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  1. Anime

    [FONT=Verdana][COLOR=SlateGray]kenshin is a great movie about a wandering samurai. it's very funny and entertaining. One thing that I see don't fit in RK is the fillers after the Kyoto Arch. although I heard that it was there because the director didn't know when to put Tomoe's credit on. Hey, anyone watch the whole Jinchuu Arch? Because I miss the part when Kenshin was telling about his ex-wife. I was debating with my aunt saying that kenshin told the story about how he got his scar, when my aunt says that kenshin only told kaoru them about his ex-wife and Enishi. did Kenshin tell Kaoru and his 'family' about how he got his scar, or just his ex-wife? Well, if any of you really think the Rurouni Kenshin tv series is great, you should really watch Samurai X: trust and betryal. It's is AWESOME althouth very gory, to some of my stupid friends who thinks so. I really want to watch Samurai x: reflection. But I got no money to buy it. Also, if any of you are planning to watch any Samurai X or RK's OVAs then get some tissure ready on the last epoisodes or two! :animecry: Also did CN put out all RK series? Because I only saw it 'till Kenshin says, "I'm home." I think they cut off the Jinchuu arch and fillers. sorry for all the spoilers, but i don't know how to hide them...needs help! :( [/COLOR] [/FONT]
  2. Anime

    [QUOTE=Heaven's Cloud][color=indigo] Another anime that I always found pretty boring was Inu-Yasha. I just never understood why so many people enjoy the show. I guess I always found it very, very mediocre and because the series seems to be endless I found it redundant. A ton of people seem to think it is great because it incorporates humor, romance, and action very frequently. I guess I missed the humor, got tired of the romance, and grew weary of similar recycled action sequences...[/color][/QUOTE] [COLOR=PURPLE][FONT=ARIAL]yeah after watching inu-yasha until the 100s eps. it starts to repeat some actions in the beggining of inuyasha. it is also very endless, i heard that it is even over 150 eps! or i dont know. but i've always wonder "when the hell will inuyasha end?" however, it never seems to end, therefore i stopped watching the anime. the only time i would ever watch this show is when sesshoumaru appears on the screen. lol.[/FONT][/COLOR]
  3. Anime

    [COLOR=SeaGreen][FONT=Arial Narrow][SIZE=3]I've read and seen the movie but not the last eps too! however, i kinda got bored on inu-yasha, cuz it doesn't go right to the point of finding the shikon jewel, meaning there are too much fillers in inu-yasha. it took me forever just to watch the movie! whew! n yeah, inu-yasha is already in tv on adult swim at 9:30 p.m or 12:30 p.m wherever you peeps are. :flaming: the #1 thing i hate about inu-yasha the movie, is because inu-yasha could never choose his mind on which woman he'll take for life! to me inu-yasha is stupid because somehow he just can't understands that kagome has feelings for him; another thing is that he's just too dumb not to see kikyo being on the bad mood. anyway, the manga and movie are pretty good, but some people like me might just find inu-yasha a non ending story. also, i just got to ask this, is it just me or is it that inu-yasha's plot seems to repeat its self once in awhile? :( u know with the enemy and stuff? :rolleyes: [/SIZE][/COLOR][/FONT]
  4. Anime

    [COLOR=DarkGreen]Really! Kenshin is like the coolest anime character I'd ever adore! He's like one of my favorite male character! I just love Kenshins adorable faces, gosh! ::sigh:: Man, if only kenshin was real.....[/COLOR]
  5. Yeah! Really, Bush is killing all of our love one for a stupid peace in Iraq! why can't he sends his *** over there and fight for real now! Or even send his "drunken" daughter over there and let them die...heh, that's even better than seeing hundreds of people dying...Besides, he needs to right now...urgh.........I HATE BUSH!!!!
  6. [FONT=Arial Narrow][COLOR=RoyalBlue]I seriously would vote for Kerry/Edward. I mean, hello! This war is going like crazy, and everyone is dying like hell. I believe that war can solve nothing but blood shed. Also, Kerry would do a good job as president because in his speech he clearly stated that he has a plan for america, unlike bush himself. [INDENT]Anyway, bush is such a liar! :flaming: He lied that he went to fight at the war in Vitenam! Gosh, we wouldn't want a president that lies would we. At least I wouldn't! Bush, Bush, Bush, did you ever know that I love bushes...? :laugh: [/INDENT] [/COLOR][/FONT]
  7. [COLOR=Indigo][FONT=Century Gothic]hey u know in Rurouni Kenshin the 3rd Arc didn't occured in Cartoon Network...? Or did it? cuz I watch the whole thing and it end up at the part when Kenshin said that he is home....[/FONT][/COLOR]
  8. [font=Franklin Gothic Medium][color=indigo]I believe the OAV Reflection of Rurouni Kenshin is got to be the WORST!!! I mean Kenshin is like my fav. anime movie right...but when watching the oav [/color][/font][spoiler]he dies....[/spoiler]WHY!!!? I love the Reflection until the part where [spoiler]they show kenshin dying![/spoiler] it makes me cried so hard that I want to hang the directors' head! My gosh! [spoiler]Why does the ur fav. anime character has to die in front of you?![/spoiler] [color=indigo][font=Franklin Gothic Medium]urgh.... :flaming: .but overall Rurouni Kenshin is still my # 1 anime series....its still the best no matter what! :D [/font][/color] [color=#4b0082][color=#503f86][size=1][/size][/color][/color] [color=#4b0082][color=#503f86][size=1][b]Added [spoiler] tags. Please be careful of what plot points you might reveal- RK is a very popular anime series but not everyone's seen all of it yet. -Solo[/size][/color][/b][/color]
  9. Anime

    [quote name='Wasabi']The worst couple would have to be...Kenshin and Kaoru. I really don't think they are meant for each other. People that's just my opinion, no hard feelings...[/quote] [COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]How can ANY BODY HATES KENSHIN AND KAORU!!! They got to be the most perfect couples!!! r u insane!!!!!!! i think that they are the perfect couples because there's the opposite about them....a man with dark past and a woman with a fun childhood....OKAY!!! Tell me reason why you ppl who are against this couple.....?! PLEZZ.....[/COLOR] :mad: :devil: *sigh* finally....
  10. Anime

    [QUOTE=VicT-chan]Man the worst fanfiction couple I've heard of is Jaken and Rin from Inuyasha. :sick: That wrinkly nasty smelling toad with that care-free girl thats got to give you the willies!!*runs toward the bathroom*[/QUOTE] EWWWWWWWWW...........! :mad: that [I]is[/I] a mistmatch! I mean, a toad! a TOAD!! how the heck does a woman goes insane for a toad?!
  11. Anime

    [QUOTE=WW2]How can some of you not like the relationship between Kenshin and Kaouru?!!!:wow: Have you seen the last chapter of the series, Samurai X: Reflection? It shows you how deep their relationship goes, and how dramatic it is truely is. If anybody should be voted worse couple, it should be Heero Yui and Relena. In fact most all of the Gundam Wing relationships suck. But thats just my opinion:D[/QUOTE] I know! How can Kenshin and Kaoru be a mismatch?! To you all that thinks kaoru and kenshin are mismatch ur wrong! I thought they were the perfect couple because kenshin needs someone who's bright and always smiles by his side... :love: [IMG][/IMG] I believe Hiro and Relena got to be the worst can hiro even like that annoying girl!? :laugh: Secondly it got to be sailor moon and her prince gosh! what a mismathch... :flaming: