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  1. Alright, that's it. Gonna start an RP within the next week or so, but gonna need at least 6 others on board. I've got the majority of my blueprint, so hopefully it will run well enough.

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      You'll be both updated, so relax, children lol Also, Sazabi, if you have any sort of instant messenger, PM me so I can reach you with the details.

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      I got my phone. Other then that no lol

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      XD gotcha. Well, I'll PM you the info instead.

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    "Sir?" Hunter started.   "What now, boy?" Dante said, glaring toward him.   "With all due respect, sir," Hunter said before his eyes narrowed and he grabbed Dante by the collar and slamming his back against the lift for Averin, "what in the hell is your problem?! I don't give two shits as to who you are, but anyone who strikes one of my teammates has no room to say they're calling the shots!"   Dante broke Hunter's grasp before he found himself grappled with his face slammed against the lift instead. "This won't be toler-"   "What me kicking your ass won't be tolerated on YOUR team? That you were appointed to take over? And you call the old man a fool?!" Hunter pressed him harder against the steel as some of the maintenance team started toward them. "No one got the old man killed but himself. And he went down fighting, you piece-a-trash. You might try and run this team, but it will never be yours..." Hunter glared and shoved him to the ground but Dante caught himself as well as he could out of his disorientation.   "You'll be my first example of what happens t-"   "To those who talk back to you? To those who stand up to you? What?"   "I'll be sure to send a clear message to the rest of your 'team' as to how much of a traitor you are..." Dante said, rising to his feet.   "Yeah? Well if you try and lay a hand on any of my teammates again, I'll be sure to send a clear message to send us another captain. I'm not gonna deal with this crap again..."   "What, you mean that band of hackers you worked for? Who forced you to do 'what you had to do to survive'?"   "That's not anyone's business but my own," Hunter glared. "Don't act like you know me..."   "I know plenty of street scum just like you, and that's where they end up: back on the street and usually tossed in a dumpster with the rest of the garbage," Dante said, returning the glare. "Now I suggest you learn your place, boy..."   "I know my fuckin' place...sir..." Hunter said, pushing the maintenance team aside as the medics came in to check on Dante. He departed the docking bay and returned to corridors, fuming as he headed down the hall. Who the hell does this asshole think he is? If they expect us to follow him, they're going to get us and everyone on the Rover killed. Who the heck sent this guy anyway?! Hunter thought, visibly becoming more and more angry, sending people clear from his path just from seeing him.   'He's only here to aid us, Hunter...You shouldn't get so-'   'Did you not hear the crap he was talking on our upgrades?! Did you not see him hit Saph for no goddamned reason?!'   'I'm not here to oppose you, partner. You know that. Collect yourself. Ever think he wants to try and break you? That he's doing this to get what he wants...?'   Hunter remained silent, exhaling slowly.   'Partner, you there? Or is my advice sinking in?' Vox added.   'You're lucky I can trust you...' he thought with a sigh. 'I gotta blow off some steam...more importantly, I gotta go see how Saph's doing...'   'She'll have calmed by the time you do, partner...Averin will see to that, I'm sure.'   'Yeah, you're right. But I gotta look out for my new family, ya know? Cause you Knights and the other Zero pilots? They're all I've got,' Hunter said as he entered into the exercise room, going at every piece of equipment in the room until he exhausted the last bit of anger out of himself. With a sigh, he used a towel to soak the sweat off of himself. He headed to Saph's room, knocking at the door. "Yo, Saph...? It's Hunter..."
