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  1. One game I think is overrated is Half-Life 2. The plot and graphics were great, but the game was too restrictive. You were basically forced to take a certain path. What's the point in the realistic physics engine if you don't have many oportunities to play around with it? The physics are basically just used to solve puzzles, which are way too easy most of the time. Another problem is that, in my opinion, there wasn't much replay value. After beating the game and playing a few of the chapters over again, I felt little desire to continue playing.
  2. Jeebs

    Random Facts

    It's impossible to tickle yourself, because your brain expects it and prevents you from being tickled. [QUOTE=kenshinsbabe][SIZE=2][FONT=Georgia] 3. The word "testimony" comes from the ancient Roman ritual of taking an oath. To take an oath, they would grab their testicles.[/FONT][/SIZE][/QUOTE] I think you may have gotten it a little backwards. The word "testimony" comes from the latin word "testis," meaning witness. The word "testicle" probably comes from that word as well. [quote=Raiyuu] Walt Disney had wooden teeth and hated Jews.[/quote] *Walt Disney wakes up from cryo-sleep* Guy: Welcome to the new world Mr. Disney. Disney: Are the Jews dead yet? Guy: No. Disney: Put me back in.
  3. [color=blue]-Jack Thompson vs Carl Johnson, Tommy Vercetti, and Claude Speed (Muwahahahahaha!) -Kool Aid Guy vs Randy Savage (Oh yeah!) -Chuck Norris vs Mr. T vs Vin Diesel (I left out Adam West because that would make it unfair) -Kurt Cobain vs Axl Rose -Mr. Rogers vs Pee Wee Hermin[/color]
  4. He's a boy. They always refer to him as "he."
  5. Drones in Halo 2 were some of the most annoying enemies on Legendary difficulty. They always surround me and rip me apart in seconds. There's never anywhere to take cover. To make matters worse, they're really fast and difficult to hit, and the only weapon, aside from explosives, that can take them down quickly is the Sniper Rifle. Unfortunately, Drones are usually very close to you, making it very hard to shoot them with it. Also, the Cactaurs and Qactaurs in FFX when you're at a low level. They always ambushed me, killed off a teammate or two, and ran.
  6. [quote name='AzureWolf][COLOR=teal']I find that a lot of school is unnecessarily redundant. Yes, I know it's important to repeat things for the sake of emphasis, but school does it in excess. For instance, I remember not doing a single bit of studying in 4th and 8th grades, because the material was the same as 3rd and 7th grades respectively. Maybe we did more artsy-fartsy stuff in one grade than the other, but that's not worth a year of your life.[/COLOR][/quote] I noticed that too. I need 4 English credits to graduate, which I find a little too much. It's the only subject that requires 4 credits. I'm in English 2 (I'm a Junior, but I failed English 1 in my Freshman year) and it seems exactly like English 1. We learn the same grammar and the same reading/writing skills. The only real difference is the reading material. I don't see why four years of English is necessary. I already know how to read and write, and I have decent reading comprehension and essay writing skills. Why is it necessary that I learn that over and over again? I can understand if you are planning on having a career in writing, but then it should be optional to take four years. I find school rather boring. There are some fun moments, but I find most of my classes uninteresting. The only class I really look foward to during the day is Design & Logic (programming). I hoping to have a career in programming (game designer or software creator). It's something I'm good at and it's fun to be able to make my own games (even though they're very simple). I was disappointed by Drawing & Design class, which was another class I was looking foward to. Most of the project are more or less the same as in Art 1 (another example of school being redundant). Also, I don't think my teacher has really taught us anything. She just gives us projects and tells us to do them. I was hoping to learn some drawing skills.
  7. [quote name='snoopmonj']your tips have been a great help..... im on the sidequests now... the chocobo trainer race is a pain.... i only got to 6.3sec........ any cheats on how to complete the whole the sphere grid? :animesmil[/quote] If you've unlocked One-Eye in the Monster Arena by catching winged eyeballs, you can fight it and usually get a weapon with the triple AP ability. That should help you complete the sphere grid.
  8. Currently I'm playing Final Fantasy X. My first couple profiles were cheating profiles and had about 70-80 hours on them each. My first legit profile has about 103 hours and my current legit profile has over 50 hours. I've also spent a lot of time on the PS2 GTA games, especially San Andreas. I'm sure I have at least 2000 hours total between the three of them. Another game I've spent a lot of time on is Halo 2. Half of the time I've spent on it is from Xbox Live. The other half is from playing through campaign. Not just to beat the game, but mainly to do tricks and find easter eggs.
  9. Jeebs

