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Ray of Hope


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OOC: Well here it is, its hard to hold back the emotion,. .I'm so proud! *cries*



?Isthanae! Where are you? You know that you are to leave for the Sanctum today! You better not be in bed when I get up there!?
Isthanae?s mother called from downstairs. He winced again as she called out his name. Isthanae, what kind of name is that? Honestly, he had no idea what possessed his parent?s minds when they named him that. But he was always told that they had received the name suddenly, as though from a higher place, and they felt that the name was perfect for him. He sighed, really he preferred the nickname of his own devise, Ivan, but the elders and his parents laughed at it. It was a name that was unheard of, besides, it didn?t follow the traditions of the people.

?Coming mother!? Isthanae called downstairs, at the same time putting on his travel robes and armour, not that he did any travelling. He could never leave the village. .it was like magic or something. Isthanae snorted at the thought of it. As far as he was concerned, his parents had devised some crazy plot to keep him safe and under their watch.

But that was going to change.

Isthanae slid on his mithani gloves and tightened the straps on his silver breastplate. All of his items bore the image of a silver sun, noting his status as the Cithan over the city guards. Basically he ordered the lazy scum around, none new the basic art of magic or the blade, leaving him to fend off the occasional orc that dropped by.

?Isthanae! I mean it! Get down those stairs now!? his mother called out angrily from the bottom of the stairs.

?Better do as she says. .,? Isthanae smiled and sheathed his long sword.
It was heavier than most, custom made by his own hands in his fathers smithy. The blade was jagged, straight and sharp like a normal blade of course. But it had teeth, the kind of teeth that could rip through an orcs hard leathery skin and go on to shear the bone. His hand bumped a silver chain off the bench, it clattered on the ground and the ring it was threaded through sang. Isthanae stopped to look at the silver ring.
A year ago Isthanae was to be married to his beloved Lisa, both were deeply in love with each other and had a promising life before them. But it wasn?t to be. A week before the wedding, a formorian horde attacked the village. Formorians are like men, but evil and orcish in behaviour. Isthanae and the rest of the village defences were unable to protect the entire area. Many lost their lives, including the old Cithan, a dear friend of Isthanae?s.
In the cleanup Isthanae found his beloved Lisa among the dead, raped and beaten by the Formorian horde. Such scars never heal, Isthanae has always had the cold silver ring in memory of his Lisa.

Isthanae shook his head, balling his fists tightly, the memory of her defenceless giving him grief. Tighter and tighter he squeezed his fists, and opened his eyes in shock as the blood seeped from his palms. He closed his eyes and focused, letting the magic do its work. Both hands glowed golden and healed, Isthanae hung the silver chain around his neck and walked downstairs.

?It?s about time too! I wouldn?t be surprised if you got there and everyone had left!,? there was a hint of hope in her voice, ?Your father is down at the smithy waiting with your repaired shield, and I?ve added some healing herbs and ointments to your pack just in case.?
Isthanae nodded and thanked his mother. He grabbed his pack, jogged out of the house and across to the smithy before running to the sanctum.
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[color=crimson]Lateralus: Thank you again Doctor Negosaki, Without your help I wouldnt have made it this far.

Dr. Negosaki: Ahhh... Think nothing of it. You have recovered well, my friend. Where are you headed? You shouldnt head anywhere too dangerous, you might reopen your wounds.

Lateralus: I'm heading to the 'Sanctum' or something like that...

[i]Digging through his pockets for a moment, Lateralus pulled out a map, that marked a route from Dr. Negosaki's office to the Sanctum. He was new here, and he had no idea where to go, but those strange men in robes handed him a map...[/i]

Dr Negosaki: Hmm. Interesting. Well. Good Luck. Come back here, if need be.

Lateralus: *shakes his hand* I will.

[i]Grinning, he turned and walked out into the large city, admiring it. He was finally here. After a few weeks of adventureing and hiking he was here. If only his parents had made it... They would have been thrilled. Sighing to himself, Lateralus looked at the map, then up at the scenerey. He started on his way...[/i][/color]
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[color=red][size=1]Mara sighed and rose from her bed. Her curly raven hair draped messily over her slight shoulders, her jade eyes gazing back at her in the mirror across her bed.

"Time to go to work." she muttered as she deftly threw on her clothes.

After an hour, she was out of the door and walking down the street. She took in a sharp breath.

"Wow, it got cold [i]quick[/i]"

She shrugged and continued on, the vere present feeling of being watched, fixed in her head. She smiled at herself ironically, she, the toughie, should be afraid of a stare.

