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  1. I didn't use to listen to a lot of different music, but lately I have. [U]Latest album/single[/U] None [U]Song stuck in my head[/U] Queens of the Stone Age-"No One Knows" (They play it on the radio pretty much every day.) [U]Fav. Genre[/U] Don't really have one. [U]Fav. Band/Singer[/U] Band-Linkin Park Singer-Eminem
  2. I hate people that steal your cards. I've had some good cards taken from me (Dark Hole, Man-Eater Bug, Sword Hunter, etc.). I also hate people who bug me about trading and looking at my cards when I'm in the middle of a duel, or who keep asking me if they can have some of my cards or if they can use them to duel someone. I don't think anyone's ever cheated against me, or at least I never caught them cheating.
  3. No, Alexandria was attacked by Bahamut.
  4. My favorite card is Giant Germ. I can use it to bring out all 3 of my Wingweavers (the 2nd strongest monster in my deck) at the beginning of the duel, before my opponent has a chance to bring out there stronger monsters. Plus I can use it with Michizure (sp?) to destroy there monster and attack their life points directly, doing 8250 damage, plus the 500 damage from Giant Germ's effect.
  5. A: I think it was 500 years later. Q(FF9): What year did the 15th Lindblum War start? (Yes, this is a Ragtime Mouse quiz question.)
  6. Q(FF9): What eidelon (sp?) did Queen Brahne use to attack Lindblum?
  7. Uh, can't remember. I was just at that part yesterday. I think it was Tantarian, Armstrong, or Nova Dragon. Those are the only ones I remember getting.
  8. I'm pretty sure he's talking about FF7, in Shinra Mansion, because there's a safe in there and you have to take a certain number of steps to obtain each clue to the combination.
  9. Oh yeah. If you use a tent on the enemy, there's a 1 in 3 chance that a snake will bite, which causes various status effects. You might want to try that at the beginning of the battle, before you do any damage, because it also heals the enemy.
  10. It's called Soul Blade. The status effect it causes depends on what weapon you have equipped. And Gizamaluke is a flying type monster.
  11. [U]Christmas Eve[/U] -Austin Powers: Goldmember [U]Christmas[/U] -2 Pairs of Plaud Pants -3 Sweatshirts -Socks -Gameboy Advanced -Remote-Controlled Monster Truck -Cologne -Card Books -$20 Gift Card for KB Toys (probably gonna spend it on Yu-Gi-Oh! cards or a video game. Thats pretty much the only thing I ever buy there.) I got a GBA, but no games for it. When I mentioned it to my mom she said she meant to get me one, but forgot. So she's getting me one.
  12. There are 4: Ultima, Emerald, Ruby, and...uh...the one you have to stop from getting to Midgar. I think it was Crystal. Q(FF9): What is Garnet's biological mother's name? Why didn't anyone even attempt to answer my last question? I'll put it up again. (FF Legends): What are the names and colors of the 4 beasts you fight throughout the game and what kinds of beasts are they?
  13. Here?s my light deck. Key: Name (ATK/DEF/Star Level/Type/Sub-Type) [B]Light Deck[/B] [U]Tributes[/U] -Blue-Eyes White Dragon (3000/2500/8/Light/Dragon) -Wingweaver (2750/2400/7/Light/Fairy) -Wingweaver (2750/2400/7/Light/Fairy) -Wingweaver (2750/2400/7/Light/Fairy) -Ryu-Ran (2200/2600/7/Fire/Dragon) -Steel Ogre Grotto #2 (1900/2200/6/Earth/Machine) [U]Non-Tributes[/U] -Guardian of the Throne Room (1650/1600/4/Light/Machine) -Mystical Elf (800/2000/4/Light/Spellcaster) -Mystical Elf (800/2000/4/Light/Spellcaster) -Ancient Elf (1450/1200/4/Light/Spellcaster) -Neo the Magic Swordsman (1700/1000/4/Light/Spellcaster) -Overdrive (1600/1500/4/Earth/Machine) -The Stern Mystic (1500/1200/4/Light/Spellcaster; Effect) -Mysterious Puppeteer (1000/1500/4/Earth/Warrior; Effect) -Ceremonial Bell (0/1850/3/Light/Spellcaster; Effect) -Giant Germ (1000/100/2/Dark/Fiend; Effect) -Trap Master (500/1100/3/Earth/Warrior; Effect) -Griggle (350/300/1/Earth/Plant; Effect) -Electric Snake (800/900/3/Light/Thunder; Effect) -Ameba (300/350/1/Water/Aqua; Effect) -Hane-Hane (450/500/2/Earth/Beast; Effect) -Witch of the Black Forest (1100/1200/4/Dark/Spellcaster; Effect) -Harpie's Brother (1800/600/4/Wind/Winged-Beast) [U]Magic[/U] -Monster Reborn -Eternal Rest -The Shallow Grave -Nobleman of Extermination -Change of Heart -Dian Keto the Cure Master -Remove Trap -Fissure -De-Spell -Malevolent Nuzzler -Malevolent Nuzzler -Malevolent Nuzzler -7 Completed -7 Completed -Limiter Removal -Prohibition [U]Traps[/U] -Enchanted Javelin -Lightforce Sword -Michizure -Fairy?s Hand Mirror -Trap Hole -Shift -Solemn Wishes -Ultimate Offering Monsters: 23 M/T: 23 Total: 46 I also have a dark deck, but I don?t have time to post it right now.
  14. I'm pretty sure Limit Glove would work against bosses. When you enter, get the bell from the soldier. Ring it at the door to open it. When you defeat the Black Mages, use the bell you get from the last one on the door to the left of the big door. Go all the way around and get the bell from the injured soldier. Go back and use it on the big door. Go through it and you will find a room with a big bell. The moogle will use the kupo nut Vivi got in Lindblum to save her husband, then leave. Open the treasure chest and get the bell. Go into the room where the moogles went and talk to them. This would be a good time to rest and save. DO NOT go outside unless you are at a high level, because there are Grand Dragons, which are very powerful. Though, if you stay in the forrested area you might find a friendly Garuda, and if you give it Lapus Lazula, you will get a lot of AP. Anyway, when you try to exit the room the way you came in, the male moogle will stop you and give you another bell. Use it on the door to the left of the giant bell to get into the room with the boss, Gizamaluke. You should equip you character with equipment that absorbs or decreases damage done by water attacks.
  15. Are they making Polymerization a common card? It should at least be a rare. I don't think anyone at my school has it. So when is the exact date that it's coming back out?
  16. Jeebs

