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RPG The Fire In The Sky {play}


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Okay lets start this RP up.

[b][u]Dragon Warriors[/b][/u]
Me = Lynntilla with Labyrinth
Sirven_2002 = Sirven with Flarebrass - Wing Leader
Lauren = Lauren with Bazil
Sere = Selen with Nani
Stormwing = Siren with Aerin

[b][u]Children Of Light[/b][/u]
Mist = Mara Heartlock in the Second dimention
Terran = Endran Kalarn in the First dimention

Harlequin = Lacroix

[i] The fields hung heavy with the morning dew. A light mist hung apon the ground as if un-rapping the city of Qualtras. The city was immeansly beautify with long spireling(sp) buildings that disappeared into the sky. The sun raised herself slowly over the city, the early morning light reflecting off the polished surfaces.

The street was deserted and no one stired as Lynntilla made her way down. The snow lay thick and heavy and she could see her breath. She pulled her leather and fur colader(sp?) coat closer. She spotted the 'Eagle-eyed' Inn, a meeting place for most of the locals and also for her friends. She entered and nodded towards Thorgrim, a dwarf bar tender. He grinned and got a tall thin glass down from the shelf.[/i]

Thorgrim: Well, missee, another call for your group?

Lynntilla: Yes, my friend, for Sirven's group, not mine

Thorgrim:[places the filled glass in front of her] Well get that down your throught. It'll make you feel warmer and if old Sirven tell's you off then just blame me.

[i] Lynntilla starts to sip the contence of the glass, reliseing that it was Futiente, a strong non-alcholic drink which somehow made the drinker warm up more quickly, and waited for her friends to arrive.[/i]
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Siren strode down the street on her way to meet Sirven and the others... She had suspicions about this meeting but she wasen't going to say anything... She walked inside the inn and sat a seat away from Lynntilla... Nodding to her she pulled off her gloves and set them on the counter... Siren pushed her hood back and drumed her fingers on the highly polished table surface...
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[font=gothic][color=crimson][I]Lacroix reclined in his quarters, confident all was going to plan. His treaty with the black dragons was reached. They were not only allies, he was also in perfect control of them should the negotiations fall through. He smiled, revealing vicious teeth filed to points. A servant knocked on the door, and opened it immediately. Lacorix stood and turned, fixing the servant with a steady glare.[/I]

Lacroix: And what the hell are you doing?

[I]The servant does not answer, merely advances on Lacroix. Remembering his training, Lacroix recognises this man as an assasin. Laughing, he yells "I think not", and flips in the air, coming down behind the startled assasin, who draws a dagger. Before he can spin around however, Lacroix rips his neck open with his teeth, savouring the blood.[/I]

Lacroix: Fool.[/font][/color]
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Sirven is walking up and down the streets for a while, when he decides it is time for him to meet the gang. He goes to the inn they usually met in, then sits with Siren.
"So, am I late?"
He just sits waiting for the reply, tapping his fingers on the table.
"Hey, can I get something to drink, over here?"
The bartender sends him some beer.
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[I]Lauren walked shyly into the Bar.All of the disgusting Men and women looked at her gothic-look.She was shorter than most,But taller than some she walked over to her friends and climbed onto the high stools.[/I]
[B]Bartender:[/B]Oh,Good day,Lauren,The regular?
[I]Lauren nodded politly.The bartender smiled and ducked underneath the counter to get something.[/I]
[B]Sirven:[/B]You have a regular?Arent you a bit young?
[B]Lauren:[/B]Oh.Dont worry.
[I]The Bartender stood up with a bottle of Sprite.Lauren smirked at Sirven and took a sip.[/I]
[B]Lynntilla and Siren:[/B]Hello,Lauren
[B]Lauren:[/B]Hey,guys.So,were only waiting for Selen Now,right?
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Siren pulls a small bottle from the pouch under her cloak... She takes a sip and nods

Siren: I belive so...

She sets the bottle down and fiddles with her ring... It was a band of silver her mother had worn when she was still alive... Sighing Siren forced her hands to be still... All this fiddling would make her tired soon... Siren turned to Sirven

Siren: Were where you?
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[i] Lynntilla grins at seeing Lauren, and quietly nudges her.[/i]

Lynntilla: That was a good trick to pull mate, I thought Sirven was going to kill you for a second.

Lauren: I've always known Dwarfy here. He knew me the second I walked in.

Lynntilla: Dwarfy? Oh you mean Thorgrim here? hehe...never heard him called that before.

[i] She takes another sip of her glass and nearly bolts out of her chair. she places the glass down and shakes her head and looks slightly startled. Then sorts herself out and looks at the glass closely.[/i]

Lynntilla: Thorgrim! Heat crystals? You're dead

Thorgrim: Heh..now you cool down lassy. I musta spilt some in.