Mara walked through the door of a restuarant and took off her coat. She smiled at the man, sitting at the counter.

"Hi, Vinny." she said.

"You're late." he replied, "The boss is gonna kill you."

"I know." Mara stated simply, smiling.[/color][/size]
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[color=red][size=1]OOC: Lol, D_A! :laugh:
"Mara, this is the last time!" Mr. Washted exclaimed, slamming his fists on the desks, " You're late everyday and you're a smart alec. I want you to get out of my office. You're fired!"
Mara shrugged and got up.
"Thank goodness." she said, smiling as she turned her back and walked out.
She stuck her hands in her pockets and sighed.
"Now," she muttered, "to find another job to be fired at again...tommorow."
She walked back home as it started to rain. She got into her tiny, dark house and threw herself onto her bed, soaking.
"I think I got the wrong life; I want a new one!" she exclaimed, gazing maliously at the ceiling.[/color][/size]
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I probably should have put the list up in here aswell as in the sign ups, no offense meant D_A but you didn't make the cut

Mist - Mara

DeathKnight - Lateralus

Warlock - Raynor

Sere Tuscumbia - Katanga

Gold_Angewomon - Phyra

liamc2 - Isthanae


Isthanae continue to run towards the sanctum, soaking up the light and warmth from the sun, the magic in him swelled joyfully. It was good to be alive! He ran through most of the market awkwardly slinging his shield over his shoulders until is was resting comfortably over his pack. The many smells of the market reached him as he ran through the stalls. Then something caught his eye.

[i]?Why do these things always happen on my day off??[/i]

In the corner of the market, out of sight of the normal shoppers stood a small band of thieves, daggers drawn on one of the older wealthy merchants. Isthanae sighed and strode over to them, unsheathing his blade as he walked. One of the thieves looked up and scarpered, the sight of the Cithan and his lacerating blade must have been too much for him. Unfortunately the other two looked up, losing Isthanae his hope of a surprise.

?What do you want?? grumbled one of the thieves, his friend mumbled the insult ?[i]Eater of Snakes[/i]? at Isthanae. The first thief laughed his approvement.

?How about the release of the merchant and his money?? smile Isthanae as he casually played with his sword
?How about a dagger buried in you belly? Eh what you say t?that??
Isthanae really wanted it another way, but he was left no choice. As the thieves? leader lunged, Isthanae brought up his knee and kicked him in the face, unfortunate that this resulted in a broken neck. The remaining thief dropped the purse and the dagger before vanishing into the shadows.

Isthanae helped the merchant up, ?Here are your belongings sir, but you must excuse me, I?m already very late.?

Isthanae sheathed his un-tarnished blade and ran onto the sanctum, leaving the crumpled body of the thief with the merchant and the crowd that had gathered.


The sanctum already had a small crowd gathered around, being entertained by the pompous talk of the Theothan, elected leader of the village. Isthanae slowed to a walk, glancing around the crowd to see if the other five were already there. But it was futile after all, how can you look for someone if you do not know their face?
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OOC: Eh, D_A? I know you?re posting an? all, but is your character one of the selected, or a - erm, how do you say it - non playable character? Cause - not to sound rude or anything - I didn?t see your name as one of the selected . . . and if you are playing as one of the selected, did ya get the permission from Liam? Jus? checkin?. ^^;; (Ok . . . Liam beat me to this . . . I?ll shut up now.)


[I]Katanga ducked the frying pan coming from the darkened doorway.[/I] "I'm sorry!" [I]She ducked a rolling pin.[/I] "Honestly!" [I]Then came a cooking stone, and only pure instinct saved Katanga from getting conked in the forehead.[/I] "I'm innocent, really!"

"Really. Are you now?" [I]Her mother emerged from the doorway, holding a soapy pan in her left hand.[/I] "I know that was you who stole it. ?Fess up."

[I]Katanga cringed inwardly, while keeping her face a mask of perfect innocence. Even though her mum was getting on in her years, her mind was still like a knife, sharp as always, and getting sharper over the years.[/I] "Stole what?" [I]She feigned innocence, then turned tail and ran, as the soapy pan went sailing over her shoulder.

Her mother would never hurt her intentionally, but she had come close before . . . another rolling pin went sailing over her head. Where did her mother hide these things?!

She careened around an abrupt corner, escaping the barrage of cooking utensils. Whew, peace at last . . . at least for now.[/I]

"Katanga Elizabeth Selwyn! Get back here RIGHT NOW!!! I?m not finished with you!!!"

