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    Gaming G4: waste or worth it?

    Sorry. I think that I misunderstood what you where saying. I thought that you were saying that everyone should think that Gphoria was a disappointment.
  2. Jeebs

    Gaming G4: waste or worth it?

    [quote name='Killer7']I do, like everyone else[/quote] You obviously don't understand that not everyone thinks the way you do. In fact, most of your opinions on Gphoria were different from mine. It wasn't really a disappointment for me. How would you know if someone is a gamer or not? Do they walk differently or something? I actually thought that the Bravery messed up in their performance. I like the song, but the singer seemed to be losing his voice. Just because a lot of people like a game doesn't mean that they know nothing about games. Why don't you think that Halo 2 shouldn't have won best original soundtrack? The soundtrack fit perfectly with the game, and gave a more cinematic feel to it. The only award I don't think Halo 2 deserved was best boss battle. You weren't really fighting the Scarab, you were fighting the enemies onboard it. I didn't even consider it a boss battle. Not to mention that there are much tougher boss battles in the game, like the fight against Regret. That took me hours on Legendary difficulty. The Scarab battle took me less than ten minutes on Legendary. I enjoyed several of the sketches from the show, especially the Halo 2 online sketch with Papa Smuff (because it's sooo true).
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    Most Interesting Urban Legends

    Over at Bungie's website (video game company who may Halo), they have a story about a dog named Ling-Ling who had its head chopped off by an intruder. The owners put up a wanted poster (see attachment). It is said that when Bungie moved to their Chicago office they found Ling-Ling's head in a jar and kept it. Here's a quote from the site talking about Ling-Ling: "Dog's head in a jar. Has mystical significance. But it's too nasty to think about. Especially if you think about opening the jar, and drinking the head-water down in one mighty draft. DANGER! Do not juxtapose Tijuana Mama with Ling Ling! When the jar containing Ling Ling finally breaks, as it must, Bungie will make a sequel to Gnop!" If you set your Xbox's clock to all sevens and load up the map Zanzibar on Halo 2 you can see a wanted poster with a dog's head that says "Are you finding Ling-Ling's head?" covering the shark signs on the beach.
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    Gaming G4: waste or worth it?

    RiflesAtRecess, they only play one anime at a time on Anime Unleashed. Right now they are only showing Gungrave. Before that it was Read or Die and Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi. I think that they show the series several times before moving on. Since they show two episodes almost every night, the series goes by quickly, so it's not surprising that you keep seeing the same episodes. On Tuesday they're going to start showing the Last Exile. I don't mind them keeping Street Fury and Formula D. Although I don't watch them, I know some people do. Just because it is no longer called G4TechTV doesn't mean they shouldn't have shows about technology.
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    Family Guy Trivia!

    [B]Answer:[/B] Bermuda Grass [B]Bonus Answer:[/B] Happy Go Lucky Toys [B]Question:[/B] Why does Peter hate rabbits? [B]Bonus:[/B] What does he call them?
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    Family Guy Trivia!

    A: Butter rum Q: In the episode where the Griffons are put into the witness relocation program, what did the fortune scroll that the robber bought say?
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    Family Guy Trivia!

    A: Adam West (Batman!) Bonus: So Luke will stop stealing water Q: Why did Stewie want to build a weather machine?
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    Family Guy Trivia!

    A: I'm pretty sure it was $100,000 Q: In the episode, "When you Wish Upon a Weinchester", what did the salesman sell to Peter?
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    Anime Yu-Gi-Oh: Card Game

    Paladin of White Dragon can be sacrificed for Blue Eyes at any time during your main phase. There's nothing on the card that says that you have to wait a turn.
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    Funniest Commercials

    I really liked the Red Bull commercial where a bird craps on a guy's head. Then the guy drinks some Red Bull and flies over top of the bird and starts unzipping his pants. Revenge is great. Also there are two Budweiser commercials that make fun of the Miller Light commercials where the refferees replace people's Bud Light with Miller Light. It has the referees stealing the Bud Light and then they jump into and ride off, laughing. In the other commercial the cops stop them for stealing the beer, and they just make a run for it.
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    RPG Fallen Angels [M - VL]