  3. As much as I'd love to start an RP...my last ones haven't been so successful >.>

  4. As much as I'd love to start an RP...my last ones haven't been so successful >.>

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    Hunter crossed his arms over his chest, looking to the ceiling. "So it's good to see you back in good condition. You're more than welcome to check your partner over, but I made sure to take care of 'er," he said, yawning. "By the way, you owe me for that," he said, glancing toward the doctor in the hallway. Hunter chuckled, looking to Saph as she shook her head. He glanced to the trash, smiling. "Hope the food was okay, Saph. Wasn't sure if they'd even let you have it. You never know with some doctors," he shrugged.   "What exactly is that supposed to mean?" Saph asked, raising an eyebrow.   "Just what I said, you never know with some doctors. Some will completely restrict your eating while others will let you eat what you want," he glanced to her with an eyebrow mockingly raised. "Why? Are you one of those doctors that restrict meals and don't let your patients eat any good food?" He chuckled, flinching with a smile as she shoved him.   "I am not. I'm a medic who treats her patients how they need to be treated. Some patients can eat their usual diet, but others need to watch their diet so they don't endanger their health while in a doctor's care. It should always be patient to patient. At least that is my personal opinion," Saph replied, nodding and regaining her composure from her flustered response.   "I get it, Saph. Just figured it'd cheer ya up a bit," Hunter smiled. "So, you think you'll be out of here today? You look like you're fine to me," he said, looking her over.   "I imagine so. We need to make sure all of our preparations are taken care of and our Knights are maintained personally soon so we can get back to work. Also, I think we're overdue for training if you ask me," she said with a sigh.   "Yeah...what the hell are we gonna do without the old man though? He may have been a pain in the ass, but at least he knew how to keep us together," Hunter said, clenching his fist. "Bet the guy they send to pick up his job is a complete moron when it comes to leadership..."   Dr. Havern returned to the room. "Well, it seems your condition is...just about 100%, Magus. We'll get your discharge papers together but we advise you stick to l-"   "Don't worry doc, I'll make sure my lady takes it easy the next couple days," Hunter said, standing up. "Appreciate you taking care of her," he said with a grin, shaking Dr. Havern's hand with enough of a grip to shift his knuckles without doing any actual damage. "Would you mind giving her some privacy so she can get dressed?"   "Yes, uhm...absolutely. Take care, Miss Magus," he said, walking out and holding onto his hand with a grimace.   "See you outside, babe," Hunter chuckled, feeling that he might as well have his fun with this too, closing her privacy curtain behind him and waiting outside.
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    RPG Monsters

    Kayin shook his head as Jikair overloaded the grid, letting out a small sigh. Chances are the succubus would find another way to pursue them and unfortunately, Kayin was hoping so. His gaze shifted to Jikair. "I apologize for calling you a child, Jikair. It is merely habitual for me anymore," Kayin said as they headed down the darkened tunnels. Though for their group, darkness didn't seem to be much of a problem.   "It's whatever...Just try and drop it. I'm not a kid anymore, okay?" Jikair said, not looking toward Kayin. "It's too bad you guys didn't make it here a few days sooner. The people here didn't deserve that..." she sighed.   "You're right, they didn't. But if we had shown up, it could have caused them to send heavier firepower our way. Then the humans would have been in much more trouble," Dark said, looking over his shoulder as he conjured enough light for them to see without straining in the tunnels. "But I believe we all carry the same sentiment when we see that wretched whore of a demon..." His eye twitched as we looked forward again.   "You couldn't be more right, friend," Kayin said, restraining himself about as much as Dark was to go hunt her down. Kayin's hand crackled a bit before he contained himself again. He popped his neck before exhaling slowly, eyes closed briefly. "But we have to find this access tunnel and make it through there in one piece before we can worry about dealing with her," he said as they continued north.   Jikair glanced to her foster father. "When we get a chance, old man, we need to have a talk-"   "About everything you need to know about that? Sure. It's about time you know," Kayin said, not even looking toward her. Jikair blinked, given normally Kayin would have at least shown a bit of resistance. "There are some things I can't tell you, but I'll at least be able to tell you why," he added. "So forgive me if you don't get all of your answers when the time comes," he said, looking to her from the corner of his eye. You can at least learn who you truly are...I can try to give you that much... he thought, staring ahead again. His eyes immediately shifted to a wall, hand sparking again. "This had better not be it...I'm sure I'm not the only one who senses that," Kayin said.   "Yeah, this is the place unfortunately. Just have to hope we can get through here in one piece," Akieen said, approaching the wall. "This should take us to the sanctuary at least. Just be on your guard, because I really don't know what to expect."   Kayin's hand rested on the hilt of the blade at his hip and his other hand changed into its clawed appearance. "Shouldn't be too hard to do," he said, eyes narrowing as Akieen opened the door with fair ease and the group filed in cautiously.   OOC: Just posting to hopefully move us along.