[I]This time Katanga cringed outwardly. Her mother rarely ever used her full name . . . her rightful birth name . . . Katanga cringed again. Memories of her birth parents were still painful . . . and disturbing.

The wind kicked up, swirling her short, whitish hair around her face. Sheesh, she really needed to control her temper.

She walked out of the opposite side of the alley way, her temper calmed, and quickly disappeared into the throng, heading off to the outer edge of the city to meet her father.

Her father, a jolly man, with eyes the same colour as his name, Sky, was returning from a year long trip across the desert, and Katanga, even at her age, had the excitement of a five year old when she sees her parents coming through the door.

Little did she know she was heading for big trouble instead . . .[/I]
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[COLOR=crimson] "Get out of my way,"

Phyra growled at a small boy as she gently shoved him out of her way. He stumbled, then turned around and glared at her, his bottom lip pushed out in an awkward pout as he narrowed his little blue eyes and stared at her. He let out a small "hmph," and took off down the busy streets, the cold-hearted girl losing his figure in the crowd.

"Stupid kid..." She shook her head, pulling a lock of raven-black hair out of her face as she started off down the city's crowded walks again, picking up her pace and yelling obscenities at those who dared to cross her path as she brushed them off.

"I don't know why the h*ll I'm even doing this..."

Phrya sighed and flicked another strand of hair from her face as she stopped and slinked silently into the shadows... and began to dig around her pockets for that map she was given earlier by that freak in the cloak.

Ugh. She didn't want to pull up the memory of meeting him, but her mind started to wander....

It was about a week ago, when a man draped in a long, dark red cloak had come to her, calling her name... She was standing in the back of a dead-end alley with a few close 'friends' from the gang... When she told him quite plainly to go away, he just seemingly smirked behind his hood and handed her a map. Once more she said to leave, or die, and he simply stood there. Phyra had shrugged her shoulders and calmly told the guys around her to "kill him." Little did she know it wasn't the freak that would be killed.... Soran was lost in the fight, if you could call it that even.

She didn't even know why she called off the fight. For god's sake, it was just a LIFE lost! Why should it matter? Hah... Death's entertaining anyways. Watching someone fall with that awkward thud... watching them bleed... It was always fun.

She shook her head quickly and pulled out the map, regaining her train of thought.

"This is stupid...."

Roughly unrolling the parchment, not really caring if she ripped it, gave it a dog-ear, or just plain destroyed it, Phrya began to quickly look it over.... Mmm... The Sanctum, she believed it was called. Some place that freak wanted her to go to.

[i]"What is the Sanctum? Hmm... Probably something like that temple those idiots wanted me to go to as a child. To worship or whatever...." [/i]

Phyra grimaced slightly as she drew a pale hand along the map, looking for the place. She stopped her hand as she located it, then stared for a few moments, before thinking to herself again.

[i]"Wonderful. It is a temple."[/i]

She closed her eyes and scowled, then pulled her cloak to the side as she put the map back in her pocket and took off once more.

[i]"Sigh... Let's go have some 'fun'."[/i] [/COLOR]
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The sanctum was cool inside, shadows flickered on the tapestries hanging around the walls. Sitting in the far corner was the oracle, two sinants of the spirits flanked her sides, muttering chants under their breath. Isthanae slid over to one side of the room, waiting for the others to arrive. He thought about the quest, and what they were going to have to do to complete it.

?Going behind enemy lines, into an orc and formorian stronghold, does not sound like the job for a simple Cithan of the watch.? Isthanae sighed ?This would feel so much easier if Lisa was here...?
Absentmindedly Isthanae grasped for the silver ring hung around his neck while staring at the ceiling. Somehow the cold metal bore him comfort, again he sighed and let go of the ring, trying to stay focused on the task at hand.
?A simple guard...nothing more...just a- a simple guard...?


Outside, the Theothan finished his speech, the crowd cheered and applauded as he left the podium and walked into the sanctum. Theothans from other villages followed close behind, talking quickly about the operation the 6 were to undertake.
?Don?t you think it would be better to send in trained professionals? Not just some reckless young adults off the streets?? said one.
?Hear hear! I myself want trained swordsmen and archers, an army even, to take this task! How can such a small group undertake such a reckless and dangerous mission?? argued another.
Meanwhile, the Theothan of the village remained silent. His eyes were upon the oracle and Isthanae in the corner. He silenced the others with a wave of his hand before walking up to the oracle herself. The two sinants bowed to him and continued the chant. The oracle opened her eyes, glancing at Isthanae before staring at the Theothan before her.
?Theothan of Micara, what is it you request? Surely thou do not question the words of the spirits??
The Theothan was tentative at first, but replied, ?I do not question Oracle, but I do wonder at how these six can undertake such a task? Not to mention the fact that only one is here!?
?Ah Theothan, I see you fear what will happen to your town while the Cithan is away,? Isthanae?s ears pricked up at her words, ?But I am certain that the rest of the guards are not incompetent? Surely you have trained them well??

