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BEHIND THE WOOL: A Kobra and Lamb Special (contains the original Episode 1)

Dragon Warrior

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The title says pretty much it all. I thought it'd be nice for the fans to get a treat like this. They should know the real Kobra and Lamb and how I came up with this magnificent duo of comedy! Here's the story.

It started back probably a year or 2 ago when I had just met a new internet buddy named Desert_Shadow (some may know him from Otakuboards and Otaku itself). At first, he helped me with my art because he was the bomb at it (probably still is).

But enough about that, we usually made a time every now and then to meet in my website's chatroom. No one else came at that time so it'd just be a good time for us to talk about the art and ideas we had. (I even told him some funny stories I made up in my mind at that split second). My nickname back then was Kobra.

Everywhere I signed up I was Kobra and so I entered the chatroom as Kobra. He entered as Desert_Shadow, but just to goof off, he changed his name to Lamb.

Then, we began something we called the Kobra and Lamb Show (or at least taht's what I called it) and we started to act like Kobra and Lamb were characters in a cartoon show. We did the show right in the chatroom! Now here's a treat. I copied the episode for later uses and I'm posting it right here for your enjoyment. It doesn't make much sense and I had to change the spelling errors, but it was just goofing off. At least you can still get the plot down:

[B]Warning:[/B] It's in chatroom form. I was Kobra. Desert was Lamb. And the doctor in the end was me as well. ENJOY!

[SIZE=3]The Kobra and Lamb Show[/SIZE]
[SIZE=1]Original Episode 1[/SIZE]

Lamb> *whistling*
Lamb> *yawns*
Kobra> *Flying a spaceship*
Lamb> Its a bright day out here.
Kobra> *crashes down*
Lamb> A little noisy.
Kobra> BOOM!!!!!
Kobra> Ow?
Lamb> Wha- what was that!?
Lamb> I'll go see.
Kobra> That hurt?
Lamb> *leaves bedroom*
Lamb> *runs downstairs*
Kobra> Oooo?
Lamb> *leaves house*
Kobra> My head?
Lamb> Whoa! Out in the field!
Kobra> I'm ok..
Kobra> Ow?
Lamb> *runs across*
Kobra> Maybe not.
Lamb> Oh my!
Kobra> Oh ow.
Lamb> What happened?
Kobra> Oh ow.
Kobra> Lamb!
Lamb> My property! All ruined!
Kobra> My spaceship crashed.
Lamb> But its you!
Kobra> Yes.
Lamb> Thank goodness your ok, Kobra.
Kobra> HA!
Lamb> What planet were you heading to this time?
Kobra> Well?
Kobra> ? it started a long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away?
Kobra> ...
Kobra> ?some other junk too.
Lamb> I see the National Space Corps just promoted you, judging by that new shiny badge.
Kobra> Yeah?
Kobra> But!
Kobra> That doesn't matter.
Kobra> Bambi matters.
Lamb> Oh.
Lamb> I see.
Kobra> Poor Bambi..
Kobra> Haha.
Kobra> Who cares.
Lamb> His mom died. I saw.
Kobra> NO!
Kobra> NO! You don't say!
Kobra> Not Bambi!
Lamb> You were up in space when it happened.
Kobra> NO!
Kobra> *starts crying*
Kobra> Well?
Kobra> ? now i will do something.
Lamb> What?
Kobra> Something brave.
Lamb> Really?
Kobra> Something stupid.
Lamb> Wow.
Kobra> Yes.
Kobra> Come lamb.
Kobra> Sjdji hjds dew!
Lamb> I'm ready.... for anything.
Kobra> Sjdk diojkd jdk dew
Kobra> OK?
Lamb> I... I ... I don't understand.
Kobra> Let's go.
Lamb> Ok
Lamb> *follows*
Kobra> Jdjfj jsf dew.
Kobra> *walks into a tree
Lamb> Ummm...
Lamb> *walks into a tree too*
Kobra> Ow?
Kobra> Anyways?
Kobra> ? what else happened here when I was gone in space?
Lamb> Well.. lots actually.
Kobra> No!
Kobra> Say no more!
Kobra> We are on this path....
Kobra> to go to KFC!
Kobra> Yum!
Lamb> *stops suddenly*
Lamb> Ah!
Kobra> Haha!
Lamb> Now you speak my language!
Kobra> Gotta eat!
Kobra> Jshd?
Lamb> First lunch, then heroic acts.

