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  1. On 1/6/2019 at 2:54 PM, Khris.99 said:

    Hello everybody!

    I'm Cristian, an italian guy of 19 years old, I discovered this site right now and I wish to make much friendships! 

    I'm not at 100% an otaku cause I'm still new.. I'm a student/worker and I'm studing for become an electronic technical expert, I like strategy games like LOL, manga and of course anime.

    I'll be glad to become your new friend!

    Thanks for have read until here. :rolleyes:

    Welcome to OtakuBoards. Enjoy your stay.


  2. This news makes me very sad. I've known Des for most of my life at this point, and he was someone I respected and trusted a great deal. We kept in touch over the years in passing. but only recently did I know anything about his illness. I remember wishing him well on Twitter just a few months ago, and now I wish I would have spent more time to catch up. It breaks my heart even more to see how much time has gone by since his passing and Michael piecing together the story. As Charles said it never occurred to me how serious his condition could get. I know we're all getting older... this is just so unfortunate. My heart goes out to his family, especially his brothers who I know he cared for a great deal.

    There was no denying how capable and talented he was when it came to his passions. If I recall, he was quite quickly quickly made the moderator of the Zelda (Nintendo?) forum just after entering the OB scene. I can still remember the old patterned GIF of an avatar he used when he was known as JCGoudy. Back then he was mostly a gaming guy, but at some point he started to pursue anime a great deal. In no time at all he was an expert in that, too. We would do these old AIM chatrooms full of OB members and Des would be so quick to pull up a relevant screen cap from an anime I had never even heard from -- and he had taken the screen cap himself. This was a very impressive thing to do back then, I swear!

    Des always held a steady optimism that was sorely needed on this site, and he kept his head above the fray on a lot of the random OB spats members would have. He was a great admin because nobody could dislike him. For different reasons a lot of us needed the kind of encouraging social outlet that OtakuBoards was in those days. We had precious few conversations in our many years and experiences together. I feel like he and I have always shared a quiet understanding. I'll miss him.


  3. Right now I am reading CURVEBALL, a graphic novel by artist Jeremy Sorese (NoBrow Press). It's about a futuristic society in decline, where most of the machines are decaying and nobody knows what will become of humanity after the age of automation is no longer functional. In addition, it's about reawakening yourself after losing a great love. The whole thing has a sleepy, dreamlike quality to it but honestly I find it a bit overwritten and too wordy in parts. This all speaks to the author's sensibilities, I guess, but my style is generally "less is more," especially when the artist is so very capable.

    One thing CURVEBALL is is LOOONG, and I've struggled a bit to get through it. I think the slog is a bit intentional though, and I suspect towards the end it might build towards... something? Like OB RPGs of yore, the emphasis might be a little too heavy on world-building and not enough on plotting. It's a perfect read for a long journey and self-reflection.


  4. Some of us have been with this site longer than we haven't(!) and a lot of the skills I use in my work life (writing, organizing groups of people, art direction) are things I originally put into practice on this very site!

    I was wondering if there are any skills, interests, etc. you use regularly that you can directly attribute to your time on the site. For some that might be art, for others it might be technical stuff like coding. These days I write comic books professionally, and I don't think I would have been as comfortable with the organizational stuff behind it if I didn't have a decade of OB experience behind me.

    What says you?

  5. fqfg3.thumb.jpg.345f11351a6d3b7f5226a190


    CHARLES and I have been discussing ways to inject new life into the forums, and we both think it is important to restore the bold heritage of OtakuBoards RPG. As any true Otaku historian knows, Final Quest For Glory is by far the most popular RPG is this forum's long life, but was sadly deleted like oh so many Digimon threads. Ages ago, Chuck and I tried to duplicate that success with Final Quest For Glory 2, but it got too political and some lives were ruined in the process. We have since learned the error of our ways and have come up with some great ideas to promote a friendly atmosphere and foster the creativity of our members.

