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Gaming Help On WrestleMania X8


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Tagging isn't all that difficult. Simply move the control stick towards your partner and press the Z button.

Having said that, I'm extremely disappointed with Wrestlemania X8. Initially, it was hyped to look like Raw for Xbox, play similar to No Mercy fo the N64 and have the front end of SmackDown 3 for Playstation 2.

Once again, however, THQ demonstrated that it will deliver only when it wants to and not a moment sooner. This game is missiong fundamental features that older Wrestling games contained. At this point, there's no excuse for a poor CAW mode, lack of backstage fighting and weak grappling system. I'm sorry, but five front moves is a waste.

I could go on, but lol, you only wanted help. I just had to include a little rant.
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by KyJaUn~FuLlEr [/i]
[B]OK well u could of just said u were dissapointed with it, [/B][/QUOTE]

Nope, I had to tell [I]why[/I], simply because I'm a diehard wrestling fan and am critical of every wrestling title released. It's obvious that THQ is holding back in it's games, because they've got the rights to the only league in town.

Anyway, no problem about the help.
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X8 is simply the result of Yuke's rushing (or being rushed as the case may be) yet another wrestling game. As soon as I saw Yukes was in charge I didn't expect much. I certainly like it more than Raw and Smackdown though.

I'm hoping they can turn x9 into a good game, they already have the backbone done from x8... they simply need to tweak and add to it. That and possibly change the whole control setup haha.
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well first you cant have two people play together in path of a champ but in multiplayer highlight the comp name and tap up or down with the control stick to make it 2P 3P 4P or evn 1P.
But as far as the moves and backstage fighting goes I enjoy x8 and hope x9 is better.
Note: TLC and Hell in the Cell keep me from calling this game boring.
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Silent Warrior [/i]
[B]So 1P and 2P can't play together for path of a champion for tag team? [/B][/QUOTE]

I'm [I]almost[/I] certian that you cannot. Due to my resentment towards this game, I haven't managed to invest much time into exploring the modes. There is a Battle for the Belts mode though, in which you can win a multitude of different titles, save them to a memory card, and put on the line with your friends.

Ever since AKI went under, THQ's wrestling games have ceased to progress in terms of gameplay. If anything, the wrestling genre has taken several steps [I]backward[/I].

I don't believe that the blame should fall completely on Yukes. THQ, is really spreading development cycles of some of it's WWE franchises thin. Both Raw and SmackDown 3 had ample time in development, but with Wrestlemania falling in between SmackDown 3 and SmackDown 4, one could assume that it didn't receive the attention it deserved.

Instead of spawning three seperate cash-in titles for the consoles within a year's time, THQ allow the WWE titles to rest in the hands of one developer and release one WWE game a year on all three consoles (similarly to other "sports" titles).

Although SmackDown 4 looks promising, I'm sure that it will feature the same arcade driven gameplay, which could be postitive or negative depending on one's preference.

Hopefully, the upstart NWA promotion will take off and a talented publisher will pick it up (putting it in the hands of a worthy developer), or Acclaim will greatly improve it's Legends of Wrestling franchise with innovative new features. Either way, THQ would once again have competition and push it's prodcut.

Ironically, the videogame situation seems similar to the WWE's current condition. :toothy:
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