  7. So Fire Emblem: Awakening is awesome. Just sayin.

  8. It had been a good first day back overall. Cain was just happy that his new handicap wouldn't impede on his work at the school or out of it. He was more or less getting used to adjusting for his depth perception by now-mostly accepting he was going to misjudge a lot of things. His second day back started much like the first. His class was filing in and greeting their teacher as they came in with "Hey, Teach," "Morning, Mr. McDougal," "How're ya feelin', Mr. McD?" and the like. Cain greeted them as they came in, blinking as one of his female students approached him with a smile. "Good morning, Kaitlin. Is everything alright?" Cain asked, smiling back. Kaitlin nodded, smiling shyly. "Of course...uhm... I got you something is all," she said, reaching into her bag. "Is it a get well card or something? I got plenty of those from you all while I was in recovery," Cain chuckled. "No, nothing like that, Mr. McDougal. You said you might not get your vision back, so we found you this," Kaitlin said as she pulled an eyepatch from her bag. It was a white eyepatch with a silver trim along the outside and a diamond-shaped topaz which almost shaped Cain's eye if he were to wear it. "We figure if you have the chance of not being able to see from that eye, you should at least have an eyepatch that doesn't look so boring," she said with a giggle. Cain was at a loss for words, staring at the gift presented to him. With a smile, Cain accepted the eyepatch. "Thank you, Kaitlin, class. I'll start wearing it today to break it in," he said, glancing to the class. "Well, now that I'm in such a good mood," he laughed softly, "let's get cracking where we left off." Kaitlin and the other students got in their seats, getting their notes ready and their tablets and laptops out. "So since you're in such a good mood, teach, can we call it a day already?" one of the boys asked. "But, I love biology. Why would I want to not teach it and ruin my mood?" Cain smirked. "Nice try, Dennis." He said, typing into his personal tablet before putting his new eyepatch on, slipping the old one out from under it and stowing it in his desk. The girls in the class gave some catcalls and whistles while the rest of the class laughed. "Settle down, the lot of you. Hardly appropriate behavior. We are studying biology, not acting like the animals we're reading about," Cain said, shaking his head. The class settled down and Cain typed in his tablet as he went over the lesson for the day. "As you can tell by the way the Canis lupus is built, it is very capa-" Cain stopped in the middle of his sentence, clutching his chest. The class immediately froze. "Teach, you okay?" "Ye-yeah... No worries," Cain said, trying to regain his composure. "Now, where was I...?" "We're on wolves, professor," one of the boys replied, though the class still seemed worried. "You really don't look so good though... I think we should call the nu-Professor!" he exclaimed as Cain just about collapsed on his desk, clutching his chest again and starting to sweat. Kaitlin rushed to the phone while the boy and the other students rushed to Cain. As the words of the students trying to communicate with their became nothing but a slur to him, his eyes popped open as the sounds of footsteps hurried down the hall. He lifted his head slowly and muttered a single word: "Atlantica..." The topaz over his eye emitted a brown light that turned almost grey as it filled the room with a strange luster. As it cleared, the students screamed in a panic, moving away from where Cain was resting. In his place stood a black wolf, except his body was covered in what seemed like a metalline coat of fur. And this wolf stood at about 60 inches. He looked around to his students with a violet eye, turning his head and seeing them with a scarred, topaz colored eye from his left. He sniffed the air, ears twitching as he got to his fours. He quickly tore out the door, seeing there were a group of armored men running down the hall. He turned immediately away from them, charging to find an exit...to find Atlantica. He felt something glance off of his side as he took a step to his left. He could see something stuck in the wall afterwords but kept on moving. He thought nothing of it, because he didn't think at all. The only thing guiding him was instinct now. As the wolf made his escape from the school, he found his escape route was already secured as men waited outside, armed to the teeth. With no time to react, he ran straight for then and the soldiers opened fire. The wolf howled in pain as the impact of the rounds slammed against his hide, but he didn't slow up, jumping clear over the wall of men and landing behind them only to take off again. "Sir, we've got the target," was heard from behind Cain. Just as it was heard, he was hit with severe tunnel vision and within steps he collided with the ground, whining before he lost consciousness...
