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Anime New Gundam Series!!


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Yep, most of you prolly know this, but a new gundam series is going to be realesed in Japan in the near future. It's called New Mobile Suit Gundam SEED:

[quote][i]As posted by Newtype-Asylum[/i]
[b]July 5, 2002: The lastest issue of Japan's monthly NewType magazine (August 2002; ¥550) has officially confirmed that the next animated Gundam series after Turn-A Gundam will be called New Mobile Suit Gundam SEED (tentative title). Few detail is known about this new Gundam series, but it is confirmed that the name of the lead character is Yamato Kira and the feature Gundam-type MS is called "G-5 Strike Gundam". We'll keep you posted when more information about New Mobile Suit Gundam SEED becomes available. - Lord Valkyrie (Gundam.org) and Nightingale[/b][/quote]
This is some freakin awsome good news. Well, sos long as they do something new with it.
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Yeah, I read it a couple of days ago on Gundam Plus. Im a big Gundam fan so I can not wait. I still have a couple of series to see though before I can say I have seen them all. It will probably be 2 to 4 years before we ever see it, if we see it at all. I guess you can always get those region free subbed DVDs.
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[font=century gothic][color=crimson][size=1]Fmeh... I'll get fansubbs if I have to. I've been waiting for a new gundam since about 1999. But I'm asking myself some question. What exactly can they do with gundam? By the time this is going to take place uber powerful and beyond invincible Mobile Suits will exist, right? Who's is going to be the enemy? Is it going to be about an actual war? How about the characters. Will the be on par with some of the others in the past? [/font][/color]

EDIT:Heh. I just visited your site. Eww.. it seems you're a feddie. Seig Zeon, baby![/size]
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WHAT? Me a feddie? I am insulted....j/k But really, what made you think that? I must fix it fast.

Yeah your right it does raise alot of questions. Some one posted earlier about a new Gundam series that would be a continuation or something after endless waltz. This is just a rumor as of the time being. I would rather see something else, like maybe more indepth with the Formula 91 series, but this is more likely due to the large succes of Gundam Wing in North America. GW was good, but its not the best of the series so I would be a little disapointed if they chose the Endless Waltz deal.

I really enjoyed how they went back and did the 08th MS Team set back during the "One Year War". So i think it would be cool to see something like that but from a Zeon point of view.

Either way I will do everything I can to get a hold of the series. The good and the bad, if its Gundam, I love it.


Oh, I see what your talking about now. For some reason I was thinking you where talking about AmpGFX. I found that drawing at a website and thought it was pretty cool. I could not find one for Zeon so I just used it. I thought the concept was cool. Since I could not find one for the Zeon, perhaps I will do one myself...
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Here's some good information on Gundam SEED:
(thanks to Tatara-san!)

[QUOTE]Sunrise has talked about "going back to the beginning" and "taking a new look at history". I assumed the series was going to be something along the line of "For the Barrel". The uniforms do look Feddie, and the Strike Gundam is in typical colors.

From MAHQ.net...
-The series will be directed by Mitsuo Fukuda (Future GPX Cyber Formula and Gear Fighter Dendoh).
-Mecha designs are by Kunio Okawara and Kimitoshi Yamane.
-Character designs are by Hisashi Hirai.
-The main mobile suit is named the G-5 Strike Gundam. The suit has what is described as a 'normal type' and an 'aile type' (air?).
-The main character's name is Kira Yamato, age 16. While that looks like a feminine name, the pilot's sex is unknown. I won't assume anything, since fans in 1985 probably thought Kamille Bidan was a woman just by hearing the name.
-Other characters include Asuran Zara, 16; Mariyuu Ramiasu, 26; Furei Arusutaa, 15.
-The show's continuity has not been revealed yet. It is too early to tell if it is set in the Universal Century or another universe.
-No broadcast date has been set, but based on Bandai's past habits and the Japanese broadcasting season, it will most likely start in October.
-An episode count has also not been finalized, but given past series it will probably be 49 episodes.

