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The following was taken from the Digipen web site:

[I]Have you ever wanted to make your own computer game?
Do you like exchanging game ideas with your friends?

What is Project FUN?

Project FUN is an amazing way for you to make your own games right on your personal computer. Project FUN is a suite of tools designed to make the process of learning how to program games FUN. By using games as the basis for instruction, and by making game creation the objective of all the assignments, people with no programming experience can not only learn how to program, but they can learn how to create their own games that they then can give freely to their friends and family.

DigiPen Institute of Technology would like to offer you the opportunity to join an online club where you can:

-Have access to our proprietary software environment to create your own computer games.

-Share the games that you create with other members in the club, family and friends.

-Learn to make interesting games from industry professionals - one step at a time.

-And much much more...

Starting July 20 2002, you will be able to sign up to be a member of this 'exclusive' club. The annual membership fee is US$30.00*. Stay tuned for more information.

*For special offers and promotions, please see the July and August 2002 issues of the Nintendo Power magazine.

If you are interested in knowing more about 'Project FUN', please fill out our information request form, or Contact [email]ProjectFun@DigiPen.edu[/email][/I]

BTW, the fee for NP suscribers is $15/year.
Is anyone joining?
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[color=indigo]I'd love to do this, but my PC would probably need to be upgraded to run the software, and I don't have the money to upgrade right now... I'll definitely be finding out more about this, though. If I can run the software, I might do it. *bookmarks [url]www.digipen.edu[/url]*[/color]
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if i didnt have a girl in my life this idea would be very appealing... cept i guess its just for those dreamers who think they can make a top notch game all on one drive... hehe well some can...best game ive seent that was home made: Tread Marks...Quite good...tank game....anyway back to the topic...

ide put some serious thought into tryng this out if maybei had more time..well thnx smoky joe.
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As much as I'd love to join, I doubt I'd be able too. That's about $60 here if my brain's working....And that's too much according to my parents. :(

Though it sounds interesting.....I find RM2K easy to make games, though they aren't exactly like proper computer games.

*goes off to bug his mum about joining*
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Semjaza Azazel [/i]
[B]I think the possibility of getting some experience and getting contacts is what is so good about this. I don't think anyone can expect to pop out a good game this way though, especially without past experience lol. [/B][/QUOTE]

Actually, some of the games made by Digipen student are pretty impressive. I heard that some of the graduates were part of the team that made Wave Race: Blue Storm.

But you are 100% right about the contacts.

Oh, and Squashed Snail, it's only $30/year if you aren't a member of NP.
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I guess that this is basically for people to see if they want to be game devlopers. Since I've always dreamed of making a great game, I'll join the project. I'm sure the experience will help me if I ever enroll in Digipen.
Besides, after seeing the NP articles, the program looks to be very fun (no pun intended) to use.
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