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  1. I'm coming for you, Desbreko.

  2. So we beat on, boats against the current, borne ceaselessly into the past.

    1. Boo


      Yes. We. Do.

  3. Never give up. Trust your instincts.

  4. Climbing in yo windows, editing yo posts.

    1. Boo


      Hide yo lolcats, hide yo edit messages.

    2. Shwa


      And clear yo history, cause they loookin' at all yo fap links.

    3. James


      Private browsing, Shwa. ~_^

  5. Oceanus is up. Start posting!

    1. Shy


      It's entirely your call! And remember that these posts don't have to be written in chronological order, so you can write posts about any period in your character's life.

    2. Boo



    3. Lilt


      I hope you read this Shy. I should have my post up tomorrow if all things go well.

      Also, thanks for all your help. I keep thinking of this like a normal RP. I need to get outside of the box more often.

  6. I'll probably have the first Oceanus post up tomorrow. Finding the right song has been kind of tricky.

    1. Boo


      OK BACK HOME, SELECTED SOME SONGS. TIME 4 POSTIN'. Also, White made you talk, lolz

  7. Really enjoying the sign-ups for OCEANUS so far, but I'm hoping to see some more! Do you have a song to share?



      okay, okay.. I'm on it.

  8. You don't love Arcadia anymore?

  9. I know y'all are signing up for my RPG. So get on that.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Boo


      ... Why would you do that?

    3. Shy


      Music doesn't have to be in every post you do, but I do kinda expect songs in a lot of them. No Oklahoma, though.

    4. Lilt


      Awww, but Oklahoma was my theme song! D:

      Just kidding, but I'm working on my sign up right now. I have a good theme song planned.

  10. Oceanus is live. Let me know what you think.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Lilt


      I like the idea a lot. Music is one of my favorite things in a good story.

      I'll have my sign up posted this week.

    3. Boo


      Man, not barely enough attention for your prime piece of work.

    4. James


      I love the idea, very clever. :-)

  11. Returning to OB Theater in a big way this week.

  12. New Year, new Nifty Fifty. Make it happen!

  13. just got a Nintendo DS XL! What games should I be playing on this?

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    2. Shinmaru


      You like puzzles? The Professor Layton games are quite awesome. I also love the Ace Attorney games: Really funny, good stories and lots of fun.

    3. Sangome


      Shin and Ace beat me to my other suggestions, so I'll just third the Ace Attorney and Professor Layton recommendations. xD

    4. James


      Super Princess Peach. No, seriously.

  14. I did not, nor would I ever. If anyone knows the joys of a good vampire **** it's me.

  15. Shy

    I try to befriend you on Faceplace and you ignore me. I'm crying now, Darren. Thanks a lot.

  16. is 2 legit 2 quit.

  17. Shy

    Lady Shy is a smart man.

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