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  1. Hahaha, I remember when I was really little, I used to believe that Rikki Tiki Tavi lived in my Grandma's bathroom vents. XD!!! Don't ask why I was so spazzy, but after reading that story, I got CONVINCED that there was a mongoose in my Grandma's vents....Oo;;
  2. Brood_Mayran

    RPG Sailor Moon: Dark Kingdom Return

    Kenako Yaturi stepped off of the bus and got her bags. Finally back from her trip, she trudges home lightly, dragging her bags behind her. She didn't REALLY want to miss so much school and such, but she promised her drama department she'd study her lines like MAD. Her mother followed behind her. Kenako's grandfather was the reason she was gone so long. He fell very ill, then had to get a heart surgery. She sighed upon remembering, and knew that during the time she was gone, that she felt like there was something wrong going on, besides what was happening to her grandfather. Now she was back and he was okay, but she still felt like something was wrong. Very...very....wrong. The animal slowly following Kenako sighed. /'bout time you got back, lazy....you're needed...../
  3. Brood_Mayran

    RPG Sailor Moon: Dark Kingdom Return

    ((OOC: Do me a BIIIIIG favor and IGNORE that last post...I saw that thing at the bottom of the FIRST page and I goofishly thought that's where the RP was at the time. Anyway, I'll be gone for a week, so please pretend that Kenna-chan got called away on a family emergency :P! Thanks all and see you in a week!))
  4. Brood_Mayran

    RPG Sailor Moon: Dark Kingdom Return

    Kenako, done with her lunch break of the day, walked back to her school, pausing now and again. She had the odd feeling of being followed.... "AAAAAAHHHH!! HEEELLLPP MEEEE!!!!!!!!" Kenako's head shot up from where she was thinking. Someone was calling for help... She ran along the building until she found a girl standing alone, her friends laying unconscious around her. Kenako started forward to ask what she could do, when she suddenly saw a black robed figure appear in front of her. "GO AWAY!! LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!!" It was an underclass girl she recognized as one of the girls in her drama group, who was being trained to help the director when the upperclassmen were gone. "SAKURA-CHAN!" *Thinking* "What can I do.....? What IS that thing!?"
  5. Brood_Mayran

    RPG Sailor Moon: Dark Kingdom Return

    Kenako Yaturi stomped through the halls of her school, remembering her stern math teacher's talk. She pushed open one of the doors and quickly found her favorite secluded bench to cool off on. She looked up through the tree canopy and fingered her play script lightly. Her school was doing, "Vacancy in Paradise," and she was playing one of the female leads. There were ten female parts in it, and only five males. She still had quite a few lines to learn.... She sighed and stood up, beginning her walk home. Little did she know, that a small animal was eyeing her closely.... ((You know the drill, o-guardian-beasties! lol))
  6. Brood_Mayran

    Anime What's your Favorite Gundam Saga?

    Personally, my first Gundam love Gundam Wing...mmm...Duo...anyway, I was quickly introduced to other Gundams like "08th MS Team," which is ALWAYS a favorite of mine. That's mainly due to all the character development and storyline in only 13 or so episodes, and that ending really got to me. Wing has great music and storyline development, although I think they could have expanded on Heero quite a bit more. That's just my personal opinion though.
  7. Brood_Mayran

    Anime Made-up cards

    Hehe...this is just a little fun card I made up one day in school. I even have it drawn and in a card sleeve now. PURE EVIL *Picture is of a paper labeled "homework" with evil eyes* Level 5 Attribute: Dark 3000/100 (Oh come on, it's a piece of paper, how much defence can it HAVE? But those papercuts HURT, ne?) [Fiend/Effect] This card cannot be special summoned. If this card is in face up attack position on the field, no monsters can attack, as they are now doing homework. Now to make up for the fun one up there, a real one. Elemental Librarian Level 4 Attribute: Earth 1600/700 [Spellcaster/Effect] When this card is face up on the field, you may sacrifice one face down magic/trap card on the field to search your deck for one field magic card to place into your hand. Shuffle deck afterwards. This effect may only be used once per game.
  8. Brood_Mayran

    Anime Yu-Gi-Oh! Caption Contest

    Tea Magician of Faith: What's taking so long up there? Joey Flame Swordsman: I dunno, nobody's made a move for awhile.. Yugi Dark Magician: Guys, just look..... Yami Bakura: ....so I TOLD her, "That's NOT the way you polish an Egyptian artifact, you have to rub COUNTER-clockwise with MEDIUM pressure... Yami Yugi: So true, little Yugi tried cleaning the Puzzle once, and....Oh! Hey down there you guys! Others: .....when you're done deciding our FATE up there...
  9. This is a fanfiction board and stuffs...but how many of you write for fanfiction.net? I have an account, but I haven't written in awhile on it...*darn writers block! Killing...sucking my SOUL!!!* Anyway, I write mainly Yugioh fiction, and my pen name is Brood Mayran. What do all of you write, and what are your pen names?
  10. Brood_Mayran

    Sign Up Sailor Moon: Dark Kingdom Return

    How soon will this RP start, 'SJ-chan? We have what....three or four generals, seven scouts, and 1 tuxuedo knight? Two guardian beasts as well...Hmm...
  11. Brood_Mayran

    Sign Up Sailor Moon: Dark Kingdom Return

    Hello there everyone...I'm obviously new, but here's my little profile anyway! Name: Sailor Andromeda Age: 17 Gender: Female Attack(s): Various elemental sword attacks Description: Wears a grey and yellow fuku, grey skirted and yellow bowed. The body of the fuku is the regular Sailor Scout white. Has a special broadsword she attacks with. Secret Identity: Yaturi Kenako (Kenna-chan to close friends) S.I. Description: Stands about 5' 9", Long straight brown hair down to her bottom, dark brown eyes. Personality: Very neutral, and doesn't speak until spoken too mostly, but has a very lively personality when prodded correctly. Very hard to get angry as well.