    American Idiot

    [quote name='Killer7']BTW the name of the chracter is Jimmy.[/quote] It's not really clear if Jesus of Suburbia and St. Jimmy are the same person. According to Green Day, St. Jimmy is a boy that the main character meets on the streets. Jimmy is meant to represent one interpretation of rebel (bad*** who defies authority and does whatever he wants) while Whatername is meant to represent the other interpretation (someone who actually tries to change things). I think that St. Jimmy is an alter ego that the "Jesus of Suburbia" created, especially after seeing the video for [i]Jesus of Suburbia[/i]. Near the end of the video the JoS writes "St. Jimmy" on the bathroom wall before he leaves home, which is supposed to be before he meets Jimmy. [quote name='sakurasuka']Tre wrote this song.[/quote] Actually, Tre only wrote Rock 'n Roll Girlfriend, I think. All three members wrote the track together. Also, how do you listen to [i]Governator[/i] and [i]Favorite Son[/i]? I didn't hear them when listening to the CD in my CD player, and when I tried to play the CD on my computer, all I got was a window that offered me ringtones.
  10. Jeebs

    American Idiot

    [COLOR=DarkRed][FONT=Arial]I just got Green Day's American Idiot album for Christmas, but I've been listening to it for a while. Did anyone else like it? I think it's one of (if not [i]the[/i]) best Green Day albums. I really like how the album tells a story. It's an interesting change from their usually music. My favorite songs are [i]Jesus of Suburbia[/i], [i]Give Me Novacaine[/i], [i]Letterbomb[/i], and [i]Whatername[/i]. Many people think that this is a political album, but they most likely haven't listened to all of it. Only two of the songs ([i]American Idiot[/i] & [i]Holiday[/i]) have political themes in them, and that has to do with the main character's (and the band's) political beliefs. For those interested, the story is about a boy known as the Jesus of Suburbia. He's an angsty teenage punk who's fed up with his life, so he decides to leave home in search of freedom, and instead learns about life and love (that sounds corny :animeswea) . You can find excellent explanations of the songs [URL=http://greendayauthority.com/TheBand/songmeanings.php#AmericanIdiot]here[/URL]. Please don't turn this into a Green Day bashing thread or anything like that. If you're going to criticize the album/band, at least explain your comment.[/FONT][/COLOR]
  11. [quote name='Noodle][COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=2][FONT=Trebuchet MS]*coughJesusmascough*[/FONT][/SIZE'][/COLOR][/quote] Colbert Report? I got: 12 drummers drumming 11 pipers piping 10 lords a-leaping 9 ladies dancing 8 maid a-milking 7 swans a-swimming 6 geese a-laying 5 golden rings 4 calling birds 3 French hens 2 turtle doves and a partridge in a pear tree Oh, and I also got: sleep pants a hoody Green Day: American Idiot Xbox Gamer Graffix Destroy All Humans! for Xbox $50 Visa giftcard a pool stick Antonio Banderas cologne and a watch
  12. [b]Sesame Street pic[/b] Elmo knows where you live! [b]Baby pic[/b] Mom: "I told you to rub some scotch on their gums, not give them bottles of Heineken." Dad: "Hey, they're not crying, are they?" Mom: "They will when they wake up tomorrow morning."
  13. [QUOTE=Dirt][b][color=darkgreen] Or here's an even better example- Inuyasha. Someone on this thread mentioned that Inuyasha wasn't a sexist anime. Well, then... why is Inuyasha always showing up just in the nick of time to save Kogome from some sort of inevitable doom?[/color][/b] [b][color=#006400][/color][/b] [b][color=#006400]She is always completely helpless and just as the hammer is about to fall, there's Inuyasha- and sometimes Koga or Miroku- to be her knight in shining armor- perpetuating the stereotype that females are weak and that they are helpless without the assistance of a man.[/color][/b] [b][color=#006400][/color][/b] [b][color=#006400]A character's costume- even if it's in poor taste- does far less damage to the psyche of the public than does a blatantly stereotypical female character.[/color][/b][/QUOTE] Kagome is a human in a world full of demons and monsters. Of course she's going to be in a lot of danger and in need of saving. It isn't meant to portray women as weak. In fact, I think she is the only woman in the series that seems helpless. Like Synical, you're thinking of the exception, not the rule.
  14. My title refers to Pop 'n Fresh, more commonly known as the Pillsbury Dough Boy. I just think it's a funny name.
  15. Unfortunately, no. None of the regular characters' costumes are available in Create-a-Character mode.
  16. My family has secret Santa (except for the secret part). Then on Christmas Eve we gather at my grandparents' house and open gifts at midnight. It's also a birthday party for my grandpa. It gets very crowded, because there are at least 20 people trying to fit into my grandparents' basement. Then we go back to my grandparents' house for dinner on Christmas day.
  17. Jeebs