    OOC: Sorry I haven't posted. My computer was broken. IC: Damien: [COLOR=Red]"Do you always have to be right?"[/COLOR] Uriel: [COLOR=DarkRed]"Yes."[/COLOR] Damien: [COLOR=Red]"Okay. You take care of the soldiers. I'll go after the captain."[/COLOR] Uriel: [COLOR=DarkRed]"Right."[/COLOR] Three knives came out of each of Damien's sleeves and landed in his hands. His bat-like wings stretched out to full length, following Uriel. Uriel flew at the angels, while Damien flew into the air, followed by captain Kirtan. Kirtan: "Betrayer! You shall pay penace for your sins!" Damien: [COLOR=Red]"Betrayer? I have betrayed no one. I've only been following my creator's orders. To suggest that I follow your God would make you a hypocrit."[/COLOR] The angel was growing angry. Kirtan: "Enough talk. It is time to send you to Hell, where you belong!" Kirtan swung his broadsword at Damien with a vertical slash. Damien lifted his left arm and used his knives to deflect the stike. He then raised his right arm and with a flick of his wrist threw three knives into the angel's left arm. Kirtan let out a scream of pain and flew back to recover from the blow. Damien tugged on the strings and pulled the knives back to his hand. Kirtan let out another scream as the knives left his arm. With one arm the angel sliced through Damien. A smirk appeared on Kirtan's face, quickly turning to shock as the demon changed into an angel. Damien: [COLOR=Red]"Killing your own soldiers. How digraceful." [/COLOR] Kirtan: "An illusion? You deceitful bastard!" He started to move when Damien raised his hands, holding six wires in them. The captain looked down, realizing that the wires were wrapped around his body. Damien pulled on the strings and swung the angel around. He then let go, launching Kirtan toward the ground. Kirtan collided with the ground, creating a large hole, conveniently about six feet deep. Uriel had just slashed through the last angel. Damien: [COLOR=Red]"And you thought this was a [I]bad[/I] idea."[/COLOR] Uriel: [COLOR=DarkRed]"Shut up."[/COLOR]
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    Picture Caption Game

    [quote name='Epitome] [img]http://people.ambrosiasw.com/~andrew/funny/sexychick.jpg[/img'] [/quote] [CENTER][SIZE=4]Turkeys Gone Wild Extreme Spring Break![/SIZE][/CENTER] You won't believe what these real turkeys are willing to do [SIZE=1]...after we get them drunk[/SIZE] Order now at: [url]www.usic****.com[/url] or call 1-800-usic**** [CENTER][SIZE=3]ORDER NOW![/SIZE][/CENTER]
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    Sign Up Fallen Angels [M-V,L]

    [U]Name:[/U] Damien [U]Race:[/U] Fallen Angel [U]Age:[/U] Unknown [U]Sex:[/U] Male [U]Appearance:[/U] -[B]Hair:[/B] short; red -[B]Eyes:[/B] red -[B]Height:[/B] about 6 feet tall -[B]Clothing:[/B] usually a black, silk shirt and baggy, black jeans -[B]Other:[/B] fangs; clawed hands; appears to be in his early 20's; average to well-toned muscle [U]Preferred Weapon:[/U] Small throwing knives with thin, almost invisible wire attached to them. [U]Powers:[/U] -[B]Black Death:[/B] Target is infected with a disease that slowly eats at its victim from the inside out. In its final stage, the disease becomes contagious for anyone in close contact with the victim. Damien can only infect victims through their blood stream with his fangs or claws. Strong people can overcome the disease, but it can leave them drained of energy. Once one has been infected, they become immune to Black Death.. -[B]Devil Eyes:[/B] Induces a convincing illusion on anyone that comes into eye contact with him. It affects all of the target's senses. It can only be used on one person at a time. -[B]Spawn:[/B] Damien can create copies of himself. Though they are only as strong as an average human, they can serve many purposes, such as carrying the Black Death disease. Damien can only create 5 copies every 24 hours. The copies look almost the same as Damien, only they have pitch black eyes. They have a life span of one week. [U]Background:[/U] Damien was created by Lucifer to aid in her search for "The Key". Though he was raised to follow the fallen angels in their goal to take control of Heaven, he had trouble understanding why they hated humans. Lucifer convinced him that it was his purpose in life to eliminate humans and take Heaven and that he didn't have to understand it. After seeing all of the things man had done, such as slavery and the holocaust, he began to hate humans as well. He first used his Black Death skill in medieval times by infecting rats with it. About one-third of Europe was wiped out. Lucifer was impressed and offered to allow him to command his own regime. He turned down the offer because he doesn't consider himself a leader. [U]Personality:[/U] Though he follows Lucifer loyally, he constantly tries her patience by doing such as wearing a necklace with a cross on it, which he does frequently. He typically keeps his feelings to himself.
  14. Jeebs

    deep thaught (creepy)