The Theothan looked rather embarrassed, but nodded, accepting that he had been found out.

?As about your questions, the others will arrive when they arrive.? The oracle looked at the other Theothans, ?The six will survive not only on skill but in their afore given power. All your questions, however will be answered in due time. That is all.?

The Theothans glanced at one another, at a loss for words, the only time they spoke was in protest as they were ushered out of the sanctum.
The oracle had only two words to utter as they left.

?They come?
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[color=crimson]"Whoaaaa.... Where the hell is this thing telling me to go?" Lateralus said, stopping a few feet from a street full of people heading in various directions, alot of conversations going on. Nearby, a street vendor argued with a customer about the price of a necklace, his voice rising over the sound of feet and a sea of voices all talking at once. None of this helped him a bit, as he scratched the back of his head, staring foreward thinking.

Looking at the map, then back up at the interesection, Lateralus realised that he was pretty much drawing a blank to where he was. Hoping it would help, he glanced Back to the map, back to the intersection, back to the map, back to the intersection. He kept doing this for a few moments, before he realized the obvious.

"I'm frigging lost." He said, flipping the map over upsidedown to see if it would help.

Arching an eyebrow, he walked foreward to the edge of the bustling street, still lost within thought and consideration. Seeing a break in the crowd, He ran across the street, andl ooked down at the map again. Shaking his head, he went to the other roads on the intersection, with no success whatsoever in finding something familiar on the map.

"Oh come on." He said rolling his eyes and sighing, "I went the right way."

A few minutes passed, all the while Lateralus vainly trying to find his way, insistant that he had gone the right way. He sighed, giving up, and decided to take the best possible action.

"Alright. Well. I'll ask someone." He said, as he turned to a young woman, "Excuse me miss, but where is the..." He paused for a moment to remember the place the man had said, "...... Oh yea. Where is the 'Sanctum'? I have urgent buisness to attend to there, and I really need to know how I can get there."

She seemed slightly suprised, and it took her a few seconds to reply, "Just go down that street, over there, all the way."

As she finished, she pointed to the right. In the far distance, he could see a crowd blocking a street that lead to some kind of Temple like building. Noting his stupidity at not noticing that before, Lateralus nodded a thanks and a quick smile, and jogged off twards the building, growing nearer.

As he jogged, he passed a fruit vendor along the street, and came to a halt. Grabbing an apple, he throwing a few coins to the man behind the cart. Taking a bite into the apple, he continued to run, eating the apple as he went.

"Cant meet anyone on an empty stomach. Thats gotten me into trouble before." He said with a smirk, remembering several occasions during his travels when unclear thinking had gotten him in sticky situations. This seemed like a very important event... Or meeting.

"[i]Eh? I dont even know what exactly this is. Wonder what they want to do with me, when I just have a birthmark? It makes no sense at all. Logic doesnt seem to be present in alot of this. Mysterious Hooded Men? A map to a location where alot of people are gathered? What am I getting myself into? I wish I hadnt had to into surgery right after that man showed up. I have alot of questions... But I am an adventurer. I guess this is just another page in my life.[/i]"

Throwing the apple core aside next to a rat in an alleyway, Lateralus finally came to the crowd, after a long run down the street. He had no idea where to go, or what to do, so he simply asked out loud, "Where do you go if you've been called here, because of a birthmark?"

It seemed to get quieter, and he arched an eyebrow. This was strange to say the least. Someone had to know though....

"Well? Anyone have an idea?"[/color]
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[color=red][size=1]Mara woke up suddenly, suprised at her slumber. She rose up slowly and stretched, her back arching deftly. She stood up and shook herself, an uncommon habit of Mara's.

The telephone rang at Mara's bed side. She jumped to get it, swiftly picking up the receiver.

"Hello?" she asked.
"Go to the Sanctum."
"Who's this?"
"You will see. Just go."
"Hello? Hello!"

Mara shook her head and set the receiver down gently. She sat on the side of the bed and put her face in her hands.

[i]I've been getting too many phone calls like that,[/i] Mara thought, [i] should I go?[/i]

She shrugged.

"I've got nothing better to do...except look for a new job..." she muttered.

