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  1. oppan gangnam style

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    2. DeLarge


      I can't stop listening to it!



      everything is going according to plan >:)

    4. Allamorph


      The snow-debris walk was hilarious when the gal on the left couldn't keep a straight face.

  2. punch-a your buns

    1. Sangome


      I'm a tough tootin' baby, I can punch-a yo buns?

  3. No, but I was there before the death, back in November.

  4. I haven't noticed any changes yet, at least not in regular life in Seoul. Must be different along the DMZ.

  5. wind makes it really cold :( yuck. bundle up, friend!

  6. haha, happy to do it~

  7. i am offended. there is more to me than my good looks. there is also my wit and charm!

  8. it's simpler than that =P I'm busy so I'm not on here as much. Less visibility = less profile views. I'm invisible these days

  9. I'm in seoul, your argument is invalid

  10. AWESOME. of course. Seoul is the best!

  11. aww thanks! i didn't do anything special so I was a little homesick last weekend hearing about family stuff back home :( hope yours was great!

  12. happy happy happy :3

    1. Ellerby
    2. Pumpkin


      omg white beat me to it!! >.<

    3. Pumpkin


      its log log..everybody loves a log :)

  13. that seems like a lot of work :< i still like good old fashioned cups!

  14. it's versatile in that they can put more cups equipped with a water cooler but it is really awkward to fill up and drink out of

  15. no thank you sir, 11 hour flight was enough for me!

  16. leaving for Seoul tomorrow! C:

    1. James


      Lucky you!! I'm jealous.

    2. Pleiades Rising

      Pleiades Rising

      May all your time there be good!

  17. anywhere with good food =P haha nah ummm I want to see the han river and uhhh namsan tower or whatever, supposed to be pretty! And I am pretty excited about checking out the campus of my school, too c:

  18. tumblrbot is one clever bot, obvs

  19. i am! my mom got me a moleskine that is pretty and red C: anddddd online, if you are so inclined, I'm documenting it on seoulbound.tumblr.com

  20. well they do love doing ridiculous things. if that actually happened it would be 0% surprising.

    its okay, I am blonde and blue eyed, everyone will help keep me out of trouble =P

  21. its so fascinaaaating. don't worry I'll go with a group and a guide that speaks Korean. and I won't go over the line!

  22. it sure will be something >___> lolol. Very excite. I'll try but I can make no promises. I really wanna visit the DMZ!

  23. things are moving so fast! Off to Seoul in 6 days for my year long exchange to Korea University. Head explooooooooooosion