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Writing My first poem


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This is my first attempt at a poem in a long time ( about a year) and the first time I have posted one on these boards. Please rate and tell me where I can and improve. It's kind of long, but anyway, enjoy!

The question
which has plagued your mind,
Ever since you scuttled along
those infinite evergreen glades,
The location
in which you first perceived,
my resonance.

From that point in time
you have constantly queried that,
that I am
The reason for why I have graced thee
with my appearance.
The Answer.

What answer do you Require?
The reason for why
the birds soar,
soar among the tree tops
which create the canopies
where life has forever flourished,
from the purifying aurora of their song?

do you wish to know why
when you delve into the deepest cave
you are immediately swarmed by the groans
the groans of those who wish to be set free into the light,
away from this pitch black cloak
which has smothered them for so long?
This mass,
this being of nothing,
which starves them of their basic needs?

why the surface of this planet
has been over-run by this liquid,
although this substance can be formed
and is dependant on your reactions,
Then why is it possible for it to become a fortress
an unstoppable rampage,
yet it holds within it
the Object,
which is essential for life?s existence.

Are these the answers which you have been craving for?
The unrivalled torment,
which has disrupted your path for so long,
or have I barraged you with so many questions
the answer you want is no longer relevant?

Have I clouded your thoughts,
why is there no answer?

I have a single other question
which I hath tangled in my web,

Who am I?
I am the one
that brings unprecedented destruction,
for those who disobey my requests
I am the one
that projects those disgruntled groans
which thunder through the sky.

If you whish to acquire my label,
listen to the wind,
for at its most quiet point,
when the dust has settled,
I will answer your question,
as simply and as clearly as possible, I will reply,


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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Psychotik [/i]
[B]Thanks, I actually tried alot harder than usual on this poem as my skills have gone so rusty over time.

Reverence-out>> [/B][/QUOTE]

I know what you mean...that's why I've stopped writing poetry. But for real, you got mad skills, yo. That is one of the best poems I've ever heard. ;)
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