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In the year 2025 a cult that when by the name of bretheren of Aurilius discovered a ancient book, written in nothing but the blood of humans. This book held the secrets of the Demons and how to raise hell upon earth.In doing this 20 Demons were released upon the earth. one of these was the Son of Satan, Seifer. The Demons first act was to slaughter all of the bretheren of Aurilius leaving only one servivor Ash. The Demons then went their seperate ways slaughtering men and children and raping the women. Ash, having the only key to stop the demons went out in search for the demons and found them at mount Minakami. After reading a passage from the book The Demons Froze and the entrance to the mountain was blocked off so the Demons could never be released.
25 years later...........global warming hit a new level and eventually will release the demons, but this time there is no means of stopping them, because the book as long been destroyed. Vampires now lurk in the night. Both Human and Demon (like normal Vampire's on t.v) neither good or bad, they are their own race, they dont see themselves as a cross breed, they choose their own path. Humans are now getting stronger and more skilled because of the increase in vampires. When the demons are released, there will only be a few people who can take them on, and with Vampires roaming the area, it is going to be ahrd to win this war.

heres the sign up:

Name: Seifer
age: 500
Race: Demon ( no good demons, If you are a vampire state weather you are good or bad.)
weapons: Claws, tail.
Bio: He his the son of Satan, but he his no way near as strong. he his father. Since he was a small demon as has been training to an extent that he has surpassed the powers of most demons, this ability as earned him the right to become the leader of the Demon amy. Once in comand he decided to rebel against his own father to take over the thrown of the demon world, but his father was way to strong to be beaten and what was left of the army was out casted and banished from the kindom of the dead.
Description: looks like Devilman, except where Devilman has human flesh for the upper part of his body, Seifer has all Hair.
Personality: he his the meanest Demon around. He his a cold blooded killer with the first for blood. He treats all of his fellow demons with disrespect. the only one He doesnt treat like dirt his is own farther, Satan.
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Name: Tyron
age: 23 (beastmen years)
Race: Beastman (½ man/½ wolf. He becomes weerwolf at night.)
weapons: Vampire claw and boned knuckle
Bio: Unknown (he just got in an army without they info)
Description: Black with Dark brown hairs, gold spikes (hairspikes of course :P) ontop of his head and a scar throu his right eye.
Personality: Takes a battle very serious and he would do allmost everythig to win. (except cheating) He doesnt laughs so much himself but he can make funny jokes. Only he allways has a serious look on his face.
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Name: Ash

Age: 21

Race: Human

Weapons: A sword, two rapid fire handguns, desert eagle and pump action shotgun with silver spike launcher.

Bio: His father was somehow half demon. He had the strength speed, agility, reflexes and so on but he was as good as the next human but with a little extra demon slayage. These demonic qualities have been past down from father to son, but from an early age Ian began to train Ash in arital arts and how to use all of the weapons, and Ash surpasse his fathers skill at an early age. He was sworn to killevery demon he meets that is bad beause of what his father did and the promise he made to him on his death bed. He has been hunting for many years now.

Description: Blonde Spikey hair, blue eys and the same clothes blade wears

Personality: He is quiet, never smiles, but is quick and down to the point in everything
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name: Wolf
age:445(looks 25)
race: pure were wolf(never changes into a human.moon gives him more power)
weapons:twin falkatas made of silver.
bio:hates evil with a passion and will do anything to stop it.
description:big 7 foot were wolf with silver fur and a red scarf.(if you need a better description go to stories and poetry and look for the story behind Wolf and the pack.that should do)
personality:series about althings, but does know when to relax.

hey DA(Dark_Apocalyps)how about alittle wolf partnership.we faught as wolves onces now lets fight together.
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Name: Kain

Age: 499 (looks 20)

Race: Vampire

Weapons: Katana and Twin Katars

Bio: Like most vampires he feeds on the living.He hates himself for it but if he does not feed he will die.He was turned into a vampire 437 years ago.He can walk in daylight like any other human but if he is exposed to too much sun he can be very cranky.He hates evil with a passion and usually fights on the good side.

Description: Unknown.He can change how he looks when he wants to.He usually is in the form of a man at about 5'11,blonde spikey hair,green eyes,black leather pants and a black vest with a white shirt underneath.

Personality: Depends on what he is doing.
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