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    I love Anime and Video games like dot hack sign and skies of arcadia love to play pool too
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    To be the best Inuyasha I can be!!!!!!!!!
  1. So far I have only seen what cartoon network has shown.But I do think its a good anime.I do plan to start buying the boxsets soon.I found one place that sells it subtitled.It comes on 8 boxsets all the way till episode 106.Is that the end or are there more shows?I know there's a movie.Also need to see that.And I didn't get to vote in the poll.But I would say Rock Lee.Just because I have only seen Gaara in action once so far. And I'm not really into Sasuke.
  2. Oh lets see if I can remember mine with out looking. :animeswea Inuyasha YYH Yu-Gi-Oh Peacemaker Trigun [font=Verdana][size=2]Fruit Baskets[/size][/font] [font=Verdana][size=2]Arc The Lad[/size][/font] [font=Verdana][size=2]Scrapped Princess[/size][/font] [font=Verdana][size=2]S-Cry-Ed[/size][/font] [font=Verdana][size=2]Spiral[/size][/font] [font=Verdana][size=2]DNangel[/size][/font] [font=Verdana][size=2]Evangelon[/size][/font] [font=Verdana][size=2][/size][/font] [font=Verdana][size=2]Movies[/size][/font] [font=Verdana][size=2]Blood [/size][/font] [font=Verdana][size=2]
  3. [quote name='Stafal-chan']:animesigh *shrugs*..sry dun like american comic books...they bore me...[/quote] I agree on that.To tell the truth I have been watching anime for 7 years now.And I have gotten over the fact that not everyone is going to like it.And that people tell me to grow up.:animeangr Anime does have some good lessons to learn and the art is very beautiful.So if you like anime then keep watching it or reading it.And don't worry about anyone else.Can't please everyone.Heck I still like Yu-Gi-Oh ;) lol
  4. yeah I have watched it at times.I think right now there playing GunGrave which is a good anime.But the best was Better man that was a good anime but they have not played it since then TOT
  5. So far I have only seen Vol 1-6.At 1st I though it was just about killing the angels and stuff but I think after vol 5 I was like O.O.It really started to get scary and good!!I had no idea about all the stuff that was going on.It really is a good anime to watch.I want to see the movie but I think I'll just finish watching the series 1st.
  6. Oh yeah I really did like this movie very good.Yeah the sex stuff could of been taking out but, oh well.There wasn't that much I watched this anime along time ago but I can remember little bits of it.I was wondering if maybe there would be another one.But I don't tihnk so.I did like the poison girl she was pretty cool.Doesn't Ninja Scrolls have a saga or something? I though I saw a dvd that has Vol one on it...Maybe it was something else.
  7. Lets see Sin the movie is pretty bloody and gross.Blood the movie that one speaks for it self as you can tell by the titled.Well really how much blood are you talking about like peacemaker has some pretty bloody sences in it but, its not all that bad.To me anyway.So far these are some that I can think of that no one has said.
  8. Well whenever I'm telling someone about anime I stick to Inuyasha. ^_^ As always it is my fave so I'm going to stick by it.So far I have the 1st tow boxset and some dvds here and there.I have watched the boxsets over and over I love the story that much.You want a anime with a good story you want it to be long if your going to watch it over and over right.Well this is a good one right here.It does have fighting hm and blood but not all the much.Lets see another good anime peacemaker!Now thats a good anime fighting blood all that good stuff.Its not that long I think 26 or something shows.But, no
  9. Fave anime and why?Lets see I would have to say Inuyasha that would be my all time fave.Along with 1000 others as well I'm sure.Now why?Well 1st would have to be the story I love the BG story behind the anime.And some how in some way they all come together its beautiful.The music is what I like the best its all pretty so far I have not found a song on Inuyasha that I do not like.The charters,I love most of the chaters there personal selfs the way they act or feel or what they do.I have grown so attached to this anime for many reasons and I plan to stay close to it.Its one long lasting jouney w
  10. oh yes very good question!Lets see well just about ever girl in anime is a Bishoujo but. I would have to say yeah Rose from .hack is very pretty.O.o now time for the hard one bishounen I really have alot of these.But to save time I will only name my fave.Which would be shessy from Inuyasha.Inuyasha is my fave anime so I would have to stick with him.For some reason all the anime guys with silver and white hair I just fall in love with!!So yeah shessy is my fave very handsome and dashing!
  11. Vandread [spoiler]Lets see well this is about the only anime that I can say I got that "HOLY %^$& feeling ^^ When we found out that the 2nd in command was really a guy.I really did not see that coming.And for those of you that have or are watching yeah it was something big.[/spoiler]I have learned to expect the unexpected but, this one was a shocker!
  12. FMA I really did enjoy this show as much as I could.I really liked the charters Ed and Al.But, I would have to say Roy was my fave,he plays a small role so far.I think this anime has alot of emotion and feeling put in to it.I did however cry when [spoiler]the good guy hughs died[/spoiler].Oh that was sad I think alot of people were really upset about that.But when one comes to close to finding the truth that does tend to happen I guess. And I just fell in love with the music its really good I think I like ready Steady go.I can't wait for the boxset for FMA comes out dubbed! [COLOR=#503F86]
  13. Oh wow thanks for that ^_^ I was wondering when the new YYH dvds where coming out.I have to say this 2nd Dark torument is alot shorter than the 1st one.But nevertheless, good!I got in to YYH well mostly because I like kurama and Yoko.Plus I like animes that last long I mean this one is like 100 something shows.And I like the demon anime with alot of fighting.Music is very good to almost everyone in YYH has there own theme song.I like Jins the best so cute.I don't like how only one YYH dvd comes out ever other month >.> but what are you going to do!
  14. As I watched everyone fight I felt sad about Lyn,And Ryu looked really angry he meant he was going to kill that thing even if he had to go down with it.And that skill he used was amazing "I wonder how he did that?"said Naimo The other were healing so she stepped in to help.It looked like that last attack from Ryu did it....
  15. I love all the Inuyasha songs but,dearest it my fave I love that song.I think that good music from the start and end of a anime makes it even better.I like the song for Vandread Justice they play that one at the start of the show.And it fits so nice with it too.I like Sobakasu from Rurouni Kenshin thats a good lift me up song.Betterman I like the song for that one to but, I can't remember the name something like Requilem or something.I think a guy sings it,its starts out kinda smooth and then gets rough,but it fits the show very nicely.
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