. Marth is a little short for his age, and wears a Black Lable t-shirt, and green camo shorts. He has a very good looking face, and black hair, spiked with green eyes.

My Medabot:

[b]Name:[/b]Green Dragon

[b]Type of Medabot:[/b]Dragon Mark FY-67

[b]Weapons:[/b]Wrist mounted machine guns, and a rotatable shoulder cannon as a finishing attack.

[b]Name of metal:[/b]The Dragon Metal.

[b]Description and personality:[/b]Green Dragon, or Green for short, is standard Medabot size, and has Medabee's(sp?) build, ezcept he has exaggerated shoulder plates, reinforced chest armor, and an ammo feed belt running from his wrist guns to his back. On his right greeve, has has a green dragon painted there. Green is usually calm, but is short-tempered.
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Name: Ryowa Davis

Age: 14

Description and Personality: Ryowa wears a red bilabong shirt and khakki teal shorts. He has blonde spikey hair and hazel eyes. He is about 5'6. He is a pretty friendly guy and can be short tempered. He is wise and couragious (Sp?).

My Medabot:

Name: White Tiger

Type of Medabot: Unknown


Hand throwers- Flame throwers on both of White Tigers wrists.

Gattling gun- Machine gun on his right shoulder.

Kajzac blades- Mega sharp blades on his knees and arms that White Tiger uses as secret weapon.

Electrical Tail- Tail becomes charged with 5,000 volts that White Tiger uses as a electrical whip.

Name of Metal: Tiger Titanium

Decription and personality: White Tiger basicly looks like a robotic white Tiger standing on its two hind legs. Exept it has special tiger titanium armor on its chest, arms, legs, torso and back. Ther armor is yellow and its has ancient markings on it. Also the armor on its arms is sharp at the ends. The armor on its chest and back seem to fit him perfectly. White tiger wears a special head element like the one of the main medabot of Medabots "Medabee" exept for its red also. His personality is calm and wise. He takes everything too seriosly though.
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Your character:

Name: Tyron

Age: 14

Description and Personality: 1.76 mtr tall, brown hair, looks more at tactics than strenght (of his medabot)

My Medabot:

Name: Titan (nickname: Gladiator of Dooom :devil: )

Type of Medabot: Gladiator

Weapons: left hand is a blade, right arm has a ray gun on top of it.

Name of Metal: Doom metal

Decription and personality: You wont get him mad quikly, but after all you didnt even wanted to make him mad :D
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Name: Zach
Age: 13
Description: Gold hair, green eyes and a T-shirt with shorts that are blue. Also wears black tennis shoes.
Personality: Nice guy has some friends and sometimes can lose control of his anger.

My Medabot;

Name: Dark Fox
Medabot type: Unkown
Wepons: Left arm has a blade attached with two missilesthat can be lauched added. There's also a blaster in his holder on his left thigh. On his back there are 8 missiles that can be used as homing missiles. And lastly on his right arm there's a laser blade on is top part of his wrist that goes outward, and a blaster that fires laser on the bottom of his hand.
Name of Metal: StarFox metal
Personality: Is very nice like his medafighter, is also calm but can be dangerous when you get him angry.
Description: Is mostly dark so he can blend in at night incase of robattle. with green eyes and a brownish furry head.
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Name: Kabuki

Age: 16
Description and Personality: He wear khakis with a plain green shirt and all white k-swiss shoes..... he is 6', has brown hair and hazel eyes.... and he is very intelligent, he often jumps into things with out thinkin, he was a long temper span but when he gets angery he really gets angery, he is nice, and the one thing he hates is rules....

Name: Ryu Kishin

Type of Medabot: Sword Wielding

Weapons: Two Katannas( they are crossed on his back), a Buckler Shield

Special: Wind Stalker Strike

Name of Metal: Blade Metal

Decription and personality: He is Black with Red on his Joints...His eyes are Green...He is the average medabot height...he is very calm, like his medafighter, he loves to robattle, he is very quick and agile, he respects his medafighter
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I have only seen Medabots a few times, so bear with me here.

My character:

Name: Dart

Age: 13

Description and Personality: Dart is a loner. Definatly not one of the "cool" kids at school. Does he care? No. The only time he has any contact with others are in Robattles. He doesn't give a d*** about anyone or anything. He wears a long black treanchcoat, and matching black boots. Everything underneath that is black as well. His hair is sort-of long, his bangs are usually covering his eyes, oh yeah, and his hair is black too.

My Medabot:

Name: Grey Hunter

Type of Medabot: Why would Dart wanna tell you?

Weapons: At the top of his right wrist he has a sabre he can extend and return at will, that is usually the only weapon he use's but if he needs it he'll use the dart gun planted inside of his left hand. In-case you didn't get that he shoots high powered darts out of his left palm.

Name of metal: Hunter Metal

Description and personality: Grey Hunter, is grey in every part of his body. He has heavy armor covering the front and backside of him.
His personality is just like Dart's.
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[B]Description:[/B][COLOR=teal]Rain is a normal teenager, intelligent and cool. He's always been into medabots and has been training for a long time. He's fun loving and enjoys himself, but when it is necessary Rain becomes an assertive force ready to do battle with his amazing knowledge of the medabot. He's a tall, black person with a small afro. He wears a red and silver fubu american football shirt with the number 00 on it. He wears black big tracksuit bottoms and basketball boots. His jacket is also black with gold trim and the collar is always up.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=darkblue][I]His medabot[/I][/COLOR]

[B]Type:[/B][COLOR=darkblue]Gun Samurai X1[/COLOR]
[B]Weapons:[/B][COLOR=darkblue]A Samurai sword and a laser gun on his back[/COLOR]
[B]Medal[/B][COLOR=darkblue]Samurai medal[/COLOR]
[B]Description[/B][COLOR=darkblue]Shogun has exactly the same personality as Rain, allowing a good understanding and frienship, but also great compatability in the battlefield. Shogun is an all-over silver medabot, with gold trim allover his body.
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My character
Name: Emily
Age: 7(is that too young?)
Description: sweet, innocent, cute, everything you'd expect from some kid this young. Only, she gets mad for the worst reasons.;)

Name: Angel
Type: Flight
Weapons: Has very sharp wings, can throw halo at will(it is attached with a stick) and a feathered dart shooter.
Medal: Angel medal:angel:
Description: Looks like...an angel. She's built sorta like NeutraNurse. Just with wings and a halo, woth a smily face. She seems innocent until the battle starts, then...WATCH OUT!
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by GotenksSSJ343 [/i]
[B]Why don't you just edit it into your first post instead of double posting and breaking a rule. And sorry If I sound like im being mean I'm just making a point. :)

So Majora when are we gonna start. [/B][/QUOTE]

[COLOR=teal]Erm.........I didn't know you could do that?:rolleyes:

Gees why didn't nobody tell me? I've been double posting like there's no tomorrow![/COLOR]
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[size=1][font=century gothic]

Name: Ryan

Age: 13

Description and Personality: Black hair, brown eyes, 5'7''. Nice but is braggy and never likes to lose a match. Is bossy sometimes also.

Your Medabot

Name: Shadow Emporer

Type of Medabot: Shadow XXXV

Weapons: Shadow Sword

Name of Metal: Black Hawk

Decription and personality: Looks just like a shdow so he is not easily seen. He is not nice and he kills fast and gives no mercy.[/size][/font]
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