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  1. Cardcaptors is kawaii ^^; They actually did ok on the dub, besides they cut out too many episodes and scenes. But... even if they didn't I'd still prefer the subbed version. Cardcaptors is kawaii, but Cardcaptor Sakura is kawaii AND sugoi. ^^;; Go Syaoran ^^
  2. I really have no comment about the flea. Heck I can't even remember his name. It starts with M... thats all I remember o.o; I love that penguin ^^ I also like Peropero from Kare Kano too though, he does nothing but is still cute. What is the flea's name? o.o;;
  3. The only reality tv show I really like is American Idol. The only other thing I watch is Married by America, just because it so stupid and funny. Really, that one girl was in a porn magazine and when they asked her why she said "I thought it was classy" then the next week it was found she was ALREADY married! That was just hilarious! She's a complete embarassment to the human race, like Married by America is to tv, but still, I can't help but watch it it's so funny
  4. yeah, sorry ^^; I get a bit hyper when talking about DK. Well, I'm still trying to figure out why I picked it up off the shelf in the first place o.o; I just saw it and bought it, knew nothing about it or anything o.o; Well, I didn't like the 1st volume that much either when compared to other manga, but I thought the crossdressing stuff was funny ^^; So I never thought of it as bad.. Actually thats why I continued buying it. Cause I wanted to see more crossdressing O.o; But now, with Rath, its getting to be more drama like sorta o.o; Amiboshi, have you read the 5th volume yet?
  5. I've seen 3 volumes and there is no doubt this is one of my top 5 anime. The second volume is so FUNNY! I was laughing so hard throughout all of most of the episodes and I still couldn't stop after it ended!
  6. Its all in the emotions. In real life, you can pretty much just tell when someones a real easy going, fun person and often that makes it easier to laugh at all the bad stuff that happens to them, the serious people seem almost perfect in ways. But there also has to be times when something devestating happens to that character and how they handle it. I think its saddest when something bad happens to the happiest people, to see someone cry who normally is completely happy is strange and extremly sad. I think its the same in anime. Most people don't want someone whos always wallowing in their own pity, but a character who doesn't take life too seriously, but still can cry and make mistakes. Complex charries are good, I love it when my fave charries have an inner self that they don't let out and they accidentally let someone see it, and it changes them, but a hard change. Actually, now that I think of it, that sounds like Kare Kano o.o;;
  7. DRAGON KNIGHTS!! Barely anyone ever picks it up cause the cover art is pretty bad. But the story is so AWESOME! The characters are all so unique and complex, like real people. They're not like.. Sana-chan from Kodomo no Omocha anime o.o; Personally, I like Kodomo no Omocha, anime or manga, but in the manga I sorta miss babbit since I saw the anime first.. BUT! We're talking about Dragon Knights. Rath-san is sugoi! The best character, but I can't explain his situation cause its a big part in the plot ^^; At least it adds to the cliffhangers at the end of each volume. Its my favorite manga or anime, so that says a lot. The only bad thing (for some people, personally I write a lot of novels (not published)and I prefer a lot of complex plots and characters so I understand pretty well) is the complex plot. Its hard to keep track what happened to who when where and such. If you understand that.. All I can say is.. It's Tokyopop $10.. So. SPEND THE $10 AND GET DRAGON KNIGHTS VOLUME 1! O.o; btw I wanna tell you the first couple volumes aren't as good as the rest, but still good. The volumes start getting REALLY good around volumes 4-5. My fave volume so far is volume 5 (the chapter "Bertha's Curse" is A REALLY GOOD chapter). I've read 6 volumes so far and have 7 and 8 on order so... ^^ READ DRAGON KNIGHTS!
  8. Okies, well I'm gonna just jump in here... for no reason at all.. except I love Inu-Yasha. Miroku-san is sugoi! ^^;; But if you go to [url]www.meganimedvd.com[/url] they have all region dvds for cheap. They have like 26 episodes for $30 or something like that, sadly I haven't gotten Inu-Yasha yet so all I've seen is the dubbed and only 3 episodes in japanese.
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