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All digimon have some instinct to fight, but why this? A new force of evil is making digimon enter a tournament with human partners that are just sucked out of the real world. Some humans don't even deserve a digimon. Who will triumph?

So, just fill out this form to play.

D-comp color(very small laptop computer)
Digimon(Fic or real(rookie))
Name: Cindy
D-comp color: Blue
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Personality: Shy and mellow, though a true friend and gets angry easily.
Appearance: Long brown hair, blue eyes, short blue jeans, and small white shirt revealing belly button.
Digimon: Bunneimon,(small brown rabbit with extreamely large ears and small legs and arms, though large feet.Wears a red cape.)
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Guest Cervantes
Name: Kenne
D-comp color: Silver
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Personality: Fight-happy and arrogent, but very valient and is a true freind to the grave. He has a bad temper and can sometimes be a real jerk.
Appearance: Spiky blonde hair (looks like SSJ Gohan when he was 12), grey eyes, black googles, gloves, and a white headband, dark jean shorts and a metallic white basketball jersey.
Digimon: Gustymon (A small grey dragon that looks alot like a Veemon, except he doesn't have the "V" on his forehead. Instead, he has black warpaint under his eyes, and small wings like ExVeemon. He also wears small white gloves and has a star on his forehead.)
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Name : ryo(not yhe one from the show)

D-comp color: Gold with blue streaks

Age :14

Gender :male

Personality:very full of energy.always looks out for thr team.

Appearance :Blonde hair,blue eyes,5'7,wears blue shorts,wears a dark blue shirt with "ALLSTAR" in gold on it.

Veemon zero(veemon but more buffed up and has a little armor) Attacks: strike head butt

Veedramon Zero (a Veedramon but really buffed up. the one from v-tamers) Attacks: Vee arrow breath,vee nova flame

Aeroveedramon zero( looks like veedramon zero but with wings ang has armor on his shoulders) attacks: Dragon Impulse, Revolver Crusher

This is all i use because Veemon zero is as strong as a champion, Veedramon Zero is as strong as an Ultimate, and Areo is as strong as a mega

Some facts about Veedramon Zero

Veedramon Zero (Zero for short) is the co-star of the V-Tamer Digimon manga along with Taichi. Zero may only be a Champion, but he is extremely powerful. He is able to take on and destroy Ultimate (Perfect) level Digimon. He has battled and defeated Triceramon, Marine Devimon, Myotismon, and Skull Satamon. Taichi had Zero as a V-Pet. He was not allowed to use him in tournaments though because Zero was a glitch. Lord Holy Angemon called Taichi to the Digital World to team up with Zero to battle Demon, an evil Digimon who plans on taking over both worlds!

Some facts about Areoveedramon Zero

AeroVeedramon Zero is the Ultimate (Perfect) form of Veedramon Zero. Like his Champion form he is extremely powerful. Zero at this level has defeated several Megas including Deathmon, VenomMyotismon, and even Omnimon! His Dragon Impulse attack caused Omnimon to dedigivolve into WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon. He is possibly the strongest Ultimate level Digimon in existence. It's either him or Arca Demon.
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Name: Obie

D-comp color: Blue with white streaks.

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Personality: Likes to be on his own. Gets along great with his digimon. Loves to fight and only wants the best for himself, his digimon, and his friends.

Appearance: 5'7, Black spikey hair, with white streaks. Black semi-baggy pants, black tight shirt. Black cape/robe all the way around.

Digimon: Horizamon(see attachment)
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why not,

name: Wolf
D-comp:black with silver boarder
personality:quite and keeps to him self.very honor bound
appearance:long blonde hair in a pony tail,black hat, white shirt,black paints, black over shirt,silver eyes.
digimon:Akamimon.small version of Garurumon with just gray fur.
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Name: Kevin Wos
D-comp color: Gold Plated
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Personality: He's an extremely rich kid who has been with Bortoromon for four years. When he was sucked back into the Digital World, Bortoromon came with him.
Appearance: Kevin has blue eyes, blonde hair and is about medium height. He wears just your average clothes you'd see on anyone. A t-shirt and beige shorts. He may be rich, but he doesn't show off.
Digimon: Bortoromon

See Otakumons [URL=http://www.theotaku.com/digimon/otakumons/set2.jpg]Set Two[/URL] for info on Bortoromon.
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I hope I can join...sorry..if its not ok, then just tell me...

Name:Sierra Moniko

D-Comp:Black and Dark Blue


Personality:Sierra's personality depends on the mask she's wearing. Her true personality is known only to her closest friends...but to tohers that don't know her so well, she is ever changing...and a complete mystery at that. She doesn't like talking about her past or things she's ben through, and to people that don't know her...she'll seem like a big mouthed, arrogant fighter, wih or withougt a digimon partner. Needless to say, if you want to know more about her, ask her yourself...

Appearance:Jessi has dark brown hair and eyes like ice. She'll come across as cold and calm in both personality and appearance. Her body has a few large bruises on it and a few old scars as well. She wears light brown baggy pants a brown a black tank top, with a black and white windbreaker to cover her bruises. She wears a black bandana over her hair, and a pair of glasses to complete the picture.

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I wanna join too..

Name: Kitty

D-Comp: Pink and white

Age: 14

Personality: She is very true and very willing to win, everything has a story behind everything and Kitty's is that her mom gave her a puppy named Labby...but this was no ordinary puppy, it was a digimon. Named Labramon. When her mom passed away she gave her a labtop, but it turned into a D-comp...Kitty was told that she had to take Labramon to victory for her mom, no matter what it takes...

Apperance: Cardcaptor Sakura hair except blond. Eyes are a turquiose colour.She wears long white socks and a tiny pink skirt or short pink shorts. She wears a white sleevless top with a tiny pink broken heart.. she also wear pink adidas...and long pink fingerless gloves...

Digimon: Labramon
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