    Our original plan was to launch this next week, but everyone is so busy that I thought the extra sign-up time would help. Charles will help explain the entire story and structure of this unconventional RPG next week when we launch the project formally, but we can't launch anything without players! If you'd like to sign-up, please include the following in your reply:


    It's great to be back in the Theater forum where so much magic once happened. If you have never played an OB RPG before (or don't remember your characters so well) feel free to play as an all-new creation. Or, if you really want to, play as a fictionalized version of your OB identity...

    Anyways, we've got some surprises in store for you as this begins to ramp up. Special thanks to CHARLES who really wowed me with his ambition and creativity on this and countless other projects over the years.

    - Shy

  6. Ugh, I just lost The Game!


    I'm curious if I can dig up the old Nifty 50 banners. That was 100 hard drives ago, but they still might be hosted on imageshack or whatever I was using at the time.




    - Shy

  7. - Rise of social media/etc... (I think that when more and more alternatives appeared, web forums generally - specially dedicated ones like this - started to struggle. Many web forum communities that used to thrive have died out long ago. These days, unless you're a Reddit or something...I think it's hard to survive. There are newer, often better, alternatives.)


    This is the big one. The best stuff on OB wasn't specific to anime usually, and the rest of the world started having these kind of interactions on Facebook/Twitter/etc.. TheOtaku's soft decline and the decline of anime's mainstream representation in English speaking countries certainly hasn't helped. In addition, increasingly uptight members (myself included, I guess) turned people off sooner than they might have been turned off otherwise. 


    I remade the Padded Room Party to give OB a home for non sequitur , context-less posts that have since overrun the internet. I understand why people feel like it "broke" the boards, but that's simply not accurate. If anything the PRP was life support for this place for *years*. Quality of life for the site is another matter entirely...


    No matter what happened or how many events we made eventually the core membership was going to start growing up, making babies, and/or maintaining our nuclear stockpile. Many great memories, and many great friendships, are the direct result of my time here. It's nice to pop in and revisit the old threads. I hope I'm able to do that for as long as possible.


    - Shy

  8. Solar technology is getting cheaper and cheaper. Although it seems like high-minded futurism now, there will come a point where generating solar power is cheaper per watt to produce than through conventional means. I'm very much looking forward to having my home powered through cleaner means, although I'm not looking to buy in even the remote future.


    Even if the US an China are being slow to adopt new technology for various reasons, other nations are definitely looking to solar as the answer. India is building some HUGE solar plants. Since their power grid is a complete disaster this could only be a good thing.


    - Shy

  9. On Otakupedia I believe we had a list of all of the various member titles over the years. I'm not sure that page exists.


    Allamorph was against PRP ever since I banned cat pictures from that thread (not that the banning stuck, mind you.)


    - Shy

  10. Having said that, it may be tricky to finish that one...maybe we do need to start a third...

    Otherwise we'd have to really find a way to awkwardly change the scope a bit I think. When I re-read it, I'm finding it hard to place all the characters.

    Any thoughts? Shy? 


    After reading through some of it again I remember where we were going with certain details. However, I'm still really confused about placing certain characters within the story, Perhaps a post could summarize things a bit and launch into the next Almagest, but then we have to begin the conversation about what that RPG would look like. Part of the appeal of the original was the large, unwieldy cast of characters... I'm not sure I have the time to manage all of that again.


    - Shy

  11. I'd be up for a spin.


    Almagest is very dear to me, although I don't remember where we were going with it. If I recall we were in the process of 'wrapping up' to set the stage for a third Almagest, which is probably bonkers.


    There were a lot of other unfinished RPGs I participated (and started.) I'm probably more guilty of leaving these unfinished than anyone.


    - Josh!

  12. It has been too long, OtakuBoards.


    While I keep in touch with a few of you elsewhere (You can bug me on Twitter @LostHisKeysMan) there are some that have dropped off my radar over the years. In my quiet moments I wonder what happened to everyone. It seems so strange to follow the daily happenings of a large internet community for years and then... stop, you know? OB will always be my online home. I mean, I joined 12 years ago before there was even a term for 'social networking.' Have you ever tried visiting this site on a 56k modem? I sure have.