  9. Cain's eyes slowly opened, yet he realized something was odd about his vision. Even more so, he didn't recognize the ceiling he woke up to. He blinked and winced a bit as he felt a small pinch in his forearm. He could see the IV catheters hooked up to his arm and could see he was hooked up to several machines. He pulled himself up to a sitting position, trying to get a grip on his equilibrium. He could see he was in a room by himself and that it was night time, but his vision was blurry. "What am I doing in a hospital...? And what-" he winced as he reached up to the eye he couldn't see out of, "Agh!! What...happened to me?" Cain asked no one. He glanced over at the sound of a door opening to see a nurse walk in with a light smile on her face.   "Welcome back, Mr. McDougal. How are you feeling today?" she asked, walking up and going over all of his equipment and the like.   "Uhm...very...drugged...? Can you tell me what I'm doing here, ma'am?" he asked with a tone of embarrassment. "I have no recollection of how I got here or what happened to my eye."   The nurse seemed to approve of the results on the equipment. "Well, first of all, you're stable now just so you know. Secondly, the police report said that you were found unconscious with a large gash across your left eye. They weren't sure of the circumstances but it happened on New Year's Eve. The most they can surmise is that it may have been a mugging. Your belongings were pretty scattered. It doesn't seem like they took much of anything unless you had any currency on you," she said, walking his belongings' bag over to him from one of the drawers. "You're welcome to look through everything," she said as she began taking his pulse and temperature.   Cain sighed and nodded, seeing his shirt was pretty bloodied. His face paled a bit when he saw his tablet was smashed. The screen was pretty badly damaged and it looks like he might have tried using it to shield whatever was used to cut his eye. He sighed softly, putting it down. At least I back it up everytime I use it... Cain found his wallet was practically untouched. Probably got a witness or two if not the authorities on the scene before he got to it. I guess that's good but... "Will I be able to see out of my eye once it heals...?" he asked after she finished taking his pulse and temp.   "Unfortunately, there's no real telling. Dr. Mason doesn't seem to think you will in her honest opinion..." the nurse replied after finishing taking her notes. "I'm sorry, Mr. McDougal... Is there anything I can do for you for now?"   "A pen and paper please? As soon as you can, that is."   "Certainly," she replied with an inquisitive glance. She turned out of the room and came back with a notepad and a pen. "Here you are, sir. Do you need anything else?"   "Your name please?" he asked with a smile, taking the pen and pad as he started writing notes on it immediately.   "Carolynn," she replied with a smile. "If you need anything, feel free to page. I'm here until the morning," she said and waved as she stepped out of the room, giving him his privacy.   He nodded a thanks and had already filled out 3 pages before he put the pad away. "Lovely...so I'm looking at being half-blind too?" he said to himself with a sigh. "Hopefully someone contacts me about what happened...and also I guess it's a good thing I paid for full coverage on my tablet's warranty... Just never expected to need it...for that at least." He scratched the back of his head. "Oh well..." he said, looking to some of his charts. "I've been out for a couple days...just hope my class has been handling their assignments," Cain thought out loud, smiling. He was looking forward to getting back to work, just not looking forward to being unable to see. At least one was working, but that wasn't going to do his depth perception any favors.   ________________   Cain looked over the paperwork on his desk from the week he spent out of work. He still has his eye dressed until it was healed enough for him to either leave it uncovered or wear something over it more to his choosing. Gods, it's nice to be back. Even nicer to see my students have been keeping up on their work, he thought with a smile. The students hadn't arrived yet, being that classes hadn't started yet. He turned on his tablet, connecting it to the mount he had placed into the top of his desk. His fingers moved along the screen as he brought his notes up, looking them over before moving to a blank page. By that time his students started filing in. He blinked as he was about bumrushed by his students, even being hugged by some of them. "H-hello to you all too," he smiled looking to them all. "Did you miss me that much or was the sub just that bad?" Cain chuckled.   "We just missed you, Mr. McDougal. The sub was alright," said one of his male students with a chuckle.   "Yeah, we were worried you wouldn't make it back or something!"   "So you know, we all had a safe holiday, but you've gotta set a better example, Teach," came from another student followed by a bit of laughter.   "Yes, yes I know. Unfortunately, I don't even know what happened that night. I was apparently mugged and rushed to the hos-"   "What happened to your eye...?"   "I'm really not sure...I guess it happened in the mugging..." Cain sighed.   "Will you be able to see out of it?"   "Not likely, but I'll manage," Cain said with a smile.
  10. Presently: PC: Phantasy Star Online 2(JP Server) 360: Resident Evil 6/Zone of the Enders HD 3DS: Thoroughly enjoying Fire Emblem: Awakening.