    Family Guy Trivia!

    Actually, it's because they're trying to take Easter away from Jesus. It's from the New Years episode. Peter: "Nooooo!" *snatches Trix box from Trix Rabbit* "Damn longears tryin' to take Easter away from Jesus."
  18. Jeebs is another name for Jebus, which is from a Simpsons joke where Homer says "Save me Jebus!" My former usernames, Angel and Devlin, come from anime characters I made up. My first username, Shadow, comes from Shadow the Hedgehog.
  19. [quote name='visualkei']No, not childish, even children know how to clap or give their peers a pat on the back for doing good.[/quote] You know, technically that's a stereotype. :p Often people do assume that I'm smart. I don't really know why. I get good grades for the most part, but most of the people who assume I'm smart don't know my grades. People always want to copy off of me because they think I know all of the answers. It gets really annoying, especially because I'm nice and don't like to tell them no. Also, people think that I'm going to shoot up the school or something because I'm quiet. It doesn't help that I often wear black, either. However, I know that they are just joking, so I don't really feel offended.
  20. MangaFan007: Nice solid deck. A few suggestestions: 1. Replace Cure Mermaid with Dancing Fairy (and replace Mother Grizzly with Flying Kamikiri #1). Dancing Fairy has the same effect, except that you gain 1000 LP instead of 800. It also has 200 more ATK and DEF. [b]EDIT:[/b] Scratch that. I forgot that Flying Kamikiri #1 only works with WIND monsters with 1500 ATK or less. 2. Put in more spell/trap removal, in case you run into a Bad Reaction to Simochi (a continuous trap that reverses the effects of LP gaining effects for the opponent of whoever controls it). That card could completely ruin your deck. Nomura: Change of Heart, Monster Reborn, and Witch of the Black Forest are forbidden. Even when they weren't, you could only have one per deck. Sangan is limited to one per deck. Aside from that, 54 cards is a little too much. Try cutting down to no more than 46. That increases the odds of drawing what you need. Here's my deck. I tried to make it a good balance of offense and defense. [b][u]Monsters (22)[/u][/b] [u]Level 7+:[/u] Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning Lava Golem The Creator [u]Level 5-6:[/u] Jinzo [u]Level 1-4:[/u] Big Eye Cyber Jar Dreamsprite Giant Orc Magician of Faith Magician of Faith Magician of Faith Mask of Darkness Mirage Dragon Penguin Soldier Raging Flame Sprite Sangan Sasuke Samurai Sinister Serpent Spirit Reaper Stealth Bird The Creator Incarnate Tribe-Infecting Virus [b][u]Spells (13)[/u][/b] [u]Normal:[/u] Giant Trunade Giant Trunade Heavy Storm Pot of Greed [u]Continuous:[/u] Level Limit - Area B [u]Equip:[/u] Axe of Despair Axe of Despair Axe of Despair Fairy Meteor Crush Premature Burial Wicked-Breaking Flamberge - Baou [u]Quick-Play:[/u] Mystical Space Typhoon Scapegoat [b][u]Traps (9)[/u][/b] [u]Normal:[/u] Ceasefire Magic Cylinder Ring of Destruction [u]Continuous:[/u] Astral Barrier Call of the Haunted Spirit Barrier [u]Counter[/u] Barrel Behind the Door Spell Shield Type-8 Spell Shield Type-8 Total: 44 Combos: 1. Ring of Destruction + Barrel Behind the Door: Lets me destroy a face up monster and do double its attack power to my opponent. It works well with Lava Golem. 2. Astral Barrier + Spirit Barrier: Astral Barrier allows me to redirect attacks to my Life Points and, as long as I have at least one monster on my field, Spirit Barrier reduces the damage to 0. Good for protecting my monsters, especially Raging Flame Sprite.
  21. [quote name='Nomura']Also...why do they call it Yu-Gi-oh Gx, when Yugi isn't even in it.[/quote] Yu-gi-oh is Japanese for king of games, which is the title that Jaten wants to achieve. I think that the GX stands for generation X.
  22. [QUOTE=kenshinsbabe][SIZE=2][FONT=Georgia]In the Greenday song "Basket Case", there's a lyric that goes like this: "[I]I went to a shrink to analyze my dreams, she said it's lack of sex that's bringin' me down. I went to a whore, he said my life's a bore so quit my whining cuz it's bringing her down.[/I]" Anyone catch that? XD My older sister and I think it's the funniest thing ever. [/FONT] [/SIZE][/QUOTE] Yeah, I was listening to Dookie last week and I noticed that (I assume that you're talking about how he called the whore a he and then a her). One of the funniest songs I've ever heard is the hidden track "Wayne Gretzky" off of the Goldfinger album Open Your Eyes: [i]Wayne Gretzky, the only man I'd have sex with Wayne Gretzky, I'd be intimate with Wayne Gretzky, I think he's kinda sexy Wayne Gretzky, I wonder what he looks like naked I wonder what it would be like To have sex with the Great One I wonder what it would be like To have sex with the league's leading scorer Wayne Gretzky, I know he's a married man But maybe, he'd be attracted to me Darrin Pfeiffer, stupid American boy Wayne Gretzky, very handsome Canadian man I wonder what it would be like To have sex with the Great One I wonder what it would be like To have sex with the league's leading scorer [spoken] Yeah, I wonder what it would be like? Ah, it'll never happen, it's just a pipe dream. Wait a minute -- I'm not even gay, I'm married! Pssh, whatever. Wayne Gretzky I love you Wayne Gretzky, yeah[/i]
  23. It still airs on Toon Disney. After Wild Force there is Ninja Storm, DinoThunder, and SPD. That's all I know of.
  24. Oh those wacky televangelists and their assassination schemes. I remember seeing something a while ago about a televangelist being caught hiring a hitman to kill his wife. I'm not sure if it was the same guy, but I remember that he, too, hated Disneyland. Anyway, I was using this story to do a history assignment, and I came upon two more articles on cbs.com: [URL=http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2005/08/28/world/main798843.shtml]Venezuela Wants Pat Robertson[/URL] and [URL=http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2005/08/24/national/main793257.shtml]Robertson Apoligizes[/URL] . Here's what I found funny: [QUOTE]Earlier, Robertson said that his controversial remarks were "misinterpreted" and that he never called for the Venezuela's president to be killed.[/QUOTE] Now let me repeat a part of Robertson's statements: [QUOTE]It?s a whole lot easier to have some of the covert operatives do the job and then get it over with.[/QUOTE] Of course! He obviously meant that the covert operatives should sit down and have a nice chat with Mr. Chavez. 'Cause, you know, that's what covert operatives do.:p
  25. [quote name='Panda']There are a couple of places that come to mind when thinking of funny town names. One is a small town in California that my hubby and I drive through on our yearly trek to Anime Expo. It's called Weed. We usually stop there to get gas for the car and they always have these shirts and things that say: "Get High in Weed". I have a magnet from there and bought a shot glass for my friend for her collection.[/quote] That's probably the same Weed that's mentioned in [u]Of Mice and Men[/u]. My English class laughed when they read the line that said that they "ran out of Weed".
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