    Anyways, people grow up, graduate, get jobs, marry, and maybe even have some children of their own. I guess I'm curious to see where the pieces have fallen. Did any of our talented artists and writers end up pursuing that as a career? Have they found any success? Have our members moved onto Reddit and other online communities, or did they simply get too busy to maintain an active online social life? Is Allamorph still insufferable? Okay, some of these questions I know the answer to...


    I currently live in Los Angeles/Hollywood where I have a boring day job working in online copyright enforcement. It pays the bills well enough, and afford me free time to play in a dodgeball league and run Dungeons & Dragons games every week. Beyond that, I'm working on writing for comic books. It's been a slow process, but a couple of my short stories are being published this summer and I got to speak about one at a panel in Comic-Con. Right now I'm working on an anthology of comic stories that I'll promote the hell out of once it's released. I'd like to do this full-time, but that seems unrealistic from a financial point of view.


    Writing/editing comics and working on OB RPGs aren't that much different. It's still a matter of trying to get a bunch of different plates spinning at once, and flattery is much more effective than guilt. These are lessons I learned a long time ago trying to rope players in posting more often in Almagest and whatnot, and I find myself using them constantly. Sometimes I think about starting yet another new RPG, but then I think that creative energy might be spent on something that can reach a wider audience. Still, if the right idea came along I suppose I wouldn't say no.


    I'm still very much a gay dude as well. I came out to OB before I had come out to most of my friends in real-life, and this community's support/ambivalence about my sexuality helped give me a lot of confidence at a time when I really needed it. Now it seems like such a non-issue, but I suppose that's the way it is with these things. It's amazing how much has changed, yet this silly internet message board soldiers on. So long as the site remains it will always have a faithful (albeit overzealous) moderator in Shy.


    What about you? How have you been?


    - Shy

  13. [quote name='SOL' timestamp='1349810472' post='712384'][font=tahoma,geneva,sans-serif]I'm getting my wisdom teeth pulled on Friday. I think the doctors gave me too much drugs though. Perceset (SP?) AND Ibuprofen. I won't be able to feel my nose for several decades.[/font][/quote]
    When I got my wisdom teeth pulled it was relatively painless and the surgery was over in 30 minutes. What's more, I only needed the drugs for about a day but I sure as hell kept using them. Most people have horror stories about the dentist, but my experience was awesome. It's how I started watching 30 Rock.

    - Shy
  14. I thought that Uncanny Avengers was a little underwhelming with its debut. The characterization of Rogue was way off, and I'm not thrilled with the line-up's lack of diversity. It's a beautiful book, and Rick Remember does a competent job with the script, but this book is not new reader friendly AT ALL. Also: It's terribly grim for my tastes.

    I'm most interested in A+X because team-up books always have interesting creators and they are able to be more experimental in terms of storytelling. The new Captain America seems pretty cool as well. I'm not a huge Romita Jr. fan, but his style seems to suit the sci-fi adventure elements that they have been teasing. Iron Man and Thor will probably be fine. I don't read those books anyway so I'm not very concerned either way.

    - Shy
  15. Good seeing you again, Desert Shadow. Didn't you used to be a moderator at one point?

    This was already answered pretty thoroughly, but lack of activity made nominating 50 unique OB achievements/members impossible. Although a nominations thread was created, it was subsequently deleted in a server move. Since there was no apparent interest in keeping nominations going we decided it was best to pass this year. Having said that, this is still a site worthy of merit.

    Just seeing this thread fills me with a lot of strong memories about the site over the past decade. Many of the members I joined with are married, and some even have children, but we keep in touch through Facebook/Twitter/etc. as best we can. Sometimes I think we are perhaps a community that outlived its forum since new potential visitors are drawn to more immediate forms of social media. Still, I have yet to find such a cross-section of awesome people elsewhere online. I still visit OB regularly (it will always have a place in my 'Favorites Bar') with the hope of finding a thread to catch my interest -- and luckily enough it still happens from time to time. I get older and I post less, but I will always recognize the value of my time here and what the site still means to users today (albeit in weaker numbers.)

    - Shy
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