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Top 5 bands

Guest Soft mush

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Guest Soft mush
I am bored so I think I'll make a new thread.
My top 5 favourite bands EVER are :

5 . Steriophonics
4 . REM
3 . Travis
2 . U2

And at number 1, one of the greatest and most influentional bands of all time : Queen.

Speaking of which, it's Freddy Mercury's annaversy this year.
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[b]Lemme see now...(in order):
At the number one spot is *drum roll* is Gorillaz! *loud whoops and cheers*
Number two spot is.....Gorillaz!
At Number three, yep, you guessed it: Gorillaz!
Making themselves very comfortable in the four spot are Gorillaz...
*drum roll*
And the number five spot goes away to....Limp-Gorillaz!
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