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RPG You defeat the world


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In this game you have to blow up the world and escape to mars. Why blow up the world and escape to mars you ask.Well you blew up a country (not on purpose) and the world thinks you'll do it again.By the it would be reconmended that you team up with some other people playing doesn't matter how many.Finally I will be playing the world(I play fare).
Here you in step one you have to pick a body and name it. NOTE: The bodies all have different stats that give it an atvantage
in some catigories.Also the highest any catigory can go is 20.

Body A1A: Strength:9 Speed:17 Jumping:distance-15ft. height-5ft.
Stanima:19 Sight:11 Hearing:1 Other: Height: 6'8" Weight:215 lbs

Body A2B: Strength:10 Speed:10 Jumping:distance-10ft. height:3'4" Stanima:20 Sight:10 Hearing:10 Other: Height: 7'0" Weight:300 lbs

More Later............
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::makes a cross with hands:: EVIL!!!

Okay, now, I'm going to have to close this... Why, you might ask? Well...

1) Okay, I kinda get the plot, but really, it doesn't really make sense. You have to blow up the world simply because you blew up a country? ::rubs head::

2) Sign-ups go in the sign up sub-forum. But you are a newbie, so I'm not that annoyed. But still, look around before you do anything.

3) Now, with people having to pick "bodies", you really need to give more info. It really doesn't help when you just say; Strength: 10, Speed: 6... How much is ten? Can you lift cars? Can you outrun a speed bullet? We need more info!

I'd go on, but I'm getting bored here... Please, look at other sign up threads, see what you have to do, get ideas, and if you want, try again. Hopefully then you'll know what to do.

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