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  1. High Meadow Mage is pretty hard. Fuse Red-Eyes Black Dragon with Meteor Dragon to get Meteor B. Dragon(3500 ATK).
  2. You probably have to keep getting S-Rank against them. Here's something I really want to know. When you beat Forbidden Memories, what's the secret number that you get supposed to be used for? It's 8 digits long. I tried it as a password, but it didn't work.
  3. Gaia the Dragon Champion is 66889139.
  4. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Alexander [/i] [B]Not all cards have the card codes. Which sucks, because I can't input my Black Skull Dragon OR Dark Magician Girl into any games. [/B][/QUOTE] I could tell you the code for Black Skull Dragon or other monsters if you want.
  5. Age: 13 Height: don't know Eyes: brown Hair: brown Weight: don't know Occupation: I guess babysitting my nephew Intrests: cartoon (mainly anime), video games Fav. Anime: don't think I have a favorite Other: don't talk much in public
  6. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by GinnyLyn [/i] [B][color=crimson]*Rinoa and "FF4 girl?" fight over "???"*[/color] [/B][/QUOTE] The one on the left was Princess Garnet from FF9. Oh yeah, about the voodoo doll that Lulu has in her hand, try clicking on it.
  7. 1.some magic cards only work on certain types and some types get field power bonuses when you play a certain field magic card. 2.they are the cards power level. 2a.tributes are sacrifices to summon certain monster. 3.don't know 4.don't know 5.don't know 6.I think it only affects your dragons 7.no The rest I don't know.
  8. My ultimate Poke'mon: Name: Redwing (I might change it later) Type: Dark\Steel Origin: One day a Scizor named Crimson was walking through his trainers lab. His trainer was experimenting with Mew's DNA. Crimson got caught in some machinery and was fused with Mew's DNA and evolved. It turned pitch-black and grew fangs and crimson red angel-like wings. It gained the power to use any ability and its skills increased greatly. He usually uses transform to look like a regular Scizor, so no one gets suspicious.
  9. Who are you talking about when you say "him"? I did use gameshark to get infinite starchips and I used passwards to get almost all my cards. I've already beaten the game and gotten back up to the point I was at when I posted this thread. Pretty much all I've been doing is free dueling against Nitemare and Seto 3rd, but I'm having a bit of trouble with Seto and his Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragons and Gate Gaurdians. (How come computer players don't have to use ritual cards?) By the way, where do you get Dark Magic Ritual?
  10. I don't know about models, but I have Legos and K-nex. I don't use Legos much anymore, because they fall apart too easily, and that's why I'm always losing pieces. I think I like K-nex better.
  11. I finally got real cards. I think that my deck theme is warriors\spellcasters.
  12. Jeebs

    Gaming Megaman X7

    [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by shadowdramon [/i] [B]First Zero "dies" in X, "dies" again in X5, then comes back out of nowhere in X6 with a horrible explanation as to how he was able to do so.[/B][/QUOTE] They never said he died in X5, they just couldn't find him. He was hiding while he repaired himself.
  13. I'll join to. Name: Nick AIM Screename: Andromon117
  14. I think that the channels are different depending on where you live. I don't think I have the I-Channel or Locamotion, but I have a Spanish channel and on channel 99 they sometimes show foreign gameshows and news. (I don't think they do anymore, though) I wish I had those channels.
  15. Jeebs

    Your Fav. Loony Tunes

    Funny, I was thinking about starting a thread like this. My favorites are Bugs Bunny, Marvin the Martian, Road Runner, and Taz.
  16. Jeebs


    Light the lantern, then turn on the stove. (if it's an electic stove.)
  17. My temporary internet files folder was completely empty.
  18. Jeebs


    [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Cera [/i] [B]He flipped a switch and it was full of light. [/B][/QUOTE] Ding ding ding! Right Genkai YYH-The car didn't have a roof.
  19. Jeebs


    Nope. He wasn't carrying anything with him.
  20. I think that that's Bartz. (sp?) I don't know who he is but on another site that had this movie the author said that it was Bartz. I went to temporary internet files, but noting was there. (I let it load)
  21. Jeebs


    Vegitto4-Is it an umbrella? Riddle: A family has just moved out of a 1-room house. The house was then empty. A man walked into the houae and when he came out the house was full. How is this possible? (he went in alone and the house was not very small)
  22. HAHAHAHAHA!!!:laugh: That was hilarious! Sephiroth got beat up by Aeris. I saw the preloader and thought that that was funny, too. Is there anywhere I can download this?
  23. Jeebs


    Juuthena (mushrooms)- You said that the thief's stick would grow into the center, and it did, while everyone else's sicks grew away from the center, so it appeared that the thief's stick was shorter. Here are some easy ones: -If a rooster lays an egg on the top of a triangle shaped roof, which way does the egg fall? -If a bullet train travel west, which way does its steam blow?
  24. Jeebs


    [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by DuoGod of Death [/i] [B]A group of tourist bored a plane to go visit Toronto. They take off from New York and about 2 hours in the trip their plane expierences technical failures. The plane crashes right on the border of the USA and Canada. The plane is torn to shreds. As the officials come they wonder where the survivors would be buried. So the question is, where would the survivors be buried? [/B][/QUOTE] I was going to post that one. It's harder to figure out when someone says it, though. The Box: Did someone bring food to him?
  25. Jeebs


    The 1st one (Juuthena): There were only 3 people: a boy, his father, and his grandfather. The father was the boy's father and the grandfather was the father's father. The boy was the father's son and the father was the grandfather's son. (2 fathers, 2 sons) Last one: The people in hell didn't have mouths.
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