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[color=crimson]In the year 2243, the World was in a Golden Age. War hadnt occured since the end of Former President George Bush's War on Terrorism. Most Already Large Cities, Like New York, Have Turned Into Massive Metropolises, With Skyscrapers Towering Upwards, Dwarfing Todays Standard Of 'Humgous'. Cities Are Devided Into Layers, With The Most Bottom Slums Inhabited By A Higher Crimer Rate, And Stricken With Poverty, Going To The Top Most Level Of The City, CEOS, Doctors, And Anyone Who Was Oustandingly Rich.

Amongst This, Technology Was Booming. One Special Company, NeoCore Company, Was Headed By One Of The Most Brilliant Men In History: Doctor James D. Lawry. He created dozens of breakthrough machines that helped Medical, Scienrific, and General Life in the world.

It Was Reported 2 And A Half Weeks Ago, That Dr. Lawry Had Been Kidnapped. In the Following 2 Weeks, More World Reknowned Inventors, Scientists, And Professors Disappeared.

You Have Been Selected By The United Nations To Go With An Investigation Team, To Go To Dr. Lawrys Top Secret Laboratory And Investigate.

The Team is made up of 6 Individuals, thusly if more than 6 people join, I will judge RPing skill and quality, and sign up Depth and Description.
To Join, The Minimum Requirements Are:

Function In The Team: (Detective, Commado, Police Agent, Whatever. Keep it in a reasonable boundry.)
Weapons: (2 Max)
Bio: (optional)
Appearance: (optional)


Name: Ken Howell
Age: 23
Height: 6'2"
Gender: Male
Function: Lead Investigator from the FBI
Weapon: 12 MM Pistol, Fists
Bio: Born in Mexico City, Ken was raised in a Semi Rich family. His father was a famous Detective for the United Nations, solving international crimes and mysteries till he was mysteriously shot in the back of the head in a bar. In his Fathers Footsteps, Ken became a Detective for the United States Federal Beureu of Investigation. 3 Years into it, Ken was one of the leading detectives amongst the FBIs elite. He went to the United Nations 1 week ago, Asking to Join their Investigation Team to follow in his Fathers Footsteps. They informed him that they would give him a test, to prove himself, and told him of this Mission. He accepted immediately, and has been choosen as the 'leader' of the mission.
Description: Clothes- He wears all Black, Shirt, Dress Pants, Shoes. Even a Black Trenchcoat and Gloves. Along with that, he has a pair of black sunglasses which he seems to wear almost constantly.

Jewelry- He has a Gold Necklace under his shirt.

Body- Semi Muscular Build, Latino Skin Color, Blue Eyes, Black Hair Which Is Long; Hanging Over His Eyes Most Of The Time, Scar on his left arm from a knife fight in New Orleans 1 year ago.

Hopefull, this will attract some people...[/color]
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[b]Name:[/b] Neil Levia

[b]Age:[/b] 22

[b]Height:[/b] 6' 6"

[b]Gender:[/b] Male

[b]Function In The Team:[/b] FBI SWAT Operative Assistance Commander

[b]Weapons:[/b] Submachine Gun, and 12MM back-up pistol (Like Red Faction's)

[b]Bio:[/b] Extreme gun-freak, Neil dislikes any kind of sympothy. A kind of guy that follows the "Eye for an eye" policy. He grew up in a relatively rich family, like most people these days. During his school days in the now nearly-crimeless New Orleans, he was mocked for being from a overly/underly (From which side of the fence you look at it) rich family. This is where he gets his rage from. He never lets a grudge go, and lets his anger fuel his power. Barely feels any pain. He does, although, seem to know Ken quite well, possibly because he ran away from home at the age of 15 to finally be rid of his parents' nagging about going to Yale.

