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    I am an otaku, I happen to like reading, writing, drawing. On my spare time I do cosplay and Photoshoots, of me or my BJD's. I rp once in a great while, I also happen like many kinds of anime and manga.
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    I am a safeway Baker/Anime Store Owner
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    Angel Sanctuary, Hellsing OVA, Petshop of Horrors, Sailor Moon, Kuroshitsuji, Pandora Hearts.
  1. As of right now, I am still playing Dissida cause I really really just want to get everything in it cause I do that with all my games.
  2. Anyone into them? I have been for a long while and has been looking around for other people who watched them or even cosplay. I happen to cosplay from both, I cosplay as Gilbert Nightray - Pandora Hearts, Sebastian Michaelis - Kuroshitsuji, I also do Nihon from APH. Just another little thing I am into. So all in all just wondering.
  3. I have to much to list of what I had finished. I have a pic if ya wanna see. XD
  4. [IMG]http://www.alteredminded.net/fallenangels/ShinAsuka.jpg[/IMG] Okay this is something I tired to do and lets see if it looks right ya know? This is Shinji and Asuka I drew it out then did it on pain. Ya know? I think it looks bad but hey tell me what you all think.
  5. Vincent looked up at the night sky as the rain poured down on them both as Vincent looked at Miazmodon she got closer to him as she placed a hand on the side of his face as she looked as if she was about to kiss him then looked over to the side of the city where the humans are she knew that was the only way for half of them to live was to feed off them yet they would never know what hit them at all. "So they will never know at all Miazmodon?" she said as she looked back at him into his eyes. "No not at all why do you care all of sudden hm?" he asked as he pulled away from her. "Well I do get hungry and if you think I eat rats you are so wrong love" Vincent looked at him carefuly as made him raise his hand as she took with a smirk. Miazmodon tried to fight back but could not he was at the whim of his sisters thoughs. "Damn you!" he yelled. "Well I love you my beloved bother," Vincent replyed back. "Yeah right," "No really I do,"
  6. Vincet walked down the street of Britin fog was around the area she walked her eyes glowled brightly in the cool air. She looked around upon hearing foot steps that where following her from the club she had left a smirk crawled across her face as she got into a low stance then jumped into the air laned on the otherr vampire before her. Landing on his chest snaping his back then breaking his neck. With a quick movement she jump off of the vampire laned on her feet her back to them all. The other vampires whatched in shock but didn't cared once so ever they knew they could kill her. "You're all really stupid you know what?" she said to them all. "You're the stupid one. . .," said another vampire as he slowly slithered around in the fog. "Yeah you killed the owner of the club so you could run the place and well guess what we wont let you do that. Ya little bitch!" said another vampire as it jumped into the air trying to land on her. The vampired laned on her tired to brake her neck. As he tired a though ran threw Vincets mind it was her bother he was coming for her. "Bloody shit! He is coming!" she though to herself as the vampire bit into her neck. "I should finishes them quick so I can be ready for him" she was thining as she was brought back into reality by the bite that was placed into her neck. she then grabed the vampire that had bit her and pulled out a butterfly knife from her poket and stabed him in the jugular letting him bleed all over the place. As for the rest she took them out quickly leaving them in the street for the rats to pick off. Her heavy boots making a light thud noise with every step she took you could hear the clashing of the chains that where on her. Her bangslightly danced in the small breeze that was going around her. [COLOR=darkblue]"Come to Big Ben my dear brother a place where we use to play with death" [/COLOR] she said to him. [COLOR=crimson]"Alright I shall be there then wait for me and do not leave you hear?"[/COLOR] he told her. [COLOR=darkblue]"Do not worry I will not leave it would be great to see how you have grown since the last time I played with you,"[/COLOR] Vincent said as a smirk crossed her face that was the last thing said as she headed to Big Ben. She had finaly reached Big Ben looked up at it then smiled as her fangs showed. She then started to climb up the side of the build with such ease as she got to the stop she sat down waiting for her bother to come.
  7. [IMG]http://www.alteredminded.net/fallenangels/Akamiall.jpg[/IMG] Okie this is my Eva chara. I made her on the computer since I was way to lazy to draw her out. Yeah it looks like crap cuz my computer is crap. lol well please tell me what you think.
  8. (Yes I'm here I know also I'm friend of Magus) Name: Vincent Puck Cross Sex: Female Age: Unknown Race: Full Vampire Voice: Thick Brit acssent deep, draged out. Looks: Puck stand to 5'9" she has a boys bowl cut with two long bangs foen her face. She has wonderful red eyes that seem to glow in the dark a smirk so cold it hurts to even look at her. She is well bulit for her self. She is usely seen dressed in thick coller around her neck with spikes british tie hanging from it a strap top with a shirt under it sleves that go up her middle of her arm. Waering baggy ripped pants that are tucked into her heavy boot. Her trade mark boots that have zippers with a few chain on then on her back are two massvie angel wings on her back with a dragon laying in the middle. Bio: Puck was the first born of Victor Cross thus given the name of a boy. The reason she was given this name was her father was wanting a boy for as long as he could remember one day he finaly was able to have child but it was a girl. He kept his word named the baby Vincent Puck Cross. As time went on her father had another child a boy this time. He only though it would be fair to name the boy a female name the boy was named Rain Gabirell Laharl. Puck usely hangs out at clubs and with vampires she has not seen her father in the last few years.
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