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  2. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Syk3 [/i] [B]Batman, please put more of an effort into your post than a single line. I'm sure that you can expand on why they make you sad, or at least say a little more about what you think of them. Five words hardly contributes to an intelligent discussion. [/B][/QUOTE] An intelligent discussion? About a pop-punk band? Isn't your post just a little more worthless than mine? They make me sad because I really do not like them. More explanation required, Sally?
  3. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by LostProphet [/i] [B]Anyhow, back to Dashboard Confessional.... I'm thinking about buying the CD. Anyone have any objections to it? [/B][/QUOTE] Why would anyone care to have objections? Buy the cd if you want.
  4. Nice topic! My favourite animal is the one that bites off your face.
  5. Donnie Darko is a brilliant film. That's all I have to say, other than that Jena Malone is lovely.
  6. American Idol makes me hate American people so much...
  7. Maybe if your signiture was not the longest thing ever this mix-up would have been averted.
  8. Good Charlotte make me sad.
  9. I don't really care much, the only song I have heard is just all over the place, it was as if they pieced a bunch of songs together, but not in a cool beatles fashion. His hair is cool though.
  10. I think X2 is a far better film than the first, which also makes it much better than Spiderman, which I hated. Wolverine is a cigar smoking mack-daddy, Hugh Jackman is great in that role. Nightcrawler fighting at the very beginning was excellent, but then he was good again and a boring life-saving guy, damn christians... I just want to test something: [img][/img] Hmm, if the image shows up here why does it not work in my signiture? Crazy.
  11. I'm a big fan of the White Stripes, I think Jack White is a great musician and writer, and Meg White...keeps the beat and is cute. Elephant is a good album, but I don't think it is as good as the second album, De Stijl which remains their best in my opinion. THEY ARE BROTHER AND SISTER!
  12. I have never been paintballing, I've been invited but always don't bother. Yes I am a big chicken, but a funky and cool one.