From a Gundam.com post by RGZ-91...
Kira Yamato is 16yrs old, pilots the Strike Gundam and looks like a guy. Asulan Zara is 16yrs old and pilots Aegis Gundam (not sure about the name. The print looks too small to really see). Both are best friends and each one of them is called a "coordinator", a new type of human (like NTs in UC Gundam). I guess this makes this series more of AU setting than UC. Asulan is a MS pilot for the ZAFT faction ( ????? translates Citizen Revolution Force). Kira is part of ????? (translates Union Earth Force or Alliance Earth Force). This Union Earth Force are trying to protect citizens and classmates from ZAFT's attacks. Yep, this means Kira and Asulan are best friends turned into enemy due to war. It goes on and say the theme would be based on friendship and enemy. Ok those two I guess are the main characters for this new series. Other character names: Maryu Ramias is Earth Force ?? (2nd Lt). Flei Arustar is 15yr old (rest of the description is too blurry to read).

From GML posts by Minovsky-Ionesco...
I did some more digging and squinting and I noticed some other things. Under Maryu Ramias (Mary Ramius?), there's a mention of something called Archangel (or akuenjyiru) and, in the descriptions of Kira and Flei (Frei?), there's a mention of another thing called Heliopolis (or herioporisu; I had to guess if one of the kanji was "po" or "bo") . In addition, in the description of the Strike Gundam, there's katakana that spells out "Almighty" (orimaityi).

I found more information. Some Japanese fan was kindly enough to transcribe the descriptions on a BBS. Here's the translation. Excuse it's roughness, but this is through Amikai/Cafeglobe:

Kira Yamato- the hero of this editing and is a coordinator. 16 years old. A neutral resources satellite. The school same in Heliopolis as ordinary children is gone frequently. it involves in the surprise attack of ZAFUTO -- having -- becoming --dying -- coming out -- the secret arms of an earth army. It counterattacks on a Strike Gundam. It will become the pilot of an Earth army.

Asuran Zara- the other hero and he is also a coordinator. 16 years old. The pilot who is ZAFUTO in the best friend of Kira. Five sets which the earth army was developing in secrecy Four in a Gundam are wrested. One "an IJISU Gundam" of sets of it is driven. Kira and a fierce fight will be developed.

So the Gundams appear to be the boss mecha for ZAFT, where stolen from the United Earth Army, with the one of them being piloted by Asuran. The fifth one ends up as Kira's mech.

Maryu Ramiasu- Earth army first lieutenant. 26 years old. the new construction for employing a Gundam -- a battleship The vice-president of an "arc angel." But since the captain of a warship was killed in war, it becomes the captain of a warship on substance. She is a humanity group although it has dared put the body on fighting in order to acquire peace. Quiet character. In an arc angel, it is besides her or Frei. Many women will get in.

So the Archangel is the name of the ship, and she's our Bright Noah in this tale.

Frei Ulster- 15 years old. One of the heroines in this tale. With the resident of resources satellite Heliopolis. The classmate who goes to the same school as Kira. It is well-bred and is a beauty. It acts in idol in consciousness and Kira is manipulated. Although she is also involved in war, mainly turning [ self ] to a battle Is it? Preparedness which puts the body on fighting.

A cross between Sayla and Frau?

Strike Gundam- It is the 5th body among five "the sets of the Gundams which the Earth army developed. By ??(ing) equipment, they are a middle distance space warfare and a long distance bombardment game. Almighty body which can respond to a proximity dogfight, respectively. Kira boards.

The untranslated kanji is "kansou" (I believe) and means "changing dressing" or "interchangable gear". So it's modular, but we can already guess that from the pictures.

Incidently, the Japanese fans have noticed that Maryu and Frei are similar-looking, as if they were traced. When the Japanese are saying that the characters look the same in an anime production, man...[/QUOTE]

I have some pictures of this on my site. . . . (looks innocently at my siggy).
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