  11. Looking forward to a relaxing evening before I have to return to the accursed orange warehouse of doooooooom.

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    (I do like milk and cookies...so...) Hunter sat up, rubbing his eyes and feeling glad he wasn't revisited by his dream again. He looked to the door of his barracks and then to his stomach which began a very slow rumble. He grumbled afterward, letting out a huff as he rolled out of bed immediately to the floor before he started his morning exercise routine. Push ups, sit ups, planks, mountain climbers, and the like before stretching himself out for the day's start. He grabbed his goggles off of his pillow, standing up and heading immediately to the mess hall. His stomach was more along the lines of growling that grumbling now and he didn't want to start digesting himself. At least this morning seemed quiet enough to get some rest in and try and put a meal down without being thrown directly into battle. His eyes raised enough to see Shu and Obsidian heading out of the Mess Hall. Hm...guess these guys got an earlier start than me... Now I feel lazy...oh well! he thought, giving the two a wave. "Morning gents. Manage to get a decent night's rest in?"   Shu gave a nod, smiling. "Yeah, not too bad. Have a hard time getting to sleep last night, Hunter?"   "Yeah, accidentally crashed in the hangar. Do have a new piece of equipment for the next fight for us ammunition using pilots. Manufactures rounds over time and packages them. There's going to be calibration needed after every use to avoid a misfire, but that can't be helped," Hunter replied with a shrug, moving out of the way so others could get in and out.   Obsidian nodded. "Then you should be able to provide cover fire for longer periods of time. Sounds good to me. Gives Shu and I some breathing room and takes some strain off of our medic," he commented, seeming to approve of Hunter's creation.   Hunter folded his hands behind his head with a smirk. "Well, gents, I'm going to go eat before my stomach eats me instead. Catch you two later," he said, giving a half-hearted salute and a smile as he headed into the mess hall and the others went on their way. Now my guess is that Saph hasn't eaten since she's out of commission and Crimson probably hasn't either since she took a pretty bad hit. Suppose I can be gentlemanly and get the ladies breakfast, right? he thought with a chuckle as he shook his head. He picked up three boxes and loaded them each with a half-decent lunch. He figured on stopping to see Saph first in hopes that she might be awake.   He made his way to the med-bay, seeing that his hopes seemed to be a bit too high. He let out a sigh, scratching the back of his head and looking around for a nurse. "Excuse me? Can you give this to Miss Magus if she wakes up in time to eat? Otherwise can you keep it in a fridge for her and let her know Hunter stopped by?" he asked, with an eyebrow raised and a pleading look on his face. The nurse simply smiled and nodded and Hunter smiled back, leaving Saph's box on a table in her room. He stopped and scribbled on it: "Get well soon, Saph." Not satisfied, he thought for a moment then wrote a bit more "P.S. Your girl's doing just fine. I did the repairs myself. Though I'm sure you're gonna look her over anyway :P" He smiled and nodded. That should do it, he thought as he looked back at Saph. Hunter exited the med-bay and headed off to check on Crimson.   He knocked on their sniper's door as he reached the barracks again, finding it open and hearing the shower running. "Crimson?" he called in, peering around to make sure he wouldn't accidentally catch any glimpses and find himself shot in the face, or worse: his goggles. "Brought you some grub, thought you might be ready to eat if you haven't already." Upon hearing no reply, Hunter took a seat and sat both their boxes down before he started looking around Crimson's room.   "Give me a moment, I'm about done now," Crimson said from the shower before the water was heard shutting off.   Hunter leaned back in his seat, rocking it as he tried to balance it. "Just let me know if you need me to leave so you can get all decent-like," he said, looking toward the door.   "Actually, if you wouldn't mind-" Crimson started before she heard a crash in the room. "You alright out there...?"   Hunter laughed to himself, picking himself and the chair up off of the floor. "Yeah, just fine. Don't mind me. Out here breakin' chairs and stuff." he said with a touch of embarrassment in his tone. "I'll be outside til you're done dressing," he said, heading out the door and standing in the hallway against the wall.   (All I had time for taking a moment to take a breather at work)