    [QUOTE=Godelsensei][COLOR=Gray][FONT=Courier New]What if my neighbors were secretly housing a demonic penguin, in a chicken costume, bent on world domination? [/FONT] [/COLOR][/QUOTE] Well it depends. Are you saying that your neighbors wear a chicken costume or that the penguin wears it. I know if I were a demonic penguin being forced to wear a chicken costume I'd be pissed and probably would've killed your neighbors by now. ^_^ I've thought about the TV inside of a TV thing a few times, but after thinking about it for a while it gets boring. It's logical, but there isn't much to think about. About turning the TV off, if it kept going it wouldn't really be turned off, would it?
  15. Jeebs

    Picture Caption Game

    Gromet: Please don't ki...wait a minute. You don't have any fingers. How are you gonna pull the trigger? Penguin: :sweat: Uhhhh...*runs away*
  16. Jeebs

    Gaming Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

    [QUOTE]TAKE NOTE: If you aquire your license via flying around before Flight School (Hoping the gate in Los Santos and flying the Dodo or Shamal until your flying skill is high enough and rewards you a pilot's license) the game WILL NOT recognize it as an actual license and the planes at San Fierro will stay locked (And probably Las Venturas too, but I don't know since I had mine by then) and you will not earn one from Flight School as you have one already and will be unable to advance the storyline. I have seen this happen to at least 6 people already who had to restart their game over because they were unable to attain another license.[/QUOTE] I'm glad I decided not to fly around to increase my skill. I made it to Los Venturas and got stuck on the mission [spoiler]n.o.e. I finally delivered the supplies and on my way back I crashed. I don't understand why you need to take the plane back when you already delivered the supplies, or why you still have a time limit.[/spoiler] I was getting frustrated and there were no other missions to do so I decided to play from the beginning of the game and save onto a different file. (big mistake) When I went to save I accidentally overwrote my other file. Actually, I think I'm doing better on this file. I've taken over more territory, sprayed more tags, and increased my stats early in the game. Although [spoiler]Denise[/spoiler] broke up with me because I was too busy taking over territories. Is there any way to get a girlfriend back? Inuyasha7271: [spoiler]Get rid of the guys on bikes first. The ones in cars are less of a threat. Aiming for the driver will take them out quicker.[/spoiler] My biggest dissappointment so far is that you can't modify Rhino Tanks. I really wanted to put hydrolics on one.
  17. Jeebs

    Gaming Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

    Yeah, that was the first thing I thought about when I played that mission. Walking around with sawn-off shotguns also makes me think of Terminator. My "Wow of the Day" for yesterday was when I discovered that you can hijack trains. I also found out that if you go too fast, the train will be derailed. I thought something was wrong when the back of the train separated from the front. Then the front went rolling down a hill into the water. One thing I like about San Andreas is the addition of bicycles. It's my vehicle of choice (at least until I unlock helicopters) because it gives me more control, it's faster than some cars and motorcycles, and it can jump some obstacles. P.S.: Does anyone know when Los Venturas and helicopters are unlocked? And is there a way to cut off nitro other than letting it run out?
  18. Jeebs

    Anime The Yu-Gi-Oh CARD Advice Thread

    [quote name='Solo Tremaine][COLOR=#503F86']Do you mean, as if Jinzo was summoned by the effect? Return to the Different Dimension's effect would still be applied, because it reolves when all of the Monsters are summoned. So Jinzo's effect would come into play after that.[/COLOR][/quote] No, I was asking about the second effect of RFTDD, which says "During the End Phase, remove from play all monsters that were Special Summoned by this effect." So if I use RFTDD to bring Jinzo to the field, or I use it and then either me or my opponent summons Jinzo and the turn ends, would the monsters still be removed from play? Thanks for your help, Solo.
  19. Jeebs

    Anime The Yu-Gi-Oh CARD Advice Thread

    About Return from the Different Dimension: -Can you use it to summon monsters such as ritual monsters, fusion monsters, and monsters that have special summoning requirements even if they haven't been intially summoned? -If Jinzo is on the field at the end of the turn that Return from the Different Dimension is activated, are the monsters summoned still removed from play?
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    Anime Yu-Gi-Oh: Rate My Deck

    Icerose: You have way too many cards in your deck. Even if you took out everything but you monsters it would still be almost twice the size it should be. Try keeping under 50 cards in your deck. If you have too many cards, it will be very difficult to draw the cards you need when you need them. Many of the cards don't fit in with the rest of your deck. You should decide a theme and try to stick to it. I suggest taking that deck apart and building a new deck completly. Oh, and magic cards and spell cards are the same thing. For some reason I'm still having trouble understanding, Upperdeck changed magic cards to spell cards.
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    Favorite Bands (Threads merged.)

