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  1. Link Himura

    Writing Price Check for a Duel (A Yu-Gi-Oh Comedy)

    When is chapter 2 gunna come? I read this one like 5 days ago and its really REALLY funny. (it inspired RK killer BEES) When is it?
  2. Link Himura

    Writing Rurouni Kenshin KILLER BEES! fanfic.

    The bees swarmed into the akebeko. Everyone ook cover. One of the bees found Tae and whats-her-name and stung them. Yahiko stared in horror. He busted out from his hiding space. "No one kills my girlfriend and gets away with it!' "Um, Yahiko, Im still fine." "WHY THE HELL ARE YOU ALIVE?" "Im not alergic to bees." Then, hundreds of bees swarmed her and stung her to death. "No one kills my girlfriend and gets away with it!" He charged at the bees andswung his bokken but only killed like 8 and was engulphed by the rest. Kauru stood up. Her eyes turned dark amber. Her hair got red. "THAT WAS MY LAST STUDENT! YOU WILL ALL PAY WITH YOUR LIVES!" She gripped the bokken in her hand and pretended to sheath it. "AMEKEKERO RYU NO HIRAMEKI!" She used godlike speed to cut through dozens of bees at once. Only one was left. "READY TO DIE?" The bee spoke "Kenshin hates you." She broke out in tears and the bee flew ouveer and stung her. 3 DOWN!
  3. Link Himura

    Writing Rurouni Kenshin KILLER BEES! fanfic.

    The hive was open. The whole K-gang stared wide eyed as hundreds of bees emerged from it. They fluttered for a bit then charged at the group. "KAMAKAZI BOMBERS!" Yahiko screamed. A nereby policeman heard the sound. "Kamakazi bombers eh? sounds like a nice war technique.... Ill go tell the boss..." Everyone scattered. They began running through the town. The hundreds of bees stung everyone in site. Of course back then EVERYONE was alergic to bees. People fell unconciouse right and left. Megumi was going to work. Kaoru and Yahiko jumped into the Akebeko. Kenshin was where he fought Sano. Sano was with his friend. "This means war" Kenshin muttered. He used mud to make black lines on his face. Meanwhile SAno chucked a bomb out the window, blowing up a nereby house instead of the bees. The bugs swarmed the house. "Kenshin, its all up to you now." He said. He threw a bomb down blowing the whole place to pieces...
  4. Link Himura

    Writing The Final Reckoning

    Wow. Not half bad. Not even a quarter bad.I just assumed it was Kurama + mirror.
  5. This is part one in a goofy little RK comedy about poor Kenshin and a killer bee atack. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rurouni Kenshin, Killer Bees! ?KENSHIN! Where are you going?? Kaoru yelled as Kenshin left the dojo. ?Here we go again? Kenshin muttered. Yahiko suddenly appeared, ?Going? Where is Kenshin going?? ?He?s going somewhere without my knowledge?? Sanosuke suddenly popped in. ?For once, Id like to go to some place in PEACE!!!? Kenshin yelled. Kauru?s eyes filled with tears. ?You don?t?. like me anymore?? Sanosuke got all angry. ?Oh great Kenshin you made her cry!? ?Ha! Its about time that ugly raccoon was dumped? Yahiko laughed. Kaoru burst out in more tears. Kenshin started walking away slowly. ?Yahiko you little BRAT!? Sano yelled. ?At least I?m not a rooster head!? Yahiko and Sano broke out in a fight as Kaoru broke out in tears. Kenshin suddenly bumped into a tree and a beehive fell out on his head. ?Oro?? Suddenly the hive began to shake. Yahiko screamed. ?OH SHI?.TAKI MUSHROOMS!? The others stared at him. ?What its American TV.? But just then the hive broke. TO BE CONTINUED!
  6. Link Himura

    Anime What's your favorite anime quote?

    "I will rip you apart and eat you myself!" This was a very memorable Yu Yu Hakusho line. "My dad wrote a book on the deep secrets of Eva" Ifd I had been Naota from FLCL then, Id thinjk that was cool. "Jeez what a b*t(h" Funny line from FLCL manga. "There are tears of sadness and tears of joy, but they are far from the same" Jing, from ing of Bandits Jing. "In the name of God, impure souls of the living dead shall be banished into eternal damnation. Amen." Hellsing moto "Jeez I think I hate this guy alredy" and later "Its official, I hate him" From Saint Saiya. "You will cry, all alone, but it does not meen a thing to me." From .hack//SIGN song Aura.
  7. Link Himura

    Manga Hellsing

    1-6?? how many are there? Well, I watched the first DVD and it was cool and all but the manga OWNED it, seriously. I hope the later episodes are better. Alucard's invincibleness is kinda corny, but I find it cool waching a dude get blown to smitherenes then get up and kill everyone.
  8. Link Himura

    Art My Gift to OB: How the James Stole Christmas (animation)

    Wow that was really good. Im new here and didnt recognize 1 or 2 user names but it was good anyway.
  9. Link Himura

    Manga Hellsing

    Who else has read the Hellsing manga? I got volume one the other day and was very impressed. I expected it to be all dark and stuff but I actually had fun reading it. It was VERY gory and VERY cool. I own the first 2 DVDs but havent watched them yet, but Im hoping their as good as the manga!