  13. Finally affected by this change in weather... Fighting with being sick. Seems like I'm winning for now...

  14. Name: Cain McDougal   Character: The Teacher   Age: 32   Appearance: Cain(Minus the bow...and minus the wings...plus a red long-sleeved dress shirt)[Cain2]He also has a set of tribal tattoos on his back and down his arms. He stands at roughly 5'10" and 178 lbs.   Personality: Cain is straight forward, kind-hearted, and loves animals. While he does enjoy his study for animals, he enjoys human company just fine. He often tries to be very social, although he always has to have a handheld tablet with him and it makes him seem a little less than social. He often finds himself called a flirt even when he doesn't realize it...actually, it's especially when he doesn't realize it. He is very level-headed and has a hard time losing his temper, though he does allow himself to get frustrated once in a while. Cain often finds himself with a lost look on his face and people usually just assume he's daydreaming.   Snippet:   "Alright, class. If I might have your attention: I'm hoping all of you are responsible tonight, especially those who plan to go out and drink. I don't want to hear anyone coming in with news of us losing a student," Cain said with a serious tone, looking over his class.   A unified mutter of "Yeah, we know" came from his students. They took him seriously, but they still planned on giving him a hard time. A smile came from most of his students.   Cain smiled back to his class. "Alright, alright. I'd say I'm sorry, but I'm really not. I don't mean to act like a father to you all, but I can't help but be concerned about the people I look forward to seeing everyday," he said, scratching the back of his head. "Well, anyway, do not forget about your assignments due for when you get back after the holiday. I'll expect a soberly completed project when you get in. You'll have all of tonight for that much," he said with a chuckle. "So get it done tonight so you can enjoy your new year activities tomorrow night, alright?"   "You have any plans for new years, Mr. McD?" one of his students asked him. "Or are you just planning on making more work for us?" he added with a chuckle and the class joined him with some thinly spread comments and chuckles.   "No, I'm not devising further torture this time. Consider yourselves lucky," Cain smiled to his class. He took a glance to his tablet. "I'll probably just be doing some studies. New year parties don't have much appeal for me any longer," he said with a shrug.   "Aw, come on, Mr. McDougal. You're not old enough to say things like that yet!" a female student said, getting a rise from her classmates.   "Yeah, teach. You should go enjoy yourself too!"   "What's wrong with enjoying my time in my studies?" the violet-eyed man said with a smile. "And I didn't know there was an age cap for having the ability to enjoy some solitude on a holiday. I guess you learn something new everyday," he shrugged, looking to the clock. "Well, I think we've had enough fun today, class. Why don't we call it a day?"   "Sounds good to me, Mr. McD. See you after the holiday!" the students filed out, saying their good byes as they passed Cain out the door.   "Remember to b-"   "Be safe, we know, Mr. McD..." they interrupted with a laugh as the last of them headed down the hallway.   Cain scratched the back of his head. "Didn't realize I was so predictable..." he said to himself, a little embarassed. "Ah well," he turned back into the classroom, picking his tablet up and looking over it. After he finished reading the screen, he locked with with a smile, stowing it in his bag. "I guess maybe I could try and find something to do this time around. Can't say I remember the last time I've gone out socially," Cain thought out loud with a shrug, sitting at his desk and going over the biology exams he needed to grade from the course of the day. Once the rest of the faculty started filing out, bidding Cain a good night, he decided to follow their lead. He'd gotten into his own studies by that time, already done grading the assessments he had from the day.
  15. Birthday weekend was completely win ^^

  16. Everything alright, Shwa? And good to see you back Inu.
  17. You know that feeling you get when you're standing in a high place... sudden urge to jump?... I don't have it.

  18. Just realized my birthday falls on the next New Moon. This pleases me...

  19. Just realized my birthday falls on the next New Moon. This pleases me...

  20. Not a bad post, just confusing for me personally.
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    Kayin held a brief moment of disgust upon hearing who was in charge now. He wasn't willing to accept that Trystan would take over the family now, but there was little he could do about it. For all intensive purposes, he would follow Akieen's example on this one. He gave a look to Darian before shaking his head. "Sorry, old friend. Sorry to hear that that sick bastard is going to be taking over for your father. At least Malachai had a good reason in comparison. But Trystan..." he trailed off, staring blankly at his plate of food.   "It's alright, Kayin. We'll manage just fine," Darian said with a bit of a smile, his sister nodding in agreement. "You lot need to worry about getting some rest and getting to sanctuary when the day is upon us. Despite what happened at the other sanctuary, you all need to try and press forward tomorrow to New York."   "Well, once we get there, it's not going to be some trip to the park getting in. Can't say my last meeting with an angel was...too exciting..." Kayin replied, lowering his head. "Though he was the first angel I've met. And the first to gain my respect. I hope not the last," he said, glancing to Akieen. "We'll get this done for Gabe's sake," Kayin spoke softly, with a promising look in his eye. He then started eating, remaining quiet while the others socialized. Kayin had pretty much toned everyone out, still a bit disturbed with how far he felt himself slip in battle. I can still smell the stench of battle and brimstone on me... I just have to remember that it's what I am. I am a demon. I'm a human as well. Never shall I lose one or the other. As his thoughts came to a close, so did his meal. He wiped his mouth clean, seeing that Akieen was still working on her dish. Kayin stood up, placing a hand on Akieen's shoulder with a faint smile and giving a silent nod to the others before heading out of the dining room.   "Is everything alright, Kayin?" Darian asked.   "...." Kayin looked over his shoulder. "Not until we seal Rasputin's fate. But I'll manage until then. For now, I need to contact my disciple," he said, turning his head forward.   "Ah, you mean your daughter?" Darian asked again with a bit of a smirk.   Kayin glanced back before looking ahead again, placing his swords back at his waist and back. He pulled a cell phone from his pocket and seemed to disappear in a moment, leaving the others to their own devices. He appeared again outside of the building and then covered quite a bit of ground. He finally came to a stop a few miles off. The phone flipped open in his hand and a spark from his hand jolted it to life. He typed in a few words in draconic, looking at the screen before he sent the message. "Itheik ihk ve, vrak. Qe tokeq vur si geou ehtah wux shafaer sia arrival. Nakta dout wits zahae wux.(Wait for me, child. Be safe and I will find you on my arrival. Keep your wits about you.)" Once the message read "sent" on his screen, Kayin's hand exploded with electricity, vaporizing the cellular device. He turned toward the northeast, exhaling slowly. Kayin closed his eyes before disappearing again, reappearing a few miles outside of the garage they were holed up in. Dimension Doors surely come in handy. He covered the rest of the route on foot. Darian greeted Kayin at the door and he stepped back inside to see the others were just finishing their meals. He decided that tonight would be a good night for them to actually sit together, resuming his chair beside Akieen. At least they could try and enjoy some downtime until it was time for the weres to take to their designated arrangements.
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    As time allowed, Hunter left himself with little in reserves, but the modification for Vox he made was now complete. It was a deployable structure that would assemble ammunition automatically over a short span of time and prepare it for his allies. It would also assemble explosives for himself, though it would take longer to manufacture. He lifted his glasses from his eyes back to the top of his head, leaning up against Vox. "We'll have to give it a test run later. I'm getting pretty beat, chief," he said, yawning. 'Alright, partner. You'd better rest up. No one knows when our next fight with the Barons is going to be,' was Vox's reply. "Yeah I probably should," Hunter said, glancing up to the other Knights as he headed to the barracks. He could see that Averin was still under repair and no one seemed to know what they were doing. Averin had hours to be repaired by now, but she was still pretty banged up. "You gotta be kiddin me... Do you lot have any idea how to repair these things, guys?" he let out a huff, tugging his goggles back over his eyes. Another couple of hours of work later, Hunter had Averin patched back up. Though he finished, he wound up falling asleep in the repair bay. ____________ "Something's wrong, we should have heard something back from them by now," a dark haired man spoke, leaning against a door. "You stay here, I'm going to try and get a hold of them again," he said to a young man. "Are you nuts? You make a call now, you might not get a hold of them and the Barons will find us," the young man said pleadingly. "Jake, I've gotta try. If I don't then we might never get out of here at all," the dark haired man said again, lifting the phone from the hook and starting to dial a number when the phone rang itself. "Hey, you guys alr-" "Get out of the house now. You and your brother are already in danger! GO!" came from the line before the call disconnected. "Shit... JAKE we gotta go!" the man said, slamming the phone on the hook and grabbing a shotgun off of the top of the couch. "Jake, get a move on. The Barons already know where we are," he said, pulling his goggles up over his head from his neck and settled them onto his eyes. "I'm not letting them take you. They already got mom and dad..." he said, muttering the last part. Jake, the younger brother grunted, clenching his fists. "Well, I'm not letting them take you either, Ry. Do you think I want to be alone?!" he shouted back. "Ryan, we're all we got now. I ain't going without you," he added, pushing out the door. Ryan nodded. "Then let's go, huh?" he said stepping out before a flash of white took over their view. ______ Hunter woke up with a start, hitting his head off of the bars of the mounting bay for Averin. He rubbed his forehead. "That dream again..." he sighed, rubbing his temples. "This's gotta stop..." he said, looking up to Averin. "At least you're looking much better, lady. I'd better get myself some actual rest before I'm too drained to do any good to you guys. Good night to ya," he said, giving a wave and heading to his barracks to try and finish his rest.