In battle, he is as if possesed by a demon. He doesn't hesitate to kill, or show any compassion to those he sees as weak. When disarmed, he is even more deadly, because then he gets a chance to show why he's called "The Locomotive"

[b]Appearance:[/b] EXTREMELY muscular, with enough power to punch through a wall, given the motive to do so. Rather hot (wink wink at the laadaaysss.....o-O), and has several battle scars along his body, here and there. VERY quick, and his size doesn't seem to slow him down.

He wears a pair of black, baggy jeans, and a black shirt with a crimson, roaring, Oriental dragon on it, with Japanese writing spelling out "Behold, Death is near". Black combat boots, black vest with hidden pockets for extra clips and munition. Short, black, spiked hair frames the top of his head. His eyes are green, with a hint of slate in them. A tattoo of the Chinese symbol for 'Fire' rests on his right wrist, above his veins, covering up aged scars...
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Alrighty, well at a decision made by me, to roleplay with a few of my old buddy's (most noteably bryan and ken, of those two most noteably ken, no offense bryan) I am gonna join a few rpgs again on ob...so fear me, for I Anti, have returned. erum yeah...anywayz...*reads over his bio and decribtion and feels like making a few changes*

Name: Eldorian Alphane

Age: 20

Height: 6'

Gender: Male

FitT: Hacker/Engineer

Weapons: Hacking programs, Laser pistol (low powered as per request and preferance)

Bio: Eldorian grew up in the middle class of the city, like any other family, a mother and a father, occaisonal family problems, normal. In school he was an avarage student and spent alot of time at home, a social outcast, and because of this he became interested in many different things, reading sci fi books and fantasy novels, right along with hard science.Also in his time alone he quickly learned hacking, to learn things he wasn't supposed to know, and how to construct many different gadgets, soon becoming a farily skilled engineer through much trial and error. He lived a fairly avarage life for middle class, not having many friends, and after leaving school taught himself for two years. One day through an error and expierment on his computer, he was caught hacking into goverment files. He was locked up for under 24 hours when the upper parts of the goverment, not wishing to waste his talant, offered him a proposal, work for them in exhange for his freedom, Eldorian agreed and integrated himself into hacking for the goverment. He didn't mind cause it got him a chance to deal with all the state of the art equipment, and to mess around with new gadgets more then ever, though again, he stayed a recluse. Shortly afterward he was assigned to the missing scientist problem.
Eldorian is a recluse, prefering to keep his ideas to himself, and living his own way. He often keeps others at a distance and also preferes to stay in and play with his gadgets then go out on the town. However when he gets on a computer, or a new gadget in his hands he lights up and suddennly becomes full of life, the closest thing to his true self. He also has a love for fantasy creatures, particularly dragons.

Appearance: Eldorian wears general middle class clothes, wearing jeans and a t-shirt, often even when he is on duty. He has long hair in a ponytail down to his shoulders. His skin is untanned from the long amounts of time he spends inside, but he is not easly sunburned. He has long legs and is skinny and lighterweight then most.
His workplace is often cover with dragons, as is his clothing. His favorite shirt is one with a flaming dragon on the back, flying through a burning skull. Most his shirts are black, and he has a ton of gadgets he always wear on him, hidden under his clothing, for keeping tools. He also wears a dragon pendent necklace, which he never takes off and never talks about.
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Name: Kaikei (kei) Asamiya
Age: 19
Height: 5'6
Gender: Female
Function: spy
weapons: laser blaster, and a small handgun
Bio: Kei had always done extremely well when it came to education. She was somewhat intelligent and mature for her age. She is great at technology and is a master in the martial arts. She was recruited as a spy for the FBI about a year ago. From then she decided to do everything she could to help.

Discription: Kei is very secrative. She prefers not to trust anyone 100%. She is very determined and does all that she can to perform her duties. Kei is very fast and quiet. Kei is also nearly invincable with a gun, but always seems to hesitate before shooting anyone....She has dark brown hair with shades of ice blue near the bottom. She has brown eyes that shift to ice blue time to time....
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[I][B]Name:[/B] Craig

[B]Age:[/B] 23

[B]Height:[/B] 6'6"

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Function In The Team:[/B] Leader of FBI Special Commando Squad.

