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  1. How could you think Deathscyth is the fastest Tallgeese Is faster and Wing Zero doesn't count, Unless all gundams should just spin around with there rifle and kill everyone in sight.
  2. If you want a good RPG with a fun twist of the waste land get Wild Arms three it is a very good game I enjoyed. Either that or Xeno Saga it has good reveiws but I dont like it as much as every one else seems to.
  3. It sounds to me like you dont really want to type this thingh so give up on it.
  4. I enjoyed the ending and the Whole happy bit was ok although I also would have equally enjoyed a death or two.:demon:
  5. Mabey you should consider no banners? they do take up a pretty big portion of a sig.
  6. KH2 will probably come out with disney still in the mix I think It added something to the first one any way (If they didn't have disney and it was still made well, I wonder how much better it would be.) :smirk:
  7. Anten69


    Gene Starwind he's ready to shoot before talking and doesnt care who gives a damn. (Also I'd go for Aishas booty).
  8. Have any of you ever seen this anime Gall force 2 If so what did you think of it?::smirk:
  9. I forgot to mention another song I like very much the Z.O.E song Kiss me Sunshine (amiboshi please make sure to quote me if i've typed any thing incorrectly.:naughty:
  10. Inu-yahsa is my second favorite anime below OS and has my second favorite song MY WILL below my first OS's RUN THROUGH THE NIGHT. It is a good anime and I hope to see more.
  11. It sounds like an Excellent Idea. My favorite Theme songs are Through the Night from OS and My Will from Inuyasha. good luck.
  12. Doesnt sound like G gundam! (wires connected to the pilot not quite gundam style.) But I have no Idea either... hey people read my post for my forgotten anime I am really curious if you have ever seen any thing like it.
  13. Anten69

    Anime Akira

    I actually didn't enjoy watching it very much after the motor cycles that bad A** red one was my fav (wish I had one) the Animation was impressive about one frame under Disney but I'd rather go with Sprigen for the little white guys;)
  14. The sailor scout Ami she's been my fav since the beginning of my anime experiance.:devil:
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