[i] Lynntilla rolls her eyes and looks towards Sirven.[/i]

Lynntilla: C'mon Sirven, what's so important that you have to get us all up at dawn for then?
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[B]Lauren:[/B]Shouldnt we wait until Selen Gets here??
[B]Sirven:[/B]No one asked you,Little Ten year old.
[I]Lauren :rolleyes: her eyes directly at Sirven and sighed.[/I]
[B]Lauren:[/B]Do'ya mind not calling me that,you know my darn name already,Sirven.
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[I]Endran walked slowly along the cold, dim street. Wrapping his coat tighter around him, the first few drops of rain begin to fall.[/I]

Endran (Muttering): Another lousy night.

[I]He stepped under a canopy on the side of the street for shelter from the rain. The wind whipped his scarf around his head.

There was another twenty minutes walk to home, would he wait for the weather to improve?

The wind suddenly stopped for a second, then changed direction.[/I]

Endran: Unusual... Perhaps this night could change to something more interesting after all....

[I]Taking this as a sign of impending change, Endran steps out into the street and continues home.[/I]
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[I]Selen plodded in, and thunked herself down into a chair, looking less than "dressed up".

Thorgrim just smiled.[/I] "Hard day, eh? Regular fer you too, eh?"

[I]Selen just nodded, and let her head rest against the countertop.

The rest of the group just stared at her.

Finally Lynntilla cleared her throat.[/I] "And what excuse do you have [I]this[/I] time, Selen?"

[I]Selen looked up, as a mug came sliding towards her. She took a long gulp, and coughed.[/I] "Nani got away . . . again." [I]Selen looked around, uncomfortable.[/I] "She's getting too fidgety . . . there's something going on, isn't there?"

[I]The rest of the group looked at each other, then at Sirven.

Lynntilla cleared her throat again.[/I] "We were waiting for you to arrive then for Sirven to tell us . . . eventually."

[I]Selen nodded, and looked over at Sirven.[/I] "Well?"


Sarsy-chan, post in StVS!!! I CAN'T LET THIS THING DIE!!! If you DON'T POST, you will get a very ANNOYING PM from me!! AAAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!

Ok. I'm finished w/ my ramblings.

~!*Sere & Co.*!~
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[font=gothic][color=crimson][I]Lacroix was interrupted again, by a knock. He called out shortly for the person to enter. A servant quietly opened the door, bowed respectfully, and informed Lacroix that the Queen summoned him. Lacroix muttered in irritation, then swept past the servant toward the throne room.

Reaching the gigantic double doors, Lacroix waits impatiently to be announced. Stalking, he bows low before the Queen, before inquiring as to why he was summoned.[/I]

Lacroix: Your Majesty?

Queen: There have been reports of Black Dragons in the Third Dimension, Lacroix.

Lacroix: What do you suppose we do Your Majesty?

Queen: That's whay I'm asking you.

[I]Putting on a show of great concern, while inwardly cursing whatever fool had betrayed his presence, Lacroix starts to pace back and forth.[/I]

Lacroix: How reliable were the sightings? How many cases? What were the dragons doing during these sightings?

[I]The Queen motions to a man standing beside the throne.[/I]

Queen: Lesar here will tell you more.

[I]Lacroix and Lesar walk out of the throne room. Lacroix leads Lesar to his quarters, opening the door and walking in. As soon as the door swings shut behind Lesar, Lacroix spins and throws a hand out, lighting soundlessly blasting him to ash. Lacroix pulls a dagger from under his robe, slashing himself across the face with it. Walking back to the throne room, he informs the Queen that Lesar had tried to kill him, and must have been an agent for the black dragons. The Queen looks hard at her advisor, then dismisses him.[/font][/color][/I]
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ooc: Okay, okay Sere. I will, but give me a chance I've been busy for some time now.

IC: [i] Lynntilla shakes her head slightly and then looks a Sirven, desperatly wanting to know what is going on.[/i]
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[B]Lauren:[/B]Sirven!Hurry up!
[I]Just before he could finish,A burly man walked up behind Lauren and spun her stool so she faced him.[/I]
[B]Man:[/B]Your in my spot,Twerp.
[B]Lauren:[/B]I dont see your name on it.
[I]The man growled and picked Lauren up by the collar.[/I]
[B]Man:[/B]I am a Man of short temper,Let me unleash my anger on you outside.
[I]Some drunks behind them Laughed.The man carried Lauren outside and threw her on the ground.Lauren,Also was quick to temper and her choker with the Jewlle glowed and Her Black Dragon,Bazil appeared infront of her.The others got outside just in time to see the man scream in terror and run away from Bazil[/I]
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[i]Lynntilla looks at Lauren with admiration. But to keep on Sirvens good side, helps her up and tells her off.[/i]