    Invader ZIM

    I like this show, but for some reason Nickelodeon hardly shows it any more. They only show it on Slam, but I keep forgetting about it. I think it's a great show. GIR cracks me up. Aren't they going to have a Christmas special, or did they already show it? On a Nickelodeon Christmas commercial I remember seeing a scene where Zim was tackling Santa Claus.
  17. A: I think that it is in the Lindblum Theatre District. Or were those Burmecians? Q (FF Legends): What were the names and colors of the 4 beasts you have to fight throughout the game and what kinds of beasts were they?
  18. You know you've played too much Poke'mon when... -All of your Poke'mon die of old age. -You pretend you're a Poke'mon. -When asked where you're from, you reply "Pallet Town" or "New Bark City".
  19. The only YGO game I have is Forbidden Memories. It does have good graphics, but I don't really like the duels. They almost completely changed the rules. There are no tributes, instead of using Polymerization you can fuse whenever you want, monsters don't have any effects, there are only normal and ritual magic and normal traps, and you can't even bring cards back from the Graveyard. (I hate that the most)
  20. Nope. I asked for her REAL name, not her full name.
  21. A (Ginny): I think that he was in Tifa's house, or outside Shinra Mansion. Q: What is Princess Garnet's real name?
  22. I have a question about Regulation of the Tribe. Its effect says that you have to tribute one monster from the field during each of your standby phases in order to keep it in play, but it doesn't say which side of the field. Does that mean that you can tribute your opponent's monsters? Also, when you select what type can't attack, does it mean types like Dark, Light, Fire, Water, Earth, and Wind or types like Warrior, Fiend, etc.?
  23. Jeebs

    Gaming FF7 help

    [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by sage [/i] [B]And didn't you need the Omnislash to [spoiler]finally kill Sephirot with Cloud[/spoiler]? [/B][/QUOTE] On the very last battle with Sephiroth, you automatically get Omnislash.
  24. -Gameplay: FF9 -Story: FF9 -Interaction w/ environment: Golden Eye 007 -A.I.: Syphon Filter -Graphics: FF9 -Weapons/Vehicles: I'm stuck between FF7/9, Golden Eye 007, and Syphon Filter. Gotta love chocobos and airships, and all of the weapons in FF7/9. But I also like remote mines and all the other exposives in Golden Eye. I think the only weapon I really like in Syphon Filter is the air taser (I love holding the button down until they catch on fire. That looks cool) -Sound (music/effects): I don't really pay attention to sound -Size/length: I guess FF9 -Creativity/Design: I can't think of anything at the time -Gore/violence: Resident Evil: Survivor (that's the only Resident Evil game I've played)
  25. Jeebs


    I live in Southern Maryland, like Syk3. We go lots of snow. School was cancelled. I was expecting snow, so I didn't even do my homework. My brother said that his science teacher is right about the weather about 99.9% of the time, and when he asked him if it was going to snow (he asked him yesterday, which was Wednesday) he said "See you on Monday." Then my brother just said that there are supposed to be flurries tonight, so I might get out of school tomorrow too. ---------------- EDIT: It has been announced that school's cancelled tommorow too. YAAAAAAAAY!!! FOUR-DAY WEEKEND!!!
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