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[B]The Ultimate War Of The Maverick Hunters...[/B]

[i]......The last of the mavericks have finally revolted, But the Maverick Hunters aren't at full strangth, And as the Leader of The mavericks,Sigma, Gain power and get closer to the capital of Earth, A masterious Robot appears, With the Letter [b]W[/b] Branded on the jewel of his head.

This new robot, calling himself simply [b]Omega[/b], Has started to Sit on the roof of the Maverick Hunter Headquarters. Holding the Handle of his Laser Saber, and the poll of his Laser Spear, he sits watching, but for what, X and Zero can only wonder......[/i]

Okay,So you know the plot. You can be any Maverick Hunter from the past games, Or Any Maverick from the past games.

For this too work, There *MUST* be a Zero,X,And Sigma, I will obviously be Omega.

Also,If there are absolutly ANY spamming, i will have a Moderator get rid off ALL the spammers post in the Story.

Thank you in Advance,
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