[i]Sanctum...or job hunting...[/i]

Mara grabbed her coat and grabbed a map of the whole continent with her.

[i]Sanctum it is.[/i][/color][/size]
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Isthane closed his eyes, it had been a while now. .so it seemed that his mother had been wrong after all. For once at least. He smiled and looked around the room, the oracle was still silent and the room was still empty. Maybe there was time for him to have a stroll outside. .

He turned and walked for the exit, calling out an explanation to the oracle and the sinants.

"Probably enough time to make a few rounds. ."
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  • 4 weeks later...
[I]Kat waited for the caravan to arrive. Where was her father? She hopped from one foot to the other, waiting just as the crowd was.

When the caravan finally arrived, there was ony a fraction of the twenty or thirty that had left. Katanga scanned the weary, worn men.

Her father wasn't one of them. The caravan stopped, and Katanga was one of the first to run up.[/I] "Where's my father? Sky Haku? Where?" [I]she asked, her face tight with worry. A part of her already knew what had happened, but she pushed it out of her mind. That wasn't possible. It couldn't be.

The leader looked down at Katanga. No twinkle in his eye, no smile playing on his lips . . .[/I] "I'm sorry hon. Sky was killed. There wasn't anything we could do."

[I]And there went the switch in Kat's mind. Everything flipped, and Katanga couldn't control her rage. That was the last time one of her parent's died. It was all ending now . . .

Winds kicked up, sending Kat?s hair flying in all directions, and dust scattered around the plaza.

Katanga raised her hands. One in one direction, one in the other. This place was ending, and there was nothing anyone could do to stop it . . .

Strong hands circled her wrists, and pulled them back. Craters five feet deep appeared in the ground only 3 feet away.

Before Kat could manage another attack, her fingers were curled into her palm. They stayed there.[/I]

"Now unless you fancy eating without your hands, I?d cease and desist," [I]the stranger hissed into Kat?s ear, not-so gently steering her away, and towards the temple where the Oracle sat.[/I]

"You shouldn?t have meddled in my business!" [I]Kat grumbled, resisting. She wasn?t going to go with some smart-mouth idiot to some place she didn?t want to.[/I]

"I?m supposed to meddle. It?s my job." [I]Kat?s stranger replied, the slightest humor reaching into his voice.

Kat was tempted to reach back and bite the person, but refrained. No need to get into any more trouble than she already was.

And it might be interesting to see what would happen when she got there . . .[/I]


*sigh* Boredom.
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OOC: alrighty then, this RPG has just been resurrected *quells an urge for a happy dance*


Isthanae smiled to himself, the strangest things happen when you?re off duty... Lucky for him he caught her just in time, he had seen a spell like that being used before, the result wasn?t very pretty, his Cithan spent the rest of the day sluicing the remnants of the orcish horde back into the wilderness.
?So what?s your name? Feisty cat you are, your father happen to be Sky? You?ve got that spirit about you. Great man, you wouldn?t want anyone else beside you during an orcish raid...?
Kat was silent, holding back tears at the mention of her fathers name, she balled her fists before speaking .
?Katanga, Katanga Haku, friends call me Kat?
Isthanae hid a grin, ?No surprises there, my names Isthanae. Cithan of the watch, pleased to meet you, pity about the circumstances,? he looked back over his shoulder at the craters. ?Well as you may or not know, six of us have been called to the sanctum...so far you are the first one I?ve met...?
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Crouched on the roof of the sanctum, Siren watched couriously as Isthanae led a girl up the steps towards the oracle... Shaking her head she walks to the edge of the roof and leaps to the next house and climbs down... Droping the last ten feet, Siren rolls and comes up walking calmly through the people gathered around... Ignoring the stares, she walked up to the two and nodded...

Siren: Did this have to be such a public thing?

She crosses her arms and look out at the people gathered...

Siren: *muttering* Gods I hate crowds...
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OOC: Short I know, but I can't do much until the others get here. .


Isthanae raised an eyebrow, at the rate this was going the whole party was going to be female. Suddenly he felt very, very alone. Isthanae shrugged off the feeling and ushered them both into the Sanctum, closing the doors behind him.

The gloom and silence engulfed them all as they walked closer. Isthanae took his place leaning up against the wall before speaking, ?So, I know you?re Kat, but I do not know your name. I?m Isthanae by the way.?
Siren nodded, eyes taking in the magnificence of the sanctum ?Siren, I got this weird red letter that told me to come here...so what?s this all about??

Isthanae looked at the oracle, ?That?s what I would like to know?
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