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    Kayin's eyes were constantly on Barracus and the 2nd lich throughout the fight. Despite being pulled into combat so suddenly, he was only loosely focused on his own battle. He had never seen two lich lords face off before, and he'd never fought one himself. On top of which, he hoped he'd never have to fight one as powerful as either of these two. As more enemies came his way, Kayin's eyes redirected to his opponents. His deep brown eyes glared toward his enemies as they became red and his irises became almost slotted. He quickly sheathed Raikoujin, drawing out Meidenkou in hand. He muttered something to himself as the enemy drew near before, slashing the blade into a vampire who lunged for him. Not only did he slice the vampire in half, several streaks of black lightning burst forth and struck each of his attackers, either completely destroying or utterly paralyzing them. Those who didn't die were soon cut down from Kayin's path as he charged forward. He held his sword behind him and it became nothing but inky blackness in his hand. "Namepa nloomb ootg maetgan gda sneaetg!"(Become black and sunder the ground!) he shouted as he slashed the blade upward, rending the floor with black lightning that surged from his katana, leaving the enemies either on uneven ground or airborne. "Teb goonbat gda mbooam boogd nleeg ek pee keam! MEIDENKOU!!!"(Now darken the skies with blood of my foes! MEIDENKOU!!!) he let out another battle cry as he slashed his blade downward into the ground. The blackness that shattered the floor rose upward, taking everything in its wake it black strokes of lightning and leaving nothing but ash and blood in Kayin's path.   His attention was grabbed by a small creature to his left being attacked by a few of the vampires as it fought back with a familiar set of razor sharp teeth... "Lief...te... Eeeae'na teg mgnets ateaesd, boog. Sag eaeg ek dana!!"(Leif...no... You're not strong enough, kid. Get out of here!!) Kayin shouted as he changed direction in an instant, primarily avoiding combat as he picked up speed to charge to his little friend's rescue.   "I can take these guys, Kayin!" Lief called as he tore into one of the vampires' lunging arms before another one grabbed him around his head and chin. "H-hey let go of m-" was cut off by the sounds of a snap before the vampire dropped him, letting the hellspawn move into clean their prey's lifeless body from the ground.   "Get rid of this abomination," said one of the vampires with a chuckle before the one who snapped Lief's neck had his head and spine torn fiercely from her body. The hellspawn and vampires looked to the figure behind their headless friend. Kayin tossed the head from his clawed hands and it seemed as though death crept over Lief's killers as they stood in terror. The veins in Kayin's face had turned black and his body cracked with lightning. His eyes turned into nothing but glowing red the smell of brimstone was more than overwhelming now. Kayin's body jerked forward as two white and sinewy wings sprung from his back, folding as his body relaxed again. As the vampires tried to regain their composure, two more of the vampires met the same fate as the first with one of their heads still in Kayin's claw. The last of the four involved tried to take the chance to escape only to be cleaved by the spine still attached to the head in Kayin's hand. As the upper half of the torso tried to crawl away, Kayin stomped down hard on the vampire's head, crushing his skull with ease. The werewolves were still too disoriented by the miasma of brimstone that came from Kayin's transformation.   "Eeeae'll booee boogd eeeaen pengool meaelm..."(You'll pay with your mortal souls...) Kayin murmured in his native tongue. In a flurry of slashes, he left the werewolves in ribbons, leaving them no room to escape as more vampires and werewolves charged his position. Kayin took to the air, sheathing Meidenkou and his claws sharpening, lengthening, and becoming covered in the same inky darkness that surrounded his blade before. As several of the vampires leaped for the half-demon, he let loose a series of black lightning bolts that struck each of the ascending vampires and passed through them to the enemies who were just beneath them. They were all pulled forcefully against each other as Kayin pulled a strand of the chaotic energy up with one of his claws before gripping it and a burst of dark lightning exploded with the gathered enemies as the point of detonation. The lightning continued to spread until its energy was used up, felling multiple foes. His wings lifted allowing him to land in the cleared area, folding up again. He could feel that he was beginning to lose grips and his eyes began to lose their glow, the veins in his face returning his face to it's normal color. Almost lost it there... he thought to himself as he looked to Lief's body which was long since trampled while Kay was dealing with the matter at hand. I will bring this Rasputin to a stop...I won't let this happen again so long as I can help it, Lief. Just survive the abyss as long as you can... His gaze returned to his enemies and he drew his swords, preparing to return to battle. Us demons have no place in heaven nor in the nine hells...we only have each other to tear us down or become strong. Become strong, my young friend. He charged forward, ready to fight Malachai's entire force if he had to.
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