[B]Weapons:[/B] Twin custom-made laser blasters.

[B]Bio:[/B] Craig was born in "The Valleys" in South Wales. An overly disruptive child, he was abandoned by his mother when he was but a baby, leaving him with his abusive father. He has had scars on his face from before he could walk or talk, from the beatings his father used to give him. One day, when he was 15 years old, he turned on his father (who, by this time, was a dwarf compared to Craig.) And beat him into near death with nothing except his fists. Since then he has had an unusual amount of rage inside him, and will snap very easily.

[B]Appearence:[/B] Hazel eyes, scruffy brown hair, numerous scars all over his face and back. He is covered with tatooes, his most famous is the demonic symbol over his left eye. He wears a black vest, blue ripped jeans, and a black trenchcoat.[/I]
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Name: Leon

Age: 19

Height: 6'4"

Gender: Male

Function in the team: Commando

Weapons: Desert Eagle and Uzi

Bio: Craig was brought up in a rich family. He went to a private school and was an excellent athlete. No other pupil came cloe to matching his speed or strength. Due to Leon's size a lot of the older boys wanted to fight him to prove themselves against someone bigger than him. He left school and joined an elite commando training camp where he got in with ease. He is an excellent hand to hand fighter.

Appearance: Spiky blonde hair and deep blue eyes, he is of semi-muscular build, wears a thick silver necklace around his neck and wears a commando type suit for missions but casual where around.
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Good I'm not to late to try out. ^_^

Name: Tristan Scott
Age: 32
Height: 5'9"
Gender: Male
Function In The Team: Special Forces Infiltration and Reconnaisance
Weapons: Thousand Folds style specially forged stilletto throwing knife(also handy for slitting throats) and a .22 calibur Berretta 87 Cheetah special with silencer.
Bio: Tristan grew up on the wrong side of the tracks. Raised by a single mother who was also an abusive alcoholic, he became very good at escaping and getting into things. Growing up on poverty level gave him much practice at becoming a five finger discount specialist. Over the years he went to "acquiring" greater things... T.V.'s, Jewelry, Cars. What ever he could get into was his. One day his stealing came to an abrupt halt. He was caught attempting to lift a brand new Dodge Viper and hauled off to jail. After months of being on trial he had finally been sent off to boot camp at the age of seventeen. Being in boot camp was the worst time in his life, but for the first time in his life he felt he was doing something greater than himself so he gave it his all. Putting his breaking and entering experience to play in the military he quickly landed a postition in special forces as an infiltration man. His quick eye for detail also made him ideal for reconnaisance missions.
Appearance: when not in his infiltration outfit he normally wears bluejean cut off shorts matched with the usual white logo tshirt. The shirt itself would have a random saying or whatnot. Foot wear consisted of white knee high tubesocks pushed down to where it meats with the top of his black and brown leather high tops. Up top he sports a plain blue jean baseball cap and a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses.

Personality: Very fun and outgoing guy, loves a laugh. When it comes to business, however, there is noone more serious about his work than Tristam. He takes his job with pride and confidance making him very likely to lash out at one who would constantly critique his work.
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Guest Zero
Name: Kevin Le
Age: 28
Height: 6'4"
Gender: Male
Function in Team: Mission weapon and transportion specialist
Weapons: Combat Knife and Wakazashi
Bio: Orphan and was adopted by a rich family with no children of their own. Grew in a safe and caring environment but the years in the orphanage has taught him the world is a uncare place. Determine to help anyway he can to make it better.
Appearance: Since his favorite color is black he wear nothing but black. Hair short black with deep hazel eyes. And a cross shape scar on his left cheek. Not a body builder so he's not the muscular but yet still strong. More of a brainy type.
Personality: Quiet but yet aggressive at time. Your not so basic lone wolf. When alone long for companion. When with a companion long to be alone. With a respect for his team mates.
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