    Here's my list. The songs are in no particular order. [B]5. System of a Down[/B] Songs: -Toxicity -Prison Song -Bomb -Psycho -Aerials [B]4. Korn[/B] Songs: -Here to Stay -Thoughtless -Alone I Break -Did my Time -Falling Away from Me [B]3. Blink 182[/B] Songs: -Adam's Song -Easy Target -I Miss You -Obvious -Down [B]2. Nirvana[/B] Songs: -Smells Like Teen Spirit -Lithium -You Know You're Right -Stay Away -Heart-Shaped Box [B]1. Linkin Park[/B] I have yet to hear a Linkin Park song that I don't like. I first heard them when my brother started listening to them, but at that time I didn't listen to music so I didn't care. A couple years ago I saw a Ceres music video with "A Place for my Head". After that I couldn't stop listening to them. Songs: -Faint -Breaking the Habit -And One -A Place for my Head -Forgotten
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    Do your parents make you do everything!?

    My older brother and sister do very little around the house. They say it's because they have jobs, but they could at least do something. My brother mostly stays in his room when he's home. My parents both work pretty long hours, so I'm okay with them asking me to do something, but it bothers me when I forget to do something and they yell at me over and over again about it. They always say that I never do anything they tell me to, but they never say anything to my brother. It doesn't matter what they say to my sister. She doesn't care. My sister has a son who's almost 3 years old, and she'll never watch him. She always has to go somewhere, and either me or my mother will have to babysit. When she's home she lets him run around and ruin the house. Then she won't even clean up after him. She says she can't afford a babysitter, but that's because she's always spending her money by going out with her friends. She's 21 years old and still can't spend her money wisely. She always wants me to get something for her or her son, even if I'm in a hurry or I'm in the middle of something, when she's perfectly capable of getting it herself. If I say no, she'll beg and whine like a 5 year old until I say yes. Sometimes if I say I won't babysit, she'll just leave her son and go out anyway, knowing that I'll babysit him.
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    Anime Yu-Gi-Oh: Rate My Deck

    Domon, there is a Creature Swap in there. I traded one of my Lava Golem today. I replaced it with a Shinato. I also took out Giant Trunade and Axe of Despair for Shinato's Ark and Heavy Storm. Graverobber's in there to use with Barrel Behind the Door. It can also help me when I need to discard a card, like with Tribe-Infecting Virus or Wicked Breaking Flamberge - Baou. I think I'll take your advice and drop Dark Necrofear. It gets annoying when it's in your hand and you can't use it. But I don't have any of the cards you suggested. Thanks for the advice.
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    Anime Yu-Gi-Oh: Rate My Deck

    Scalvur: -You could probably take out at least one Seven Tools and one Magic Jammer, since you have Jinzo and Imperial Order. -Try and get some Mystical Space Typhoons or some other Spell/Trap removal. -You should get rid of Dragon Capture Jar. If your opponent has no Dragons, it's basically useless. -Maybe you should get some more offensive power. Your not going to get far just defending. Here's my burner deck. Tips would be appreciated. [U]Level 7+ Monsters:[/U] -Dark Necrofear -Lava Golem -Lava Golem [U]Level 5-6 Monsters:[/U] -Jinzo [U]Level 4- Monsters:[/U] -Amazon Archer -Ameba -Big Eye -Cyber Jar -Giant Orc -Giant Orc -Goblin Attack Force -Magician of Faith -Magician of Faith -Mask of Darkness -Penguin Soldier -Penguin Soldier -Princess of Tsurugi -Sangan -Sinister Serpent -Spear Cretin -Stealth Bird -Tribe-Infecting Virus -Witch of the Black Forest [U]Spell Cards:[/U] -Change of Heart -Creature Swap -Giant Trunade -Monster Reborn -Pot of Greed -Raigeki [U]Equip Spells:[/U] -Axe of Despair -Black Pendant -Black Pendant -Mask of the Accursed -Wicked-Breaking Flamberge - Baou [U]Quick-Play Spells:[/U] -Mystical Space Typhoon -Mystical Space Typhoon -Mystical Space Typhoon -Reload -Scapegoat -Scapegoat [U]Traps:[/U] -Graverobber -Magic Cylinder -Ring of Destruction [U]Continuous Traps:[/U] -Mask of Resrict [U]Counter Traps:[/U] -Barrel Behind the Door -Barrel Behind the Door Total: 46 Monsters: 23 Spells: 17 Traps: 6
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    You can get it from this site: [url]http://ichigos.com/animemusic/i.shtml[/url]