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I must know!!!!!!!


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This has been coming up in alot of DBZ related conversations with my friends and it's driving me crazy: Who the heck is Bojack!?! So far I've heard that he's from one of the Z movies. In it Mirai Trunks supposedly comes back and he and Gohan and a couple of the others fight him, Vegeta thinks Bojack is a weakling so he doesn't get involved, blah blah blah. What really happened? Why did Bojack come around? Why is Mirai Trunks back? What happened!?! Someone pppllllleeeeaaaaassssseeeeee tell me!!!:cross: :confused: :wigout: :confused: :confused:
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Bojack is the evil villian guy from DBZ Movie 9.... He has an orange Mohawk like lookin thing... anyway...

Mirai no Trunks hadn't left during this time.... this movie was made before Mirai no Trunks left after the defeat of Cell.... i do believe this was the last of that..... yes LOOK how far Americans are with the movies... they shoul dbe at movie 9 right now, but instead, movie 4......

On a side note, the movies really have nothing to do with the series but they do sort of follow the time line, as formentioned...
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I spend alot of time looking up tons of stuff on different anime due to the limited supply of anime in america.......when are ppl gonna get a clue and start selling uncut, real anime so that us anime hopefulls won't have to look so hard? To even find DBZ that is subtitled and truly uncut, I have to drive for miles or pay extremley high prices to mail-in catalogue companies............ay carumba!

P.S. Brolli is the legendary super saiyan, he was born with a power level of 10,000 while Gokou's was only 2.......Gokou used to cry alot so Brolli never got any sleep. He hates Gokou to the fullest extent possible and his Ki is enormous....., does that help?:D ;)
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