Lynntilla: Lauren, that was exceedingly dangerous, don't you relasise what trouble we could have been in?[then quietly out the side of her mouth] Nice move, scared him stupid
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[I]Lauren winked at Lynntilla and looked up at Bazil.[/I]
[I]Bazil smiled and returned to his Jewlle[/I]
[B]Sirven:[/B]LAUREN!You know you arent supposed to bring Bazil out in public!He could of hurt that man!Bazil is that foolish enough and you know it!
[I]Now Lauren was mad at Sirven for insulting her Dragon.[/I]
[B]Lauren:[/B]and Im sure Flarebrass wouldnt protect you from a man who was about to beat you to a pulp?
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Lynntilla: Alright..everyone just carm down. It was a mistake but we've all made worse ones, and we learn by our mistakes. And that man was drunk so no one will belive him. Now lets get out of the snow and out of sight and sound, all right.
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[I]Lauren's Face was Bright red know.[/I]
[I]Lauren lowered herself(she was on her Toes so she could be a bit closer to Sirven) and turned around.They walked into a Firest clearing,A place only They knew about,It was on the Edge of town.[/I]
[B]Lauren:[/B]Can I let out Bazil,now?He hasnt had time to fly in ages.
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Siren leaned aginst a tree and brushed a stray strand of hair from her face... Her finger tips brush the jewel in her forehead and she nods

Siren: Same with Aerin... In fact... I don't belive any of the dragons have been realised in a while... I've been in cities for the most part so he's been in there for a while... But... Of course... *heavy scarcasm* I woulden't dare to set him loose now that we're back together... At least... Not without the permission of our wing leader...

She stood and strode into the center of the clearing... Tipping her face to the moon, Siren closed her eyes... A soft glow eminated from the stone and then a sharp beam of dark green light shot from her forehead... A cyclone appeared in the middle of the beam and turned into her dragon, Aerin... Settling onto the snow packed ground, Aerin purred and clicked at her... Smiling with a trace of joy for the first time in months, Siren walked up to him as he lowered his head... She stroked his long black muzzel and placed a hand under his chin... Murmering words only he could hear, Siren greeted her partner...
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[I]Trying not to make eye Contact with Sirven,Lauren looked up at Aerin,Lauren always liked the way Aerin Appeared,But you had to be older for it to do that,Hers only glowed and Bazil appeared.Lauren closed her eyes and let her Jewlle Glow and Bazil appered.Bazil lowered his head to Lauren and she hugged him.[/I]
[B]Lauren:[/B]Hey,Pal.Lets have a a little fun,Eh?
[I]Bazil Grunted playfully and picked Lauren up with his Dark claw,Carefull putting her in back of his neck so she could hold on.With one flap of his wings,Bazil and Lauren were in the air,though staying low enough so no one could see them if they were anywhere close.[/I]
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[i] Lynntilla watched Bazil fly high and laughted. Then a rather frequented moan came from the jewel. She grinned and closed her eyes. A five pointed white star appeared and started to spin until a large white sphere was formed and Labyrinth materialised out of it.

Labyrinth shook her body and streched out her wings sending a light showering of gold out. She she slumped down and gently nosed Lynntilla, making a sound that sounded a mixture between a cat puring and a baby gurgleing(sp?).[/i]

Lynntilla: You had a nice sleep?

Labyrinth: Roar

Lynntilla: You hungry?

Labyrinth:[shakes her large head]

Lynntilla: You want to play with the others?

Labyrinth: [nods her head vigiously and accidently hits it off a tree]

Lynntilla: All right but for the Gods sake don't try to latch onto anyones ear.

[i] Labyrinth looks toward Aerin and does a rather stupid growl. Aerin in return does the same and they both lunged at eachother. Siren looks horrified and goes to try and break them up, but Lynntilla stops her.[/i]

Siren: Lynntilla! They'll hurt eachother or kill themselves

Lynntilla: Don't be silly, they're Dragons. They're just playing, you know like when you have play fights with younger siblings or mates. That's what they're doing. Just leave 'em. They won't hurt themselves or eachother.
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Siren: Erm... Yea... Sorry... It was one of those molments...Besides... Aries is strong, he can take whatever Labyrinth dishes out... *grins jokingly*

She looks up and jumps, swinging into the lower branches of a balsam tree... Siren sits and watches the two... Aerin was now almost the same size as Labyrinth, his maximum size... When he was young, Aerin had learned a trick to change his size to suit himself of the job they were working... Arranging her cloak arouns her, Siren drifted into the memories of long ago as they waited for Sirven to say somthing
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OOC: Have people forgotten what the Mission of the Dragon Warriors is? To find the Children of Light. Now are they going to get around to it any time soon? I have nothing more to say or do at this point.
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