Kobra> *eats*
Kobra> Now that?
Kobra> ? That was good.
Lamb> *gobbles everything in sight*
Kobra> Yum!
Lamb> Oops! There goes my fork!
Lamb> Oh well!
Kobra> BURP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lamb> Ohhh.... yuck!
Kobra> *world shakes*
Kobra> Sorry.
Lamb> *topples over*
Kobra> My bad.
Kobra> Let?s be off.
Lamb> *clears throat*
Kobra> *walks*
Kobra> Now to business.
Lamb> *follows*
Kobra> TOOT!
Lamb> Anyway, as I was saying?
Kobra> Oops.
Kobra> My bad.
Lamb> *plugs nose and continues*
Kobra> Again.
Lamb> That?s ok.
Lamb> Now, ath i wath thaying-
Kobra> FART!!!!!!!!
Kobra> Yuck.
Kobra> That one will hang around.
Lamb> Hehe! I'm invincible with my nothe plug!
Kobra> Bad burrito!
Kobra> Now anyway?
Kobra> ...
Lamb> The kengdom hath been attackthed by the orcth
Kobra> Wha?
Lamb> Many, many, orcth.
Kobra> Djsj?
Kobra> Hmmmmm?
Lamb> We, thinkth the rayen people are responthable.
Kobra> *gets hit by comet*
Lamb> To defend?
Kobra> Ow.
Kobra> Darn Martians?
Lamb> What the.. where?d that come from?
Lamb> Oh well?
Kobra> They are angry because I set a bomb.
Lamb> The smell is gone.
Kobra> Blew up their planet!
Lamb> *unplugs nose*
Lamb> Ah.
Kobra> *gets hit by another*
Lamb> Hehe! I agree.
Kobra> Ow?
Kobra> Is a cracked skull good?
Kobra> Anyways?
Kobra> Haha!
Kobra> Dumb aliens!
Lamb> Those comets must be small...
Kobra> Dumb!
Kobra> No.
Kobra> Car size.
Lamb> Oh, about when did you attack them?
Kobra> Hehe.
Kobra> It started back in...
Lamb> How far back?
Kobra> Wait!
Lamb> ...
Kobra> I hate flash backs.
Lamb> Oh....
Kobra> They make me nocuous.
Lamb> They don't to me....
Kobra> So it was 1998...
Lamb> Oh my!
Kobra> Yes.
Lamb> That?s when the orcs started attacking!
Lamb> Just as I thought!
Kobra> I hid at Planet Babes for 2 years.
Kobra> Yeah
Lamb> The aliens are behind this.
Kobra> Nah.
Kobra> Anyways.
Lamb> Yeah... I'm suspicious.
Kobra> My heroic thing is....
Lamb> *waits intently*
Kobra> ...........
Kobra> ............
Kobra> .............
Kobra> (hours pass)
Kobra> ..........
Lamb> *snore*
Kobra> ...........
Kobra> ...........
Kobra> ..........
Lamb> *wakes back up*
Lamb> *yawn*
Kobra> (later in year 2004)
Kobra> I know!
Lamb> You.. you remember?
Kobra> I shall..
Kobra> No.
Kobra> .........
Kobra> .........
Lamb> Awww... c'mon.
Kobra> ..........
Kobra> ..........
Lamb> This is slow... I already got a beard.
Kobra> *year 2010*
Kobra> Well
Kobra> I think I got it.
Lamb> You do!?
Kobra> Yes.
Lamb> *wipes forehead*
Kobra> Let's shave!
Lamb> ACK!
Kobra> I have a beard.
Kobra> *shaves*
Kobra> Ok.
Kobra> Back to thinking?
Lamb> *shaves*
Kobra> ..........
Kobra> ..........
Kobra> ...........
Kobra> (year 2200)
Kobra> Well
Kobra> I am... no.
Lamb> *old and decayed now*
Lamb> ....!
Kobra> We are cartoons!
Lamb> Maybe I don't want to know....
Kobra> No old!
Kobra> Haha!
Kobra> Sorry.
Kobra> Cartoon rage.
Kobra> Dangerous.
Kobra> We will revive bambi's mom.
Lamb> *cricks back, and feels perfectly young*
Lamb> Yes!
Kobra> I waited ?til they invented reviving.
Lamb> Wonderful idea!
Lamb> So smart!
Kobra> Yep.
Kobra> I not dimwitted! Der!
Kobra> *runs to hospital*
Kobra> Tired?
Kobra> *only walked 2 feet*
Lamb> *follows*
Kobra> *walks only 2 feet and is already tired*
Lamb> Hey! Where'd KFC go?
Kobra> NO!
Kobra> *faints*
Lamb> *pats Kobra on the cheek*
Kobra> No.
Kobra> No.
Kobra> KFC..
Kobra> No.
Kobra> NO!
Kobra> *wakes*
Kobra> What?
Lamb> It?s... it?s... it?s ok................ no. no... it?s not
Lamb> *cries*
Kobra> *faints*
Lamb> And they had the best forks too!
Lamb> *sob sob*
Kobra> *wakes back up*
Kobra> Poor Cernal!
Lamb> Yeah...
Kobra> Back to Bambi.
Lamb> *sniff*
Lamb> Ok!
Kobra> *runs in hospital*
Lamb> *turns happy all of a sudden*
Doctor> Bambi's mom has been revived for about 10 years now.
Kobra> NO!
Lamb> She is?
Lamb> There goes our heroism.
Kobra> ......
Kobra> *falls unconscious*
Kobra> No.
Kobra> No.
Kobra> KFC.
Lamb> Now what!??!
Kobra> *was put into a sack*
Kobra> *thrown in dumpster*


That is all I have. That was all of the first episode. There was more to the series also. Probably 2 more episodes. Oddly we did them. Don't know why. I can barely remember the series.

Episode 2 consisted of Kobra and Lamb going off to save the Kingdom that they said was attacked by Orcs in Episode 1. After fighting a gruesome battle against the orcs and the dark master fleeing on his flying monster thing (not recalled) back to it's castle, Kobra and Lamb found the King dead. They were forced to care for the princess who turned out to be a total B*tch.

As they left the destroyed castle, the King turned out to be alive, just trapped under some rocks. But K&L took the princess to town when she spotted the store and they went in to buy clothing. (You must know that before they left for the battle, the place turned medival and was back in the day. See? It doesn't make sense! But there is sort of a plot -.-)

She tried to force Kobra and Lamb to wear corny clothing, but they escaped the Princess and went outside. That was as far as we got in the 2nd Episode. I guess there was never a third, but it was fun while it lasted.

I haven't really talk to Desert in a while, but I will if I really need him. Give Desert Shadow a round of applause for giving me the idea of the Kobra and Lamb Show. Don't ask where I got the idea for the talk show from. That was just a brainfart. And the cast of other characters were just creations along the way. And so, we now know that Kobra and Lamb were not just born from a talk show. They are truely an inspiration to some goofy people out there...

[B]Dedicated to Desert Shadow.[/B]
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