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Writing A sheeps adventure.


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Im doing this story together with /v\ajin Bejia.

[I]Everybody thinks it is easy to be a sheep. Well, only the sheeps know how it really is.[/I]"Little sheeps! Dinnertime!"[I]The farmer throws some yackie looking blur in the food bucket.[/I][B]"man this food reeks!""Why do they think we like this anyway?"[/B][I]The three sheeps pick up the food bucket and empty it in the pigs food bucket.[/i][B]"I can't believe they actually eat that stuff!" "you said that right. I smells like it comes right out of the toilet" "that farmer and his family eats potatoes, meat and nice vengetables. The dogs can have the leftovers. The pigs the rest of whats left of the food, including the garbage. And what do we get? I dont want to know!"[/B][I]They walk over too the window of the farmers house and they look throu it. Baaji begins to grewl.[/I][B]"They're eating carrots." "Man! Why don't we get something like that too eat?!"[/B][I]They walk over too the farm. Freby finds some rats on the floor and eats them.[/I][B]"This is much better than that stuff we get." "I wont get that in my stumache, would you Flomer?" "No way! Freby, you really are a beast." "What?! I have too eat something!"[/B][I]They drop themself in the hay and fall asleep.
The next Morning.[/I]
[B]"Man I slept good! You Baaji?" "Yeah! And you Flomer? Flomer? Flomer?! You don't think the farmer picked it up to..." "*slicks* We have too get out of here!"[/B][I]From behind the door that leads to the farmers citchen they hear the farmer saying:[/I] "This is going to be a good meal!"*laughes*[B]"Aaaaaaaaaaaah!"[/B] [I]The two sheeps run to the entrance of the terretory and jump over it. The dogs are coming after them, but Baaji and Freby want to be gone so fast that the dogs can't catch up on them.[/I][B]"I never want to see a farmer again!" "Me neither!"[/B]
[I]They don't know where they are running too, but without knowing they are in a city on the midlle of a big road. A lot of cars have too dodge the sheeps and crash. But then!... A car full of nuclear garbage falls over and a Pot of it falls over the sheeps. Then it's all black.[/I]

"Hello! Are you awake?" "They had quite a shock. They will be unconsios for about another hour." "Well, let's watch some tv than!" "Yay!" [B]"Baaji. Is everything allright?" "Yeah. Only a pain in my back, but that's all." "Why are we stuck on this tables?" "Are they going to eat us?" "let's break out!"[/B][I]And the two sheeps jump off the tables. But what happend? They're standing on their feat. They're walking on two legs. They crack the wall open with no problem and they fly away.[/I][B]"Why can we fly?" "Don't know, but I like it." "Are you sure we can fly?" "You can see it yourself! We're flying!" "Nope. We're falling." "AAAAAAAAAH!"[/B] [I]They land on a hay car that just goes too the farm where they came from, but they don't know, because they are still hardly breathing of the shock. [B]"OUch!Where do you think youre stinging in?! You stupid farmer!" "Eh.. Freby. That's the farmer who killed flomer." "Aaaah!"[/B] "well well. I was looking for you." [B]"Freby, Beeji! Why did you left?[/B]
[I]They look too the one who said it and they see Flomer there.[/I][B]"I was just taking a bath and poof! You were away!" "You were just taking a bath?!" "But what about the farmer that talked about a good meal?" "It was the first time in my life I had a good meal. He ment our food."[/B] [I]They look at eachother and then again at Flomer.[/I]
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:|.......dude! this better not me SheepMan if it is you just copied Dragon Warrior lol, sounds pretty funny though lol Supper Sheep! Nananananananananananananananana Super Sheep, Super Sheep......SUPER SHEEP! (nanana..etc was supposed to be teh batman music, i bet evryone will not get that and think im cra...well taht true but back to teh post!) um.....yeah....well.....i think it might be funny, if it aint, they'll be trouble *shakes fist* 'Cause you know i love my comedy! lol
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Bummer! I had too read Goatman before I did this!
This looks a little, but just a little bit like it, but it still both are farm animals with superpowers. :(
Man